The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 19 – Go to Zhao Zegang

“Why… like this?” Gu Xixi was immediately silly. She didn’t expect Lin Xiaoya to give herself such an answer, “But the room card I got is indeed 1216! Xiaoya, what is going on here? “

When Lin Xiaoya saw Gu Xixi was feeling cheated, she immediately covered her face and pretended to cry and said, “God! Didn’t we all drink too much, so we took the wrong one? By the way, what shall I do if you marry Yin Sichen? What about Zhao Zegang! Gu Xixi, how can you be so selfish? Even if you don’t care about my feelings, have you ever thought about Zhao Zegang? When he was in college, he really gave you everything, can you really say that you forget it?”

Gu Xixi’s heart was hit hard, and her face suddenly turned pale because of the pain.

Those feelings that she forced down, because of Lin Xiaoya’s words, completely churned out again.

“Zhao Zegang had just gone abroad for only two months, and you are going to marry someone else! Gu Xixi, your heart is so cruel! I’m really blind! Zhao Zegang and I believe you so much, but you do this to us! ” Lin Xiaoya forced out two drops of tears and looked at Gu Xixi with an incredible expression.

Gu Xixi was really shaken!

“Xixi, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have hit you just now. I just … just can’t accept this fact!” Lin Xiaoya suddenly stepped forward, hugged Gu Xixi, and cried loudly, “Xixi, will you give me back Si Chen? I really love him very much, you give him back to me! You still have Zhao Zegang, and me? I have nothing left!”

Gu Xixi’s tears rushed out, “But what should I do? Xiaoya, I’m unclean and I’m pregnant with Yin Sichen’s child! I don’t want to get married either, but if I don’t get married, the child will be taken away. What can I do? “

At the end of her words, Gu Xixi was crying.

How could she not regret it? She had already regretted it and it hurt as if her intestines were breaking.

But she had no way out, had she?

“Xixi, you go to Zhao Zegang! He loves you so much, you love him so much, you are destined to be together! Xixi, tell him the truth, tell him you just took the wrong room card, not really betrayed him, ask him if he will accept you and take you away with him! He loves you so much that he will definitely accept the children in your belly! ” Lin Xiaoya kept brainwashing Gu Xixi, “You don’t like Yin Sichen, and Yin Sichen doesn’t like you. Even if you marry him, you won’t be happy, will you?”

 Gu Xixi’s eyes lit up, yes, Xiaoya was right!

I don’t love Yin Sichen at all, and he doesn’t like her too. It will be very painful to marry him!

 I’m going to find Ze Gang and confess everything to him.

 I love him so much and have so many beautiful memories with each other.

I want to ask him, if she is no longer pure, would he still want herself?

If I am willing to follow him desperately, will he lead her far and high?

Will he be willing to accept this child as his own child?

All of a sudden, Gu Xixi’s heart was full of countless hopes.

Because Zhao Zegang’s temporary return makes Gu Xixi full of courage, and she wanted to talk to Zegang!

Gu Xixi pushed Lin Xiaoya away, barefoot and rushed out with her wedding dress!

Gu Xixi appeared outside, and the strange expression on her face immediately frightened the bodyguards outside.

They watched Gu Xixi run towards the outside of the church, and immediately followed her, constantly blocking Gu Xixi, “The wedding is about to begin, young lady, please go back to the lounge.”

Gu Xixi didn’t care what the bodyguards said. At this moment, she just wanted to find Zhao Zegang and tell him everything! Then leave this hateful place with Zhao Zegang, and fly high from now on!

Gu Xixi just ran to the side door of the church and was stopped by a group of people before he rushed out.

“Go away! You all go away! Don’t stop me!” Gu Xixi’s tears washed away the makeup on her face, making her look particularly embarrassing

Gu Xixi pushed the others fiercely, but she couldn’t push them no matter how hard she tried.

 “If you stop me again, I’ll hurt myself!” Gu Xixi suddenly became anxious, and pulled a hairpin from her hair and pointed it at her belly frantically: “If there is something wrong with the fourth generation of the Yin family, Can you afford the responsibility?”

Sure enough, Gu Xixi’s words came into play. The bodyguards who were still very firmly blocked her, now were looking at her, and no one dared to move.

“What happened to the fourth generation of Yin’s family, can you bear this responsibility?” Yin Sichen’s deep cold voice sounded from behind.

“I … I just …” Gu Xixi was suddenly speechless.

“You rushed out so disregarding your image, you just want to see your ex-boyfriend.” Yin Sichen’s aura that can control everything suddenly broke out, his eyes cold, “That’s it, if you want to see him, I will let you see him! If he is willing to take you far away, then our marriage contract can be annulled.”

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