The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 18 – Lin Xiaoya Is Back

 As soon as Yin Sichen said those words, Gu Xixi’s eyes suddenly became lonely..

Yes, the significance of this photo was that its photographer was Zhao Zegang …

But, everything has gone.

Yin sichen narrowed his eyes, capturing the desolation in Gu Xixi eyes, he didn’t know why, his heart unexpectedly flashed a strange emotion.

Mrs. Yin and Grandma Gu soon agreed on the wedding date. Because the wedding preparation was in a hurry, neither of the two families planned to do a big wedding. It was just the two families sat together for dinner and held a small ceremony in the church secretly.

Grandma Gu didn’t care much about the wedding ceremony. She only cared about getting Gu Xixi to marry into the Yin’s house, giving birth to the child as soon as possible and getting the high-value gift.

Therefore, under the arrangement of the two families, the wedding of the two people was quickly put on the agenda.

Yin’s family proved to be with deep pockets and everything.

Despite the hasty preparation, there were still a lot of procedures for some scenes.

 Gu Xixi took a deep breath and sat alone in the church lounge in a beautiful wedding dress.

In the huge lounge, she was the only one.

Gu Xixi looked at herself in the mirror blankly, that face was so strange. Even though she was painted in exquisite makeup and wore tens of millions worth of jewelry, would she still be his former self?

She would officially marry Yin Sichen today, and would officially say goodbye to the past.

Gu Xixi didn’t know why, she always felt a panic in her heart, as if something would happen today.

In another lounge, Yin Sichen was wearing a tie in front of the mirror.

Today’s Yin Sichen was so handsome that even a stylist who was a man couldn’t move his eyes.

Assistant Xiao Ah quickly came in from the outside and reported:,”President, Miss Dina suddenly returned to China, and now she is coming towards the church. It seems that she is prepared.”

“She finally willing to return home? When I said go away, I was being ridiculed to give me a gift. I won’t return Yin Sichen’s gift.” Yin sichen corners of the mouth pulled up with a sarcastic smile.

Originally he thought Dina was different, but now it seemed that she was no different.

“So … do we need to intercept?” Xiao Ah couldn’t help but ask, “Miss Dina didn’t receive the invitation.”

“No, let her come. Some things need to be solved. There is no point in dragging on.” After Yin Sichen tidied up his clothes, he turned and looked at Assistant Xiao Ah, “Let her come.”

“Yes, President.” Xiao Ah immediately drew back.

Dina stood outside the church, looking at everything in front of her eyes, she couldn’t help gnashing her teeth ‘everything here should have belonged to her!

She just gave Yin Sichen Gu Xixi virginity as a gift, but she did not intend to give Gu Xixi the whole person!

How could he marry Gu Xixi?

No, absolutely not! She was the only who could dump any man, and absolutely no man could dump her!

Dina wanted to find Yin Sichen, but Yin Sichen was not so easy to see. Without his orders, no one could get close to him.

Instead of struggling to find Yin Sichen, why not letting Gu Xixi take the initiative to leave!

 Determined, Dina turned around and walked towards the wedding bride’s lounge.

“Knocked, knocked” someone knocked at the door and came in.

Gu Xixi turned around and her eyes widened instantly.

She met perhaps the most unbelievable person in the world, Lin Xiaoya.

Lin Xiaoya, who was more than 178 cm tall, has an absolute advantage in height. She came to Gu Xixi in a few steps. Before Gu Xixi spoke, she raised her hand and gave Gu Xixi a hard slap!

“Paaa” this slap was loud and simple, so fast that Gu Xixi could not react in time.

Gu Xixi’s body was staggering and almost fell on the table. If it wasn’t for her eyes that she quickly held the chair, her stomach would hit the table.

Gu Xixi looked up and saw Lin Xiaoya’s ferocious face in the mirror, and couldn’t help but twitch.

Why is Lin Xiaoya here?

Before Gu Xixi opened her mouth, Lin Xiaoya had pointed to Gu Xixi and cursed her, “Gu Xixi, how can you abandon Zhao Zegang and marry Yin Sichen? What about your conscience? Did the dog eat it? How can you marry Yin Sichen? He is my boyfriend, and you are going to marry my boyfriend!”

Lin Xiaoya’s shrill voice stung Gu Xixi’s eardrum with pain.

Gu Xixi finally recovered at this time, suddenly turned and looked at Lin Xiaoya, brimming with trembling all over her body and said, “Xiaoya, you came back just in time. I was just about to ask you why the person in Room 1216 of Hilton Hotel is not Ze Gang, why is it Yin Sichen! Where is Zegang? “

Lin Xiaoya was asked by Gu Xixi in the same place, and after a long time, his eyes turned and said, “How do I know you will be in my boyfriend’s room? I clearly gave you a room card for 1210, but you took away my room card with Yin Sichen! How could I give you my boyfriend’s room card? Gu Xi Xi, you touch your conscience, how have I treated you for so many years! How can you do this to me! “

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