It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 185 – The Primordial Mine, LIfe Forbidden Zone

In North Prefecture Immortal City, a teahouse.

“What’s going on, since the arrival of the Chai family, this Fang family patriarch hasn’t been seen for a few days!”

“You still don’t know about this?”

“What, there is insider information?”

“Of course! I’m telling you, the Fang family dug out the immortal crystal!”

These words came out.

“Wow ……”

A flurry of gazes swept in, and many people stood up and gathered around.

“We all heard it, keep talking!”

 “Hey, that’s fine! You must not tell others! Otherwise, my life is not safe!”

“I’m telling you, I heard that the Fang family dug out the Five Spirit Immortal Gold!”

The moment these words came out.


Like an explosion of thunder, it boomed above the heads of the immortal cultivators.

“What? Five Spirit Immortal Gold?!”

“A single piece of black-striped immortal gold is worth 10 immortal crystals!”

“That’s just a lower grade immortal mine, this Five Spirit Immortal Gold is a middle grade immortal mine, each piece is worth hundreds of immortal crystals!”

“Hundreds of immortal crystals? Even for a half-immortal, a lifetime of wealth is only this much, right?”

“No wonder, the Chai family came here, so they are traggeting  the Five Spirit Immortal Gold, it looks like the Fang family is in bad luck!”

The discussion kept sounding. At a table not far away, two men and a woman heard this, secretly nodded.

Then, the three looked at each other and disappeared from the spot. When they reappeared, they were already a hundred miles away from the north of Northern Immortal City.

The three of them, no other than Chen Daoming, Mu Bing, and Wen Renshi.

“I heard that this Fang family mine is next to the Primordial Mine, they won’t dig inside the Primordial Mine?” Chen Daoming said.

“It’s very possible! I’m afraid they’ve dug up something ominous!” Wen Renshi said.

Once these words came out. There was a trace of scorn on their faces.

“Ominous object? What exactly is it?”

“It’s indefinable, indefinable! Maybe it’s some kind of taboo, maybe it’s some kind of resentment, maybe it’s some kind of existence ……”

“This Primordial mine, ranked second among the five life forbidden zone in the Tian Luo continent!”

“No one knows how horrifying it is inside,because those who entered inside never comeback alive!”

“Moreover, this primordial mine had existed since the ancient times, in the “History of Immortality,” there is no record!”

“No record for the reason, but there are two: one, that is, the ancient historian did not dare to record, the other, is recorded but perhaps the trace was erased by some existence!”

“No matter which reason, no one could this primordial mine! moreover to dig!”

“The Duke instructed us to come here, it seems, is worried about the existence of some kind of existence inside!” Wen Ren Shi said.

“In that case, this Primordial mine is even disdained by the Young Master?” Mu Bing asked.

 “Not bad!” Wen Renshi nodded his head.

Once these words came out.

“Hiss ……” 

Chen Daoming and Mu Bing gasped.

The Young Master’s method was earth-shattering, unimaginable. Even the Thunder Tribulation Giant must be afraid of his existence.

The Young Master even disdained this Primordial Minem. In that case, wouldn’t it be too terrifying inside.

“It looks like the Young Master told us to stop the Fang family from continuing to mine, so we should go to the Primordial mine now?” Wen Renshi asked.

“Don’t rush!”

Chen Daoming shook his head slightly, “It’s too early to jump to conclusions, let’s go to the Red Refinement Sect first!”


They rushed up into the sky, turning into three vanishing lights and disappearing.



In the northwest of the Northern Immortal City, the Red Refinement Sect was located here in a mountain range.

This day.

Tens of thousands of disciples stood on the square, majestic and solemn.  As far as the eye could see, there were all bald heads. Under the sunlight, they were shining brightly and very dazzling.

“Stand still, give the old capital spirit!”

Patriarch Xiang Shichen looked at the crowd and opened his mouth to drink.

“Today, Lord Chen and the elders will come to inspect our work!”

“There must not be any mistakes!”

“If you do well, you will have the chance to meet the Godly Cunning Immortal and obtain astonishing luck!”

Once these words came out. All disciples’ eyes were glowing with joy.

“What? Godly Cunning Immortal? If I can meet the Godly Cunning Immortal, I will have no regrets in this life!”

“I don’t even need to meet Godly Cunning Immortal, just to listen to the Godly Cunning Immortal’s song is enough for the entire life!”

Whispers of discussion kept ringing out.

All the disciples’ eyes were fixed on the more than two thousand elite disciples at the front, and their faces were full of envy.

These elite disciples were all those who have heard the Godly Cunning Immortal play the song.

Initially, they had the same strength, but only a few months ago, they were far beyond everyone.

Even the patriarch was not their rival.

“Alright, all quiet down!”

At the wave of Xiang Shichen’s hand, the surrounding area immediately quieted down.

They stood in place and waited quietly.

Shortly after.

“Hoo ……”

Three long rainbows came in a hurry. Transforming into three figures, they landed on top of the square.

The person at the head of the group was none other than Chen Daoming.

“Greetings to Alliance Leader Chen, Greetings to Elder Wen, Greetings to Elder Mu!”

Led by Xiang Shichen, all the disciples knelt down and bowed respectfully.

Chen Dao Ming looked at the scene, his eyes glowing, and stroked a hand through his silver hair with pride.

“All of you get up!” Chen Daoming said.

“Thank you, Alliance Leader!”

Everyone stood up and looked at the three Chen Daoming with a face of worship. This was the close expert around the Godly Cunning Immortal!

It was said that Leader Chen used to be just a ninth-grade sect disciple with average talent. He almost died in the hands of a human puppet. Since he met the Godly Cunning Immortal, he soared to the heavens.

Only in a few months, he already had the strength to kill half immortals!  Now, when the evil race sees Lord Chen, they would scatter around! No longer dare to touch Leader Chen’s head.

He was a model for our generation!

“Three lords, the banquet is ready, please!”

Xiang Shichen made an inviting gesture.

Hearing this, the corners of Chen Daoming’s mouth rose, and he was about to say yes.

“Leader Chen, the Young Master’s business is important!”

At this moment, Mu Bing’s voice came into his ears.

Hearing these words, Chen Daoming’s expression stalled, and fine beads of sweat appeared on his forehead.

The young master’s matter was more important than the sky, and he must not slacken.

Thinking of this, Chen Daoming waved his hand, revealing a righteous look.

“Sect Master Xiang, the feast will be excused, the Young Master instructed us to come, it is an important matter!” Chen Daoming said.

“Yes …… Yes, Leader Chen, please follow me!”

Under Chen Daoming’s leadership, the crowd came to a secret room. After sitting down, Chen Daoming opened the conversation, “I heard that you have dug up crimson crystals, bring them to see!”

“Yes, Leader Chen!”

After saying that, Xiang Shichen took out a piece of crimson crystal stone from his pocket and handed it to Chen Daming.

Chen Daoming took it, held it in his hand, and examined it. The crimson crystal stone shone beautifully under the light shining on it.

“What is this thing?”

Chen Daoming held it in his hand and examined it, full of confusion. This thing did not contain spiritual power, nor did it contain immortal power.

Thought it was an ordinary crystal stone at first glance, but it was revealing extraordinary.

“Elder Wen, take a look!”

Chen Daoming handed the crimson crystal stone to Wen Ren Shi.


Wen Renshi took the crimson crystal stone and began to look at it. Suddenly, his skin exploded, and the crystal stone fell into the ground and scattered.

In the next second, a sudden change occurred.

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