The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 15 – The Gu Family Change Their Face

Each car was a limited edition, and each car was a top-level model.

The Gu family members should keep their eyes straight.

Gu Zhenzhen wore an incredible expression. She turned to look at the village chief and said, “Did you hear wrong, village chief? How can it be that they looking for Gu Xixi?”

The village chief looked at Gu Zhenzhen with a smile and said, “I haven’t lost my eyesight enough to hear the name wrong, have I?”

Grandma Gu finally returned to her usual self at this time, remembering yesterday that Gu Xixi said that she was going to get married. At first, she thought that she was going to married a man who at most a nouveau riche just like Gu Zhenzhen, but she didn’t expect her husband-to-be family was so rich!

Grandma Gu suddenly took Gu Xixi’s hand, smiled kindly, and said, “Yes and yes, my family is blessed with Xixi! Grandma doesn’t know when you met such a rich boyfriend! You are really surprising. If you have a boyfriend outside, why don’t you tell your grandmother? You have to surprise your grandmother like this! “

Just now, Gu Xixi and Mother Gu, who had no sense of being to be chased and beaten, instantly became Grandma Gu’s favorite daughter-in-law and granddaughter.

Gu Zhen stood by and said something sarcastic, “Well, even if you have money, what’s wrong?” Can rich and handsome people have a crush on Gu Xixi? Well, only those who are willing to marry you are old, ugly, ugly, and ugly to death. Uncle Baldhead?”

Gu Zhenzhen hadn’t finished speaking yet. The Rolls-Royce, led by a driver, got out of the car and opened the door behind him.

The driver alone had been a well-dressed and distinguished man, so what about the people sitting in the car?

The next second, a long leg slowly appeared in the line of sight of people.

Then a face of cold charm and elegance slowly appeared in everyone’s sight.

Yin Sichen slowly got off the car, and At the moment when he got off, it was just a glance, and it was amazing to everyone present!

Unparalleled noble bearing, the king’s breath from the bottom of my heart, just overwhelmed everyone.

Gu Xixi knew how amazing Yin Sichen was, so it was no wonder that everyone in the village has been frozen.

Gu Zhenzhen, with a face of envy, kept saying, “No! Impossible! “

Mother Gu was also dumbfounded.

This man was a collection of everything everyone in the world wants to have.

Beauty, figure, health, wealth, rights, status.

Yin Sichen’s hand picked up the Old Madam. Mrs. Yin, out of the car. The two of them walked slowly towards Grandma Gu, followed by dozens of servants, each holding a delicate box in their hands and slowly followed up.

Grandma Gu had been completely dumbfounded. This wealth, let alone her, anyone in the village had not seen it in their lifetime!

Mrs. Yin had seen Gu Xixi, and the whole family was wearing bright and beautiful clothes. Only Gu Xixi was wearing old clothes with her mother, and she also had her sleeves. At first glance, she just finished working.

Mrs. Yin frowned slightly but soon spread out. As she walked along, she smiled and said to Grandma Gu, “In-laws, I brought my grandson to the door to propose today, and brought some small gifts to my in-laws. I also hope that my in-laws will not abandon me!”

Yin Sichen greeted her very politely, “Hello Grandma!”

This time, the servants behind him opened the box and showed the contents of the box to Gu Grandma.

When Grandma Gu saw that there were some precious tonics such as ginseng, velvet antler, sea cucumber and even a tea set made of pure gold in those boxes, her eyes went straight.

Gu Zhenzhen’s mother-in-law also straightened her eyes!

These things are worth tens of thousands!

Compared with their shabby thirty thousand pieces, these supplements alone have been worth hundreds of thousands!

Just now, they were showing off their Santana 2000 and 30,000 bride price, and the family’s face turned green completely.

Their car and bride price add up, and they can’t even buy a logo from the others party.

Gu grandma opened her mouth wide for a long time, she finally recovered and quickly invited Mrs. Yin and Yin Sichen into the house.

Gu Xixi glanced at Yin Sichen suspiciously. When Yin Sichen passed by Gu Xixi, he stretched his hand and gently grabbed Gu Xixi’s finger, and clasped her fingers to move along.

Gu Xixi was stunned, and her fingers closed a little resisting Yin Sichen’s approach.

“Even if it’s acting, you should act like it.” Yin Sichen lowered his voice and said, “For the sake of giving you a face, don’t let others see the problem.”

“Oh…” Gu Xixi Only then did he recover and let Yin Sichen take his hand into the room.

Seeing Gu Xixi’s obedient cooperation, Yin Sichen’s eyes flashed with a trace of joy.

For the first time, the two people appeared in front of others in such an intimate gesture. Gu Xi felt a little unnatural.

But before she pulled out her fingers, she would be held fast by Yin Sichen again.

Yin Sichen’s fingers are very delicate and powerful, and many women like it, but Gu Xixi really can’t like it at this moment.

The situation now exceeded her control, and she couldn’t predict what her greedy grandma would ask.

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