The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 14 – His Wealth

Gu Xixi couldn’t take a break and hurried to the door to greet the guests.

As soon as Gu Xixi arrived at the door, she saw a black Santana 2000 swinging and blocking the door of The Gu’s house.

Gu Xixi frowned slightly, and the car was jammed at the door, making it inconvenient for people to come and go.

Before waiting for Gu Xixi to speak, the man slammed the throttle after parking, showing off his sense of presence.

A Santana was only 2000, was it so dazzling?

None of the cars of my colleagues in the company was less than 200,000.

In their opinion, if you drive less than 200,000 cars, you were not worthy of the identity of the employees of the Yin Family!

Gu Xixi saw a tall, lanky boy coming out of the cab, wearing clothing that would not cost more than 300 yuan, and very arrogantly said to his mother who became fat like a ball, “This is Gu Zhenzhen Home, mom, do we really want to give the 30,000 yuan gifts?”

The already-fat father and mother of the boy replied with a smile, “Thirty thousand yuan was a lot! It’s not easy to make money this year! Don’t be afraid of how much money you give, Sooner or later, it’s ours! Let’s talk about it, our family is giving a gift to the bride, can they still do not bring a dowry?”

Not married yet, They already started counting!

“How are you, auntie? I am Gu Zhenzhen’s sister. Grandma asked me to wait here, please.” Gu Xixi stepped forward, pretending not to hear it, and said very politely.

The chubby father of the boy snorted and walked forward without taking care of her. Instead, the boy looked at Gu Xixi seriously.

Gu Xixi took the guest and quickly entered the house. Upon entering, Gu Xixi was squeezed aside by his aunt and uncle and became a transparent person.

Grandma Gu and aunt and uncle were very enthusiastic about the man. They instructed Mother Gu to serve the tea and water, just like a maid.

Gu Xixi distressed her mother, and she didn’t wait for her to do it. Gu Xixi was making sure she doing everthing all done.

When the man proposed a gift for 30,000 yuan, Gu Zhenzhen glanced at Gu with obvious pride.

Among them, the average person has a gift of 21.8 thousand, and the man’s opening is 30,000. The Gu family immediately felt very face-saving, and her Grandmother was even more polite to the man.

Gu Xixi and Mother Gu stood beside them, not even had their seats, let alone sip the tea.

Gu Xixi had just delivered the tea and was immediately instructed by Gu Zhenzhen’s parents to go to the kitchen to help cook.

Mother Gu accidentally broke a teacup because she was nervous. Before she apologized, Grandma Gu grabbed the teacup in her hand and smashed it towards Mother Gu, “On such a good day, you have to block me. Isn’t it? What kind of sin did the Gu family make, and even let a woman like you enter the Gu family’s door? Without a real face, and want to have a real-life? Really don’t have any shamed! Really capable and being pregnant for money! You have the ability to have one, which was so ugly, it’s hard to find a good condition, and finally ran out to sleep with a random man, Gu family really made a sin!”

Gu Xixi’s eyes were fast and he pulled Gu’s mother away.

The teacup fell the ground, split instantly!

When Grandma Gu saw that Gu Mom and Gu Xixi dared to hide, she suddenly got angry, grabbed the crutches, and greeted Gu Xixi and Gu Mom.

At this time, the door of the Gu family was madly patted, “Grandma Gu, good thing! Congratulations to Gu family!”

What happened? It seemed to be the voice of the village chief?

The man on the man’s side thought proudly, was it that because they drove to meet the Gu family, and everyone in the village knew about it? Then come to congratulate the Gu’s family?

As I said long ago, driving in the car to meet the family, I would definitely have a face!

Grandma Gu’s legs and feet quickly rushed out and opened the door and asked, “The village head, what kind of wind is blowing you?”

The village chief would have to say bad things when he was excited!

Holding out his hand and holding Gu***’s arm, he said, “Grandma Gu, you are blessed! Your granddaughter has found a good son-in-law! Your Gu family is going to be blessed! This is a blessing! The ancestors have done great deeds in all eight generations. Only in exchange for the blessings of this life!”

Grandma Gu thought that the village head was talking about Gu Zhen’s real thing, and immediately replied with a smile: “That is that my family is really blessed!”

“No no No, it’s not Gu Zhenzhen, it’s Gu Xixi!” The village chief hurriedly argued: “I saw a lot of famous cars! Many cars have never been seen in this life! Brought a lot of things. The village inquired about your family and said they wanted to come to the house to raise relatives!”

What? A lot of famous cars? With a lot of things?

The people present thought they had heard it wrong!

Gu Xixi’s face changed slightly, and he came… so fast?

At this time, a long list of famous cars came slowly from the distance.

The first is the Rolls-Royce Silver Charm, followed by Bentley, Maybach, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani, Aston Martin, and so on.

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