The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 13 – The Need of The Gu Family

Grandma Gu looked at the good things in this place and flattened her mouth and said, “Don’t think that buying me a little broken thing will be able to resist the scandal you did! You are not ashamed at all, I am really ashamed! If you dare to miss something, you can get out of the door of Gu’s house.”

Gu Xixi didn’t want to hear any curse words again, but the purpose of her coming back today was not yet complete.

Gu Xixi took a deep breath, “Grandma, I came back to discuss my marriage with you this time. These things were bought by your grandson-in-law to be to honor you. The man was his driver just now.”

What Gu Xixi said provoked Grandma Gu’s anger, but also completely extinguished her anger in one sentence.

A grandson-in-law who can afford so many valuables and could also have a driver was definitely richer than the previous Zhao Zegang.

Grandma Gu’s eyes flickered, and the bottom of her heart instantly made a consideration.

“This child is really conscious, but it is necessary for the parents of both parties to be present to discuss such things as marriage? The other party will not even have this etiquette?” Grandma Gu’s eyes flickered, and her eyes never left that place, the gifts.

“Yes, I just came back to discuss with my family first. I believe that it won’t take long before they will visit us.” Gu Xixi answered while bowing her head.

Her cousin Gu Zhenzhen who had been standing nearby suddenly interrupted, “This man is really generous! Gu Xixi, you are quite capable, and you have a lot of money in such a short time. I don’t know if this future brother-in-law is Is the bald-headed uncle or the ugly man with a collapsed nose?”

“You can see it yourself when they go to the door to ask for the marriage?” Gu Xixi retorted coldly.

Although nothing happened in the room, Xiao Ah was not present, but he also really listened.

Xiao Ah reported everything that happened here to Yin Sichen.

Yin Sichen looked at the message sent by Xiao Ah, his eyes were flickering and obscure.

Yin Sichen directly dialed Xiao Ah’s phone and listened to what happened inside the house.

In the room, Gu Xixi’s answer made Gu Zhenzhen really hold back the fire.

“Grandma, Gu Xixi is going to get married, and I’m going to get married too! Besides, even if you get married, you have to wait, who comes first and who comes later? Tomorrow my fiancé will come to the house to pay respect to our family! Grandma, you promised me, send me to get married first, right! The dowry at home was prepared for me, not for Gu Xixi!” Gu Zhenzhen turned around and embraced Grandma Gu with all kinds of spoils, for fear that Gu Xixi would take away her dowry when she got married.

Grandma Gu was really partial.

When she heard Gu Zhenzhen say this, she said to Gu Xixi, “Xi Xi, since your mother-in-law is so rich, you can’t see it in this dowry. Don’t argue with your sister when you are a sister. This dowry is what your uncle and aunt saved so many years before they use it, your parents can not take any from it.”

Gu Xixi was looking over, her heart burst a sneer, her face was quietly replied, “I didn’t want to grab Gu Zhenzhen’s dowry.”

The Gu’s wealth was not rare at all now!

“That’s fine. Tomorrow’s Zhenzhen mother-in-law is going to come to the house. You have nothing to do anyway. Do more work with your mother. The Gu family can’t be rude, so your cousin really can marry well.” Grandma Gu said immediately with satisfaction, “You haven’t done any work since you were a child, and she can’t do these things well! You should act like a sister, and you should also help your sister.”

The dowry Grandma Gu prepared for Gu Zhenzhen, of course, could not be assigned to Gu Xixi. How can a random bastard qualify her to pay a dowry for a penny?

Grandma Gu didn’t care whether Gu Xixi’s man is flat or round, as long as he is willing to bring expensive gifts.

Gu Xixi had a sneer in her heart, could she not do it if she wanted to?

She could see through them all, everyone in this family was a vampire! They would never give up anything without squeezing her and her mother.

Xiao Ah very conscientiously conveyed everything that happened in the house to Yin Sichen. Yin Shichen pinched a goblet in his hand and gently shook the liquid inside. He said to the phone, “As the Yi’s young madam how can it be shabby than others? If you are instructed to go, you will have to put your foot on the ground tomorrow and go again!”

The next day, when the day was still dark, Gu Xixi and her mother were called by Grandma Gu to clean the yard and prepare to greet the guests.

Gu Xixi did not say anything, quietly got up to fetch water and wash her face, accompanied her mother to do housework.

If these things weren’t for her help, they would all be on the mother’s shoulder.

None of the people in the room came out to help. Even though Gu Zhenzhen’s fiancee came to the house today, the uncle and the aunt did not mean to get up early.

If this thing was done well, it was the glory of others.

If it was broken, then it was all Gu Xixi’s responsibility.

Gu Xixi had already seen through the family’s face. If it was not for her mother to stay in this family, she really wanted to take her mother out of this house now!

Gu Xixi just put down the mop in her hand, and the sound of firecrackers sounded outside.

Grandma Gu ran out of the house like a gust of wind, pointed at Gu Xixi and said, “What are you standing there stupidly? Go hurry to welcome guests? If you mess up and the engagement failed, get out his instance!”

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