The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 12 – Going Home

“After a week of conditioning, the young madam has no problems with her body. It is only necessary to continue to strengthen nutrition in the later period and she can be discharged from the hospital at any time.”

Yin Sichen just glanced at the inspection report and nodded, “Put it there.”

After all other people left, Yin Sichen handed the report to Mrs. Yin, and Mrs. Yin turned it over very seriously. After turning over the report, she said, “Since you have no problems, go to your home tomorrow. The children in your belly are getting bigger and bigger, it is better to get married as soon as possible.”

Yin Sichen frowned slightly, “Grandma, you don’t have to worry about getting married?”

Gu Xixi didn’t want to get married so early. She always felt that once She got married, there was really no way out!

Mrs. Yin glanced calmly at her grandson. What secret did she not know of what Yin Sichen thought? She just said lightly, “The president and the wife of the Korean company are about to visit China in a dozen days or so. The South Korean side has already indicated that he wants to meet with your wife. If you are not married yet by then, in what capacity do you let Xixi see them?”

Mrs. Yin’s words reminded Yin Sichen at once.

Although Yin Sichen really didn’t want to get married so early, these personal little things had become insignificant in the face of company benefits.

“I understand, grandma.” Yin Sichen immediately chose to obey Mrs. Yin’s decision.

Hearing Yin Sichen’s approval of the marriage, Gu Xixi’s heart sank.

She was about to get married?

It was so sudden, from making a decision to implementing, this was way too fast, right?

Gu Xixi’s refusal face glanced across Yin Sichen, and Yin Sichen noticed Gu Xixi’s gaze, his heart suddenly flashed a bit of discomfort.

It was one thing for him not to marry, but it was another thing for the other party not to marry.

Yin Sichen, who was a little resisted, didn’t know it was because of what he was in. He even felt that it was very reasonable. This marriage was about to be concluded as soon as possible.

Seeing that the chairman and Yin Sichen were so determined, Gu Xixi knew that she had no room to put her own opinion.

Also, at this point, what was unacceptable? Marriage was not a matter of day and night. In fact, there was no big difference now.

She just didn’t want to go home with such a piece of big news suddenly, which would scare her mother.

It was best if you give yourself a cushion. You could say hello to your mother in advance so that she wouldn’t get hurt because of the sudden confrontation.

After clarifying her thoughts, Gu Xixi said, “Chairman, I… Can I not go back with the Yin family, can I go back and say hello to the family first?”

“No! You are not alone now, The child in the belly must not have any failure.” Mrs. Yin refused decisively, “There should be no rush for you, you just need to give birth to this child calmly .” 

Gu Xixi hurried to Mrs. Yin promised, “Chairman, the Yin family’s status and financial situation will naturally not wrong me. I have no doubt about this. I just don’t want to scare my mother. I want to go back and say hello to my family in advance. I promise, Nothing will happen to me!”

Seeing Mrs. Yin’s attitude firm, Gu Xixi looked up at Yin Sichen with pleading eyes.

She didn’t know why she suddenly asked Yin Sichen for help. Maybe there were only three people in this room. Maybe it was other reasons. She did it anyway.

Yin Sichen saw Gu Xixi looking at herself with such eyes for the first time. He didn’t know what happened in his mind. He remembered that she was standing in front of the camellia and trimmed the flowering branches yesterday evening. 

When Mrs. Yin heard her grandson say the same thing, Mrs. Yin smiled softly and seemed a little satisfied with their tacit agreement, “You are a filial child. Well, you can go back and say hello, but you are the Yin family after all. Grandma will never let you go back alone. Si Chen, the assistant who sent her to the hospital is good, bold and careful, let him send her home.”

“I’ll listen to everything.” Yin Si Chen took a look in the corner of his eyes and looked at Gu Xixi with a relieved expression. There was a trace of unknown meaning under his eyes.

Finally, Mrs. Yin was successfully persuaded. Gu Xixi tidied up a little and was ready to go.

Xiao Ah drove a very low-key Phantom, and drove Gu Xi with a big bag to her home.

Although Gu Xixi repeatedly stated that it was not necessary, Xiao Ah was very considerate and brought gifts to everyone in the family.

He knew how to respect, knew what to say and what not to say, what to do and what not to do.

After delivering the gifts to Gu Xixi’s family, he immediately went back.

“Grandma, these things are for the family, you can divide it.” Gu Xixi put the things in his hand on the ground and stood upright.

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