The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 11 – This Is His Child!

For three days in a row, Gu Xixi has also become accustomed to Yin Sichen coming to dinner together.

She didn’t know if he had these three days as a form of training, Yin Sichen’s unaccustomed from the beginning, but he finally gradually became used to it.

After work, without waiting for Mrs. Yin to urge, he drove to the hospital to accompany Gu Xixi to dinner.

Yin Sichen came a little early today, so he didn’t have a meal yet.

Yin Sichen saw the woman in the glass window when he got out of the car, trimming a camellia with a smile on her delicate face

When he saw the woman from the first they met, she was either expressionless or crying silently.

He never knew how beautiful this woman when she laughed.

She was completely different from Dina who was the kind of flamboyant and sexy beauty, but Gu Xixi was a quiet and blooming beauty, just like the camellia in her hand, the fragrance was long-lasting and worthy of aftertaste.

Gu Xixi smiled and said to a long list of nurses behind her, “This camellia can only grow well if it is placed in a cool place. The tea tree is yin and humid. The sun has been exposed for a long time.”

“Young madam knows a lot!” Everyone had been together for a few days, and gradually became familiar with each other, and their relationship gradually increased.

“Because my grandmother likes gardening if I made a mistake raising the  flower my mother would be ……” Gu Xixi devastated here, she suddenly paused, “You just have to take it slow and learn well”

At this time, Gu Xixi heard someone shouting behind her, “Good morning Mr. President.” Gu Xixi was stunned. Now that she hadn’t had a meal, how could he come?

After Yin Sichen approaching, he looked down at the camellia that had been trimmed by Gu Xixi. His narrow eyes concealed emotions that others could not understand.

“You like flowers? If you tell me before I will put a little more flowers in the room.” Yin Sichen finished the sentence, and went over Gu Xixi and walked forward.

Gu Xixi froze in place, what did he mean?

After Yin Sichen left, a nurse couldn’t help but whispered excitedly, “The president is so kind to the madam!”

Gu Xixi smiled bitterly in his heart, where was he good for herself? He clearly was good to the children in her stomach!

At this time, the attending doctor came over with a smile, and said to Gu Xixi, “Young madam, today’s routine inspection should start soon!”

Gu Xixi nodded and went back to the room very cooperatively.

This was a daily inspection, Gu Xixi was already used to it.

But Yin Sichen was seeing it for the first time.

When the sound of fetal pulsation was clearly transmitted in the air, Yin Sichen’s eyes suddenly lighted up and couldn’t help asking, “What is this sound? Is it the heartbeat of the child?”

The attending doctor replied with a smile, “Yes, this is the sound of the child’s heartbeat. Listen, how powerful the beating! The child is very healthy! It seems that these days, the young madam’s physical conditioning has finally come to fruition.”

Gu Xixi’s heart flashed when she heard the doctor say this, a strange feeling was blooming.

The feeling that her blood was connected was becoming more and more obvious.

The little baby in her belly grew up a little bit and formed a little bit.

Gu Xixi had no good feelings for the child before, but listening to the heartbeat of the child at the moment, she was full of anticipation and joy.

Yin Sichen, who was standing on the side, blinked several times. Although he didn’t say anything, he couldn’t hide the surprise in his eyes.

This was his child!

Yin Sichen’s mind immediately jumped out of such a sentence.

After the inspection, Yin Sichen’s consistent cold expression seemed to ease a lot.

At dinner, Yin Sichen made an exception and did not let the chef share the meal, but took the initiative to give Gu Xixi a carefully cooked ribs, “Eat more, you are too thin.”

The chefs opened their eyes again, the president turned out to be taking the initiative to serve the other party? This is also incredible!

You know that the president was actually very clean! He had never done things like dirtying himself to the extent as little as mixing saliva!

Gu Xixi didn’t really want to eat it, but this was the dish that Yin Sichen had given her. She didn’t dare not to eat it.

Gu Xixi just took a bite and felt a tumble in his stomach.

“Why don’t you like meat?” Yin Sichen immediately put another piece of broccoli in Gu Xixi’s bowl, “Then eat more dishes.”

Gu Xixi’s eyes shook for a while, this Yin Sichen today ‘What’s wrong? Damn it?’

Thinking of what Yin Sichen said a few days ago, Gu Xixi’s eyes dimmed.

He did it just for his children?

Who was she, and where was she worthy of being served like when Yin Sichen taking the initiative?

Gu Xixi obediently ate the broccoli from Yin Sichen. Now that she had chosen to give birth to this child, then she should be well nourished.

In the afternoon when she was doing the examination, she also made up her mind to supplement her nutrition more.

Seeing Gu Xixi eat the clipped dishes, Yin Sichen’s eyes flashed with joy.

At noon the next day, Mrs. Yin also came over. Seeing that Yin Sichen had followed her orders to accompany Gu Xixi for dinner, she nodded in satisfaction.

    After eating, the attending doctor came to report this week’s observations.

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