Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 4: Master, I understand

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In a flash, several days passed.

Daoless Sect, Main hall square.

Ye Luo had been sitting here in meditation for several days, and he kept looking up at the sky. He tried to comprehend the ‘Dao’ left behind by Chu Yuan, but there had been no progress. Not even a clue.

Ye Luo could endure a few days of boredom. But not being able to comprehend anything for too long in a row made him somewhat unable to bear it. After all, he was still a mortal and had not really stepped into the path of cultivating immortality. His temperament was still not good.

A few days of not being able to comprehend anything already made him feel restless. Just when Ye Luo couldn’t help himself and wanted to ask his revered master for advice, a vision suddenly appeared.

Ye Luo was about to get up, when suddenly his mind jolted. He only felt a burst of clarity in his mind. When he opened his eyes again. Everything in the world had changed. Everything around him has become traceable.

He looked at the sky again and saw that the clouds had returned to their original state. There was an orderly golden chain crisscrossing the sky, a vast and boundless aura filled the air. Facing this orderly chain was like facing the whole heaven and earth.

Feeling of shock, insignificant, and powerlessness emerged in the heart.

Ye Luo’s eyes were wide open, his heart was extremely astonished, unable to return to his senses for a long time.


Just as he was dazed, all the orderly chains in the sky disappeared, leaving only one of them rushing straight down and striking between Ye Luo’s eyebrows. Ye Luo’s body trembled instantly and he silently closed his eyes.

In his mind, mysterious and obscure golden runes emerged. Each golden rune was profound and inexplicable, full of mysterious rhythm.

Ye Luo looked at these golden runes, but he couldn’t understand them at all, not even one. However, a voice inexplicably appeared in his ears. This voice was cold and indistinct, as if it was a voice coming from between heaven and earth.

This voice explained the meaning of these golden runes for him. Hearing these voices, Ye Luo instantly sank into a moment of enlightenment. One by one, the contents of the golden runes were elaborated for Ye Luo to listen to and absorb.

These golden runes did not raise his realm. But invariably, they were building his foundation to be more firm. At the same time, it was also allowing his state of mind to be elevated.

A full three hours had passed.

Ye Luo, who was in the midst of his epiphany, slowly woke up when the sun fell.

“Is this the Dao left behind by the Master? He is indeed a supreme power, and the Daoless Sect is surely a powerful secluded sect in the world!”

Ye Luo looked at his hands, excited. 

He was very aware of the changes in himself. Although he still had not stepped into the immortal cultivation path, the present him would not be terrified at all when facing the existence of the Qi Refining Realm.

Most of all, after he comprehended those golden runes, he understood what a Dao was!

Immortal cultivators refined Qi into the body, built the foundation for 100 days, formed a golden core, the core broken into an infant, and as their comprehension of their own Dao improved, the infant transformed into God!

The enlightenment was only needed when one breakthrough to the divine realm. And he, who has not yet reached the Qi Refining Realm, has already embarked on the Dao of the God Transformation Realm!

Undoubtedly, this was because his Master wanted him to forge a supreme dao foundation, so he made him comprehend his Dao this early!

As he thought about this, Ye Luo couldn’t help but be curious as to what realm his master was in the end.

To be able to easily forge the supreme Dao foundation for him, as long as he did not fall in the future and solved the matter of cultivation problems, then he would be at least a great power of the God Transformation realm!

Then what was his master’s realm? At least at the God Transformation Realm, right? No, perhaps those who could easily achieve this step were extremely powerful people of the Crossing Calamity Realm! He suspected that his master was a Crossing Calamity Realm powerhouse!

As this thought flashed through Ye Luo’s mind, his breath caught.

Crossing Calamity Realm! That’s the Crossing Calamity Realm! The top existence in the continent. Above the Crossing Calamity Realm was Ascending Immortality. And his master, most likely, was an existence of the Crossing Calamity Realm!

“If I have a master of the Crossing Calamity Realm, I can walk sideways if I want to, and I can walk like a crab if I want to!”(1)

“If Master ascends to immortality, who else dares to touch me under this sky? No, there’s still Ascending Immortality! Ascending!!!”

Ye Luo’s eyes suddenly widened.

He understood! He understood why such a big secluded sect like the Daoless Sect was so empty. It was because they all ascended! Perhaps Daoless Sect has been a secluded sect since ancient times!

Perhaps all the people in the sect ascended for a period of time, and because everyone in the sect ascended, it led to the Daoless Sect became empty.

And his master was maybe in Crossing Calamity Realm, approaching Ascension. He feared that after he ascended, no one would inherit the Daoless Sect, then he chose to come out of the world and take him as a disciple. If you think about it, it all made sense!

“Master, disciple understands!”

Ye Luo was so excited that he got up to look for Chu Yuan. He wanted to properly explain to his master that he understood what his master meant. But he searched half of the sect, yet he couldn’t find where his master was. In the end, he could only give up.

He thought his master wanted to let him meditate and achieve enlightenment, not to get excited easily, so he continued to sit and meditate.


Behind the border.

Chu Yuan of course noticed how Ye Luo was running back and forth searching for him. However, he only noticed this run. He did not notice that Ye Luo was enlightened.

About the ‘Dao’, that was an existence that could only be sensed by the God Transformation Realm. A Nascent Soul Realm like him could not perceive it at all. So he could only notice that Ye Luo was looking for him.

“I knew this guy couldn’t resist and would come looking for me, luckily I had the foresight to hide behind the border.” A smile appeared on Chu Yuan’s expressionless face.

Everything was under control. As long as there weren’t any mishaps, he would at least become a Middle-stage Nascent Soul powerhouse. And, definitely will not stop at that! In the future, he would definitely be a powerful person!

If he went into a novel, then he was the male protagonist, destined to be powerful. If he really was a novel protagonist, then what would the novel’s title be? I Cultivated from Nascent Soul to Unequaled?

Chu Yuan fantasized.

Suddenly, Chu Yuan looked at the foot of the Heavenly Mist Mountain.

In his divine sense, he saw a black-robed man carrying a large box and was rushing towards the mountain.

Who was this? Did he want to enter his Daoless Sect by rushing towards the mountain? 

Just who was this guy? What was he doing rushing to his empty Daoless Sect? There was nothing on his Daoless Sect.

Was there something in his Daoless Sect besides him and Ye Luo ……


Ye Luo!

Was this guy Ye Luo’s elder who learned that he was not able to help Ye Luo solve the reason why he could not cultivate, so he deliberately came here to pick up Ye Luo back?

No, it shouldn’t be that.

Chu Yuan thought a lot and finally decided to go down the mountain to see what this person was actually here for ……

  1. Become tyrannically overbearing.

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