The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 86 – Great Thunder Melody Killing Array

At the innermost part of the hall, four massive stone pillars towered at the four corners.

“Blue rocks!” Qiang Liang looked at the four huge stone pillars in front of him and spoke.

The Blue Rock was a rare divine stone like the Purple Sun Stone inside the Ten Thousand Gods Residence in Tiandu City.

Zhou Cheng stared at these four huge stone pillars and poured a mouthful of wine. These four stone pillars linked together with the Great Hall’s Star Shifting Array; otherwise, he would have moved them back then.

Lu Yiping came to one of the stone pillars. He suddenly blasted his fist and immediately, the huge stone pillar was blown out, leaving a huge fist hole.

Zhou Cheng was speechless. This blue stone was harder than the purple sun stone.

Moreover, there was the powerful defense of the Great Star Shifting Array, and even if it was someone at the early stage of the PLane Lord Realm, I’m afraid it couldn’t be blown through easily!

Lu Yiping pulled out a two-fists-size crystal from within the stone pillar. There was a golden flame rising in the center of this crystal.

Zhou Cheng was puzzled. What kind of crystal was this? With his knowledge, he had never seen and heard of any crystal in the world that could give rise to a golden flame inside.

“Golden Flame Crystal.” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull stared at the crystal with blazing eyes.

“Good stuff.” Qiang Liang also spoke.

Lu Yiping looked at the Crystal of Golden Flame in his hand and said, “Unfortunately, it is still a bit short of fire.” Then he threw the Golden Flame Crystal in his hand to the Dragon Horned Golden Bull.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull opened its mouth, chewed it up then swallowed it. His whole body shook, spewing out wisps of golden fire gas, “Cool!”

Zhou Cheng came to another stone pillar, he blasted through it with another punch, and then took out a golden pellet.

When the golden pellet came out then demonic Qi swept out. The entire hall was darkened.

“This is?!” Zhou Cheng was surprised, “The demon pellet of a Demon King powerhouse?”

“Of course it’s not a demon king’s demon pellet.” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull said, “The demonic aura of a Demon King level  demonic pellet is much stronger than this.”

Zhou Cheng was stunned.

Then, Lu Yiping blasted open two other stone pillars and took out the contents within them. The third stone pillar was a book.

“The Heavenly Demon Divine Code!”

Zhou Cheng was puzzled. He knew about the Book of Heavenly Demons, but he had never heard of the Heavenly Demon Divine Code.

The fourth stone pillar, on the other hand, contained a tree block! The tree block was completely dried up without a bit of vitality.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull looked at the tree block and was all puzzled, “What kind of tree block is this?”

Qiang Liang was also puzzled.

Lu Yiping looked over it and mused, “It should be something from before the flood.”

He could only tell that it was something from before the flood, but he couldn’t tell what kind of tree it was. Afterward, he planted the tree block on top of one of the Nine Heavenly Soils.

Although the tree block was completely lifeless, the Nine Heavens Soil might be able to restore its vitality.

Then, Lu Yiping came to the front door of the inner hall. Now, they were in the outer hall. It was not yet the core of the cave.

The inner hall gate was also cast in blue rock covered with three ancient Arrays, each of which was no weaker than the Great Star Shifting Array.

And these three great Arrays were mutually reinforcing each other.

However, Lu Yiping only gently pushed it and the inner hall-door was open.

Zhou Cheng naturally looked dumbfounded. Back then, he had used all kinds of methods but could not open the inner hall door.

The inner hall was not large, only a few hundred square meters, four walls, are books, and in the center of the hall, there was a cauldron for alchemy. There was nothing else other than that.

A vertical eye appeared on Lu Yiping’s brow, sweeping the hall. All the corners of the hall, all the hidden space, everything was reflected in the vertical eye.

But a moment later, Lu Yiping withdrew his vertical eye disappointedly.

Originally, he was still holding out hope that the other two pieces of Dragon Han jade would be in the inner hall space of the Phantom Demon King’s cave, but after searching just now, he did not find the other two pieces of Dragon Han jade.

“Is this the Phantom God Cauldron Cauldron used by the Phantom Demon King for refining pills back then?” Zhou Cheng came to the tripod furnace in the center of the inner hall, and his eyes were on fire.

“Not bad, this is the Phantom God Cauldron.” Lu Yiping flicked his finger, and the lid of the Phantom God Cauldron flew up immediately. The haze of light filled the sky, and a golden pellet flew out from it, unexpectedly trying to escape.

However, when these golden pills were just about to fly out of the inner hall, they were all taken back by Lu Yiping.

The artifact had a weapon spirit and these golden pellets had also given birth to a pill spirit after millions of years.

According to the previous agreement, Lu Yiping gave one-third of these pills and other things to Zhou Cheng.

Lu Yiping collected all the books in the Great Hall to see if he could find the relevant records of the remaining two Dragon Han Jades.

As for the Phantom God Cauldron and the Blue Rock Pillar in the outer hall, Lu Yiping also took away a few, and it was useless to stay here anyway.

After that, Lu Yiping and the others did not stay much longer and left the cave.

“Master, let’s go to the Heavenly Demon Tribe?” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull asked.

“Since it’s not far, let’s go there and take a look.” Lu Yiping said.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull had quite an affinity with the demon tribe. In ancient times, the Heavenly Demon was its descendant.

So, they came over towards the Heavenly Demon Tribe. Not long after, the Heavenly Demon Tribe was in their sight. Just when they approached the Heavenly Demon Tribe, a group of experts flew out from within the Heavenly Demon Tribe in the distance.

The leader of the group was none other than Hao Xuan, the current chief of the Heavenly Demon Tribe.

When Hao Xuan saw Zhou Cheng from afar, he smiled excitedly and said, “I heard from the people below that it was senior Zhou Cheng who had come, I didn’t believe at first but when I came out to take a look, it was really senior Zhou Cheng!”

Zhou Cheng scratched his head feeling a little embarrassed, and said to Lu Yiping, “I stayed in the Phantom Demon King’s cave for many years, so I’m still familiar with these kids from the Heavenly Demon Tribe.”

After coming in front of Lu Yiping and the others, Hao Xuan, the Heavenly Demon Tribe Chief, and the others gave Zhou Cheng a salute.

“Senior Zhou Cheng, these few people are?” Hao Xuan asked.

Zhou Cheng looked at Lu Yiping. Regarding Lu Yiping’s identity, it was not good for him to take the liberty of introducing Lu Yiping for him.

Lu Yiping said indifferently, “My anime is Lu Yiping.”

“Lu Yiping?” When Hao Xuan heard it, he was startled, “Prince Zither Immortal?!”

Although the Heavenly Demon Tribe was secluded in the Heavenly Demon Mountain Range and rarely went out, but the battle at the Heavenly God River, even the people of the Heavenly Demon Tribe had heard about it.

The faces of the Heavenly Demon Tribe crowd even changed greatly.

“Just call me Young Master Lu.” Lu Yiping said, “We were passing by and came to see the Heavenly Demon Tribe.”

Hao Xuan reacted and hurriedly said, “It’s an honor for my Heavenly Demon Tribe that Young Master Lu and senior Zhou Cheng have descended to the Heavenly Demon Tribe!”

“Master Lu, senior Zhou Cheng, please!”

Under the welcome of the people of the Heavenly Demon Tribe, Lu Yiping and the others entered the Heavenly Demon Tribe.

Not long after Lu Yiping and the others entered the Heavenly Demon Tribe, the people of the Warring Empire arrived outside the Heavenly Demon Tribe.

Zhu Yan looked at the Heavenly Demon Tribe between the ancient trees, and his voice was cold, “Set up the Great Thunder Melody Killing Array, block all the retreating paths of the Heavenly Demon Tribe!”

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