The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 9 – Let’s Get Married

Gu Xixi also calmed down, she knew very well what the Yin family meant. Since the Yin family wanted this child so much, even if they gave birth to this child, the Yin family would never leave the child beside them!

    But this child was connected with her own flesh and blood, how can she be able to wait for the child to be taken away from birth?

    The thought of this made Gu Xixi could no longer calm down.

    Although Yin Sichen only looked sideways, he had also determined that the woman had fallen into his trap and no longer had the ability to resist. Retreating was always one of his wrists.

    “So, what are you going to do?” Yin Sichen didn’t give Gu Xixi more time to think, “My time is very precious.”

    Gu Xixi lowered her head and thought about it, anyway, she and Zhao Zegang could never again back to the past.

    She had no way to retreat.

    Just because of staying with Yin Sichen in the hotel for one night, she was almost kicked out of the house by grandma.

    If the news of her pregnancy was passed home, then she and her mother were really over.

    When the time comes, if you had a family and you could not return, the company would expel you.

    Then it was completely a dilemma, nowhere to go.

    Gu Xixi gritted his teeth and said, “Okay, I choose to marry! I know that your Yin family also needs this child. As soon as I get married, I will have the baby.”

    “Since you agree, then be ready to get married.” Yin Sichen didn’t wait for Gu Xixi to finish, and turned around and left the room, “You can take a long vacation and have a good rest.”

    Gu Xixi’s boss received a notice, Gu Xixi was especially taken care of by the president and allowed to take long vacations and holidays. During the period, wages and bonuses will be issued.

    When the whole office heard the news, it caused a huge ruckus.

    A female colleague who always bullied Gu Xixi and left her own job to Gu Xixi a little bit flustered. How could the president suddenly give such a privilege to a bottom-level clerk?

    Were there any unknown secrets between them?

    Could it be said that because Gu Xixi took the initiative to give him a hug and let the president looked at her differently?

    The other female colleagues in the office suddenly regretted it!

    If they knew this result, they would never miss this opportunity!

    However, before these people had time to act, someone had already tried the method for them.

    A female colleague from another department also heard about the incident. The beautifully dressed workers waited on the road that Yin Sichen had to go to work and pretended to accidentally hit the president’s arms before being expelled.

    Hearing this result, those female colleagues who were about to move were instantly splashed with cold water, and no one dared to act impulsively.

    But for everyone, it was even weirder. Why does the President care so much about a little Gu Xi?

    Gu Xixi received the most perfect care in the hospital.

    The top health care groups serve her alone.

    Gu Xixi walked casually in the garden downstairs, holding it every day in the ward, feeling that she had to hold back.

    As a result, she didn’t go long before she was surrounded by a group of nurses.

    “Madam, today’s wind is cold, and you are in the early stages of pregnancy. It is better not to be in such big wind.” The head nurse also said step by step, “The chairman has already instructed that the madam must not be allowed to fail to give birth.”

    Gu Xixi looked at such a large group of people who followed her everywhere, and it was estimated that the walk could not be separated, so she had no choice but to stand still, “Well, I know.”

    Gu Xixi could not walk outside, she could only hang out indoors.

    As soon as she returned to the ward floor, Gu Xixi saw a group of chefs walking towards her ward pushing the dining car.

    Gu Xixi froze, what was this for?

    Gu Xixi hurried back to the ward, and as soon as she pushed the door, she saw several chefs putting a dozen delicate dishes on the table.

    When the chefs saw Gu Xixi, they immediately stood up and saluted, “Young Madam, this is the lunch the chairman ordered. If the young madam doesn’t like it, you can change the menu.”

    Gu Xixi looked a little dumbfounded, just how much food should be prepared for a person’s lunch?

    “No, I can’t eat this much by myself.” Gu Xixi replied quickly.

    From a mediocre country girl, She was so attracted to people’s attention all the time.

    “The president will come to accompany the young madam for lunch, these are normal lunches for the president.” One of the chefs answered.

    Gu Xixi suddenly felt a little embarrassed, she seemed to be wrong!

    Wait, what did he say? Would Yin Sichen come over for lunch?

    Without waiting for the next sentence, Gu Xixi heard a uniform voice from the door, “Hello, President!”

    Gu Xixi’s body stretched straight and she didn’t dare to look back.

    Although she agreed to marry Yin Sichen, subconsciously, he was still just a stranger.

    When Yin Sichen entered the door, he saw Gu Xixi standing there with his back to himself, and immediately said, “What are you still doing? Eat.”

    Yin Sichen just sat down, and someone immediately sent a towel to wipe his hands.

    Yin Sichen used three towels in succession before picking up the knife and fork, eating very elegantly.

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