The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 8 – Must Marry Her

At this time, the attending doctor smiled and said to Gu Xixi, “Please rest assured madam, the baby in your stomach was very good and very healthy!”

    The blood on Gu Xixi’s face faded suddenly, her eyes widened suddenly, and she grabbed the doctor who was measuring her pulse, her voice was trembling, “What are you talking about? Child? Are you saying I am pregnant?”

    Although she always liked children and wanted a child, she only wanted to have a child with Zhao Zegang. This child should not come.

    She thought that the nightmare had passed, but who knew it had gone worse with her.

    But why? Why was God so cruel that she had to bring her back to that reality and let her be punished again?

    And at this time, Yin Sichen outside had reached the peak of anger.

    “No! Grandma, I said I would never marry her!” Yin Sichen was almost going to run away, “I will never marry a woman I don’t love at all!”

    Mrs. Yin’s eyes looked cold, compared to Yin Sichen, her tone was colder and said, “Si Chen, you better think about it yourself! The company is now cooperating with Korean companies, and it will not take long for the president and the wife of the president to visit China and what they value the most, is the concept of the family! If they know that you let a woman become pregnant and then give her up, what do you think they will think of the Yin’s consortium?”

    When Yin Sichen heard the words, his emotion was instantaneous calming down.

    He lit a cigarette, and when he finished smoking it, he was completely calm.

    When Mrs. Yin saw that her grandson’s emotions finally stabilized, she continued to say, “My position is very clear. You must marry her, not let her secretly give birth to the child, and abandon her mother to keep her son! The consortium signed a ten-year contract, and I absolutely do not allow anyone to break this contract!”

    “Yin’s consortium must not be without heirs! Si Chen, you should know how many of your uncles have been eyeing the position of the consortium CEO! If you have never been able to have an heir, then as long as you make a mistake, your position will be passively shaken!” 

Mrs. Yin continued in a soft voice, “Why are you worried about something unimportant, Sichen, are you still unclear about what you should do?” Yin Sichen really shaken.

    Grandma was right.

    The reason why he was able to take the position of president was that his grandmother pushed him to the top.

    His uncles and aunts simply gritted their teeth and hated it.

    But in the past two years, his performance had been outstanding, raising the market value of the Yin consortium by 20%, which only blocked the leisurely mouth of others.

    He was not an indifferent kid, but he was not willing for his marriage controlled by others.

    A month ago, the news of him and Gu Xixi had been exposed once. At that time, some people were whispering to him. If this time, if it was not handled well, it might really have a negative impact. And the representative of the Korean company probably already thought that the woman in the news was his wife.

    He finally looked up at his grandmother and said wearily, “Grandma, I can promise you to marry her and give her this baby.”

    Mrs. Yin nodded in satisfaction.

    This grandson of hers had always been her greatest pride.

    Not only smart, but also sensible. Know how to weigh the pros and cons and how to judge the situation.

    As the heir of the Yin family, there must be choices!

    “Go and appease the girl, Si Chen, and Grandma believe you will know how to do it.” Mrs. Yin reached out and patted her grandson’s shoulder, and turned away with satisfaction.

    When Yin Sichen sent his grandmother away, his eyes were drooping, and his narrow eyes had emotions that others could not understand.

    He would get married, but living with this woman was absolutely impossible.

    But it was a marriage contract, and Yin Sichen had nothing to lose.

    Gu Xixi sat on the sofa and wept silently while holding his knees. The medical staff around didn’t know what was happening and looked at each other with a look on each other.

    It was a great event to be pregnant with the heirs of the Yin family! Why did she seem so sad?

    Did she not want to conceive this child at all?

    It shouldn’t be…

    Yin Sichen approached slowly from the outside, his long straight legs slender, making him ethereally handsome and extraordinary.

    The delicate and perfect facial features, especially the narrow and long-eyed eyes, are even more indescribable and elegant.

    “President…the madam…” the doctor could not help saying.

    “Got it. You all go out.” Yin Sichen’s momentum was released, and the whole person was like an emperor. The others immediately lowered their heads, daring not to disobey the order, and all retreated.

    Gu Xixi heard the sound, suddenly looked up, and saw Yin Sichen at a glance.

    When he saw this man, Gu Xixi’s tears were like broken beads, and she couldn’t control it anymore.

    At this point, she already knew who the man was standing in front of her.

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