The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 7 – Forced Marriage

Yin Sichen said indifferent tone, with unquestionable majesty.

    Those people quickly exited, leaving the space to the two highest-ranking powers of the Yin consortium.

    Mrs. Yin looked up at her grandson, which was her favorite and proudest grandson in her life.

    Since taking over the position of president of the company, he had raised the market value of the Yin family by a full 20%, making the Yin Family consortium invincible.

    However, his marriage had been unsettled, and countless people were looking at the fourth generation of the Yin family.

    In front of outsiders, he was the powerful president of the generation.

    But in the face of the old madam, he was just a junior.

    So when no one else was present, Yin Sichen’s momentum was suddenly moderate.

    “Grandma, why are you here?” Yin Sichen asked softly, “If it’s uncomfortable, why don’t you ask the doctor to check you at home? You have to work hard by going here.”

    “What kind of act do you guys play with me, don’t think I don’t know.” Madam Yin’s face couldn’t be concealed, and she said happily, “It’s about our fourth generation of Yin family, It is a very important matter, how can I not come?”

    “Grandma! What the fourth generation heir! Are you misunderstanding? Dina doesn’t want to get married yet, how could there be a fourth generation?” Yin Sichen immediately answered, refused to admit that the woman inside had a relationship with him.

    Mrs. Yin reached out and knocked on the top of Yin Sichen’s head, saying, “Let me be frank with you! Since Lin Xiaoya is so ignorant and insists on her career, let her pursue her career well. Are you afraid of not finding a woman willing to give you a baby?”

    “Grandma, aren’t you going to let this woman inside give birth to this baby?” Yin Sichen’s ominous premonition grew stronger and stronger. He couldn’t help but frown slightly and said, “No, absolutely not!”

    Mrs. Yin’s eyes were cold, “You still want to wait for that Lin Xiaoya? Si Chen, you like her, so I haven’t said anything for so many years. But look at it for yourself, how long has she dragged you? For so many years when will she let you have a baby? Does the Yin family still lack her money? If she still wants to continue to be a model, she can continue to do so after giving birth! The result? You are already 28 this year Years old, how long can you wait?”

    “But, grandma, haven’t you promised me? As long as I take the position of president, you won’t interfere with my marriage!” Yin Sichen was also a little angry, picking slightly His eyes were filled with anger.

    “But you also promised grandma that you will get married when you are twenty-eight!” Mrs. Yin’s voice also slowly raised, obviously also a little angry, “What good is that Lin Xiaoya? Letting you wait so many years? Since she can not give the Yin family a baby, why should I regard such woman as my daughter-in-law?”

    When the two people tempers began to raise a little in the room, Gu Xixi in the room was waking up.

    Gu Xixi slowly opened her eyes, everything in front of her was completely strange.

    Exquisite decoration, luxurious furniture.

    Here… where am I?

    Just now I heard someone mentioned Xiaoya?

   Was it because she was sick and has auditory hallucinations? Xiaoya was clearly in Milan, how could she be here?

    Gu Xixi was about to get up from the bed, and immediately heard a subtle speech from the outside, “Young madam woke up, go and prepare.” 

    The next second, Gu Xixi saw the door open, a beautiful face and although youth began left traces on her body, the old lady of the Yin family, who could not prevent her, walked in from the outside calmly, followed by a group of doctors and nurses in hospital uniforms.

    Gu Xixi was stunned, not knowing what happened.

    She just remembered that she was in the company before she fainted, and she still had a meeting!

    God, she actually forgot such an important meeting!

    Gu Xixi was just about to get up, and the delicate old lady stopped Gu Xixi’s movement all at once, and her eyes were full of joy and satisfaction.

    “Don’t move, let the doctor check it again for you.” The old lady smiled and said to Gu Xixi, “You are now the hero of the Yin family. If you have anything to do, let others do it well.”

    Gu Xixi looked blankly. The other party said, “I’m sorry, may I ask, you are… me, why am I here?”

    The old lady smiled suddenly and replied, “I am the chairman of the Yin’s consortium and the grandmother of Yin Sichen, what is your name? “

    Gu Xixi, my name is Gu Xixi.” Gu Xixi quickly replied, “Chairman, I… I didn’t mean it… I really don’t know… I, I will go back to the company and work hard, please the chairman should not expel me! I will never do anything wrong again!”

    Mrs. Yin raised her index finger gently, instructing Gu Xixi not to speak.

    Gu Xixi looked at Mrs. Yin blankly, not understanding what she meant.

    “Have a good rest, rest assured, with me in, no one in the company dares to fire you!” Mrs. Yin looked at Gu Xixi’s face, and there was a trace of satisfaction in her eyes, “As long as you give birth to the Yin family, I am I won’t treat you badly.”

    Mrs. Yin finished her sentence and turned away.

    Gu Xixi was sitting there in a daze.

    Give birth to this child? What child?

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