The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 6 – Old Madam Yin Appears

Yin Sichen nodded with a smile and shook hands with each other and replied, “I will definitely be here waiting for your chairman.”

    The South Korean representative was sent away, and the smile on Yin Sichen’s face disappeared instantly.

    The narrow and long eyes on his face narrowed slightly, and the slightly selected corners of the eyes were full of coldness.

    Did the woman dare to carry herself pregnant? Almost made him just lost his mind and destroyed tens of billions of big contracts!

    It seems that it was time to go to the woman to settle the accounts!

    His Yin Sichen’s child was not so simple matter!

    Yin Sichen stretched out his long legs and walked out towards the outside.

    Feeling the sudden coldness of the president, a few assistants look at him, they didn’t know what happened.

    He was just as happy as the representative of the Korean company left, and the moment of effort was already chilling!

    The assistants hurried up, fearing that the president would make a change.

    Yin Sichen left the company in a big step, pulled the car door, started the ignition directly, and left!

    The performance of the Aston Martin one-77, worth 47 million, is naturally excellent, and Yin Sichen has gone away in an instant.

    When the assistants chased out, they could only see Yin Sichen’s car shadow.

    “Quick, keep up!” A few assistants were dumbfounded.

    It seems that the president was really angry, otherwise, he will not drive so fast!

    Yin Sichen dialed the assistant of the hospital, Xiao Ah, while driving, “What the hell is going on?”

    Xiao Ah was very excited holding his mobile phone and quickly replied, “The doctor just confirmed the diagnosis. It’s been six weeks, and the child is very healthy.”

    Yin Sichen narrowed his eyes.

    This woman’s first time was given to him, he was her first man, there was no doubt about it.

    And, six weeks! Wouldn’t it be that night!

    Then this child is… His Yin Sichen’s child!

    At the thought of this possibility, the air pressure around him became even lower.

    No wonder she didn’t ask for a check!

    It turned out to be the idea!

    What is 5 million to the Yin’s consortium?

    If she gave birth to the heir of the Yin consortium, not to mention 5 million, even 50 billion will not matter!

    Really a cunning woman!

    At a loss, he once thought she was innocent!

    It turned out to be waiting here!

    Woman, you are so dead!

    The Aston Martin flicked its tail and stopped at the door of the hospital.

    Yin Sichen got off the bus and saw the doctors in the whole hospital. The guards were all dispatched to serve him, and all stood respectfully and greeted at the door.

    Yin Sichen was taken aback for a moment. He came to the hospital for his temporary intention. He hadn’t notified anyone but the hospital’s people would greet him at the door.

    The head of the hospital was also shocked when he saw Yin Sichen, but he quickly responded and immediately greeted him, “President, what instructions do you have for coming to the hospital in person?”

    Yin Sichen narrowed his eyes slightly. It seemed that the hospital was coming from another big person, sneered he said, “Who are you welcoming? Such a big welcome.”

    This hospital was a private hospital under the Yin’s consortium. Who could move such big people?

    The head of the hospital immediately reverently replied, “Ah, that’s it! The chairman is here, and she’s in the hospital now!”

    Yin Sichen stunned again, and an ominous premonition flashed in his heart.

    Why did grandma come here? Her medical examinations are all done at home, and she doesn’t need to come to the hospital at all!

    Could it be…

    Oh no!

    Yin Sichen no longer dared to stay, strode forward, and walked inside, “Where is Grandma now?”

    “The chairman is now visiting a patient in the top ward.” The head of the hospital replied immediately.

    Yin Sichen quickly stepped on the exclusive elevator and appeared directly in the top ward.

    It’s more a penthouse than a ward.

    Panoramic skylights, floor-to-ceiling windows.

    Italian handmade carpets, crystal chandeliers dedicated to the British royal family, furniture designed by top French artists.

    Even the most inconspicuous screw is all handcrafted and polished by techincians from abroad.

    Only the Yin family’s family is eligible for this ward. In other words, only Chairman Yin, Yin Sichen’s parents, Yin Sichen, and his future wife and children are eligible to stay in such a top ward.

    The other side branches were not eligible to stay, and could only live in the ward on the next floor.

    This was the status, this was the lineage.

    Before Yin Sichen walked to the door of the ward, he heard the grandmother’s laughter, “Well, as long as this child can grow up peacefully, our Yin family will not treat you badly!”

    Yin Sichen turned around a corner, he just saw his grandmother talking to the gynecologist in this hospital who is responsible for the descendants of the Yin family.

    As soon as Yin Sichen appeared, several medical staff saluted immediately, “Congratulations to the chairman and congratulations to the president! hope the mother is in good health and the child is developing well.” 

    The doctor’s words made Yin Sichen’s face suddenly change!

    “Grandma!” He forced his anger and swept the corners of his eyes slightly. The powerful aura forced others to take two steps back.

    “You all go down first, I have something to tell the chairman.”

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