The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 10 – Dinner

Although Gu Xixi didn’t like this man, she still had to admit that this man looked good no matter what he ate.

The person next to her also brought a towel to Gu Xixi. Gu Xixi reached over and took it, wiped her hand, and returned it to the other party. The other party also wiped three towels in succession before giving it to Gu Xixi according to Yin Sichen’s habit. Pulled the chair.

Gu Xixi could only sit across from Yin Sichen and hesitated and said, “In fact, you don’t have to come.”

Yin Sichen wiped his lips gracefully and replied, “When I make a decision to marry you that time, this was already my obligation, of course, it was only an obligation.”

Of course Gu Xixi understood Yin Sichen’s meaning, and she was no longer hypocritical, silently eating the food the chef gave her.

Yin Sichen glanced at the corner of his eyes and said coldly, “You have eaten three pieces of salmon.” 

The chef immediately removed the salmon plate after hearing it.

 Gu Xixi couldn’t help crying out, “I have to control what I eat?”

“Of course I don’t care what you eat, but the child in your stomach, I care.” Yin Sichen raised his head directly to the chef and said, “Take her the pot, and serve it”

Gu Xixi just wanted to say no, her cell phone rang suddenly, Gu Xixi turned her head to look at the number above, and there was a moment of sadness in her eyes.

The phone turned over and snapped on the desktop, the ringtone disappeared instantly.

“Why didn’t you answer the phone?” Yin Sichen raised his narrow eyes.

 Gu Xixi bowed her head and continued to eat, “Only an irrelevant phone.” 

An irrelevant phone? Since it was irrelevant, did she have to show such sad eyes?

Yin Sichen just looked up and looked at it, but said nothing.

The two people just ate quietly.

After Yin Sichen finished his meal, he left immediately. After the chefs removed the plate, Gu Xixi picked up his mobile phone. There were already several missed calls.

Looking at the familiar name above, Gu Xixi felt that her heart was really mixed.

Since she slept with the wrong person that day, she had never received a call from Zhao Zegang and never returned any message from him.

Her attitude was already so obvious, why did he not give up? Why did he call her, again and again, pretending to be casual and tell her interesting things abroad?

 Didn’t he doubt that she had changed?


What if she also went missing? That way, she might be much better.

But for two months in a row, he would call and send messages every day, and then she looked at her as if he was talking to himself, and she felt like being stabbed with a knife.

At night, Yin Sichen came over again. As usual, a group of chefs followed the meal delivery.

 Probably because in the bad mood in the afternoon, Gu Xixi had no appetite.

Yin Sichen glanced at Gu Xixi, “Does the food not fit your appetite?”

Gu Xixi shook her head, “No, I’m not very hungry.”

Yin Sichen frowned slightly and stretched out his right hand. Cloisonne porcelain bowl was handed to Yin Sichen.

Yin Sichen scooped a spoonful of bird’s nest and feed it to Gu Xixi’s mouth.

Gu Xixi was stunned, she never thought Yin Sichen would take the initiative to feed her food!

“This child must not have any failures, eat!” The unquestionable order destroyed all the illusions.

Gu Xixi wanted to refuse, but now she was not qualified to refuse at all and could only eat with her mouth open.

The chefs standing by were almost staring out their eyes!

he president had never been close to any woman! Let him take the initiative to feed a woman to eat, this was absolutely the first time!

The madam was really different, and the president really cared more.

Gu Xixi ate two times, her face suddenly changed, and covered her mouth, she pulled out the chair and rushed into the bathroom.

Soon, the sound of the toilet flushing in the toilet came out.

 Yin Sichen frowned slightly, and when Gu Xixi came out of the bathroom, he said, “Even if you don’t want to eat, you should eat, you are not afraid of hunger, I am also worried that the fourth generation of Yin’s family is hungry!”

Gu Xixi looked up a glance at Yin Sichen, she knew that Yin Sichen was not joking with her, she could only take the bowl silently, swallowing the contents of the bowl bitterly.

What was this, so yummy!

She really didn’t know what happened to those rich people. Even such unpalatable things are delicious!

Seeing Gu Xixi obediently ate the bird’s nest, Yin Sichen showed a satisfied smile.

The few chefs beside him look at each other, they can’t help wiping the corners of their eyes.

God, the president really smiled! He actually smiled!

For several days, Yin Sichen would come to the hospital ward to accompany Gu Xi to dinner.

 At this time Gu Xixi realized that the reason why Yin Sichen came to the hospital to accompany herself to dinner was the chairman’s order.

Gu Xixi laughed self-deprecatingly. Also, she and Yin Sichen only walked together because they were in the wrong. There was no emotion at all. How could she voluntarily run over and accompany himself to dinner?

Moreover, if she smells the dishes, she will want to vomit. Hearing her vomiting sound, did he not feel sick?

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