It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 184 – All Around: Five Spirit Immortal Gold,

Fang Family Mine, entrance to the mine cave.

“Elder brother Fang, since you and I are cooperating, then I will be responsible for the security matters!”

With a look from Chai Shijin, nearly ten thousand disciples, standing at the mine entrance, surrounded the mine with three layers inside and three layers outside.

“Listen carefully, not even a mosquito can be let in, do you understand?” Chai Shijin said.

“Yes, patriarch!”

A group of disciples clasped their fists and saluted.


Fang Xiao’s chest stagnated, and his joints crackled.

“Elder brother Fang, let’s go, take me inside to see it!” Chai Shijin hugged Fang Xiao’s shoulders and said.

“Brother Chai, it’s too dangerous inside, it’s no good for us two to go in!” Fang Xiao said.

“It’s okay, it’s the danger that needs more people, let’s go!”

Whether Fang Xiao wanted to or not, Chai Shijin led him and went inside.

Other family experts, half-immortals, elders, and elite disciples followed and entered, hailing a large number of people, at least 10,000.


Fang Xiaoxiao saw this scene and was filled with resentment.

“All follow me in!” Fang Xiaoxiao waved his right hand, bringing a group of elders and family elites, who followed closely.

These people, also numbering ten thousand, were not less than the Chai family in the slightest.

Entering the mine, a faint light came from the front of it—just enough for everyone to see around.

Along the way, not to mention the danger, not even a single demonic beast was seen.

It was unusually quiet inside the cave. Only the sound of the crowd’s footsteps could be heard.

“Elder brother Fang, is this what you call danger?”

Chai Shijin was full of smiles and held Fang Xiao’s shoulders tightly to death.

“Impossible, when we came in, we killed a lot of demon beasts!” Fang Xiao said.

“So the demon beasts were killed by old brother Fang!”

The two people’s voices were echoing in the mine cave.

A few hours later, everyone stood dumbfounded in place, looking ahead, full of disbelief. Even Fang Xiao looked slightly stunned.

“Oh my god, so much immortal gold, all five spirit immortal gold, rich, rich!”

“Too good, so much, at least worth tens of millions of immortal crystals!”

“I think it’s definitely more than that, this time, my Fang family will rise!”

The crowd couldn’t help but walk inside, only to see, before them, was an incomparably huge cave, several hundred square kilometers. Even being filled with full of a million people was also no problem.

On the ground, multicolored light was flowing non-stop.

A five spirit immortal gold was exposed in the ground, blooming out of a strange luster, strongly attracted the crowd’s eyes.

“Ah ……”

Suddenly, a miserable cry rang out. A man fell to the ground, and blood spurting wildly.

A long sword was penetrating through the back and stabbing out of the chest.

The man twitched a few times and then stopped moving.

The one who struck was none other than the Chai family elder, and the one who died tragically was the Fang family elder.

Such a scene directly stunned the Fang family’s disciples in place.

Before they could react.

“Ah ……”

There were dozens of more miserable screams. Dozens of Fang Family’s disciples were decapitated.

“Chai Shijin, what do you want to do?”

Fang Xiao roared hard and broke free. He pointed at Chai Shijin and let out an angry roar.

“Oh, what do you think?”

Chai Shijin showed a look of not caring in the slightest.

“The agreed 60-40 split, you want to renege?” Fang Xiao roared.

“Oh, split? You’re the only one who can believe that! Kill, kill for me! Not a single one can be spared!”

Chai Shijin waved his hand, and more than 20,000 disciples of the Chai Family struck at the same time.

These disciples were all elites among elites, and they were able to kill the disciples of the Fang Family with a wave of their hands.

The whole scene was like a massacre.

“Haha ……”

Fang Xiao laughed upwards and pointed at Chai Shijin, “Chai Shijin, did you think I wasn’t prepared?”

“Since you cut off all the people, don’t blame the old capital for being ruthless, come out, Iron Blood Guard!” Fang Xiao roared.

This roar started.

Many of the Chai family’s children looked stagnant and were filled with scorn.

Even Chai Shijin, at this moment, also changed his face slightly, carefully to guard the four sides.


After waiting for half a day, no movement was seen.


“I clearly prepare the ambush of 10,000 Iron Blood Guards!”

Fang Xiao kept shaking his head, his face all disbelief. On his face, a disturbance was revealed.

“Huh ……”

“I thought you had some amazing means, but it turns out to be a bluff.”

“It looks like, no need to keep you!”

After saying that, Chai Shijin’s body like lightning, instantly appeared in front of Fang Xiao, raised his hand in a strike.

“Wait, don’t ……”

Fang Xiao’s face changed significantly, and he hurriedly waved his hand. However, it was too late.

Chai Shijin’s fist directly blasted at his heart.


Fang Xiao’s body flew backward and crashed heavily on top of the stone wall.

He struggled to get up and pointed at Chai Shijin, “This …… here is ……”

The words did not finish.

“Puff ……”

Fresh blood spurted wildly. After struggling a few times, Fang Xiao passed out!


Fang Xiaoxiao’s face changed drastically, and she drew her long sword, jumping straight at Chai Shijin.

“Chai Shijin, you old coward, go to hell!”

Fang Xiaoxiao yelled.

“Humph, don’t think highly of yourself!”

With a flick of Chai Shi Jin’s hand, a stream of air instantly attacked Fang Xiaoxiao.

“Boom ……”

The shield on Fang Xiaoxiao’s body cracked in response to her body. Her body flew backward and hit the stone wall heavily.

“You ……”

After struggling several times, she could not stand up, her head lolled, and she passed out.

“Ah ……”

All around, the screams of misery kept ringing out. One by one, the disciples of the Fang family kept falling to the ground.

Soon after.

More than ten thousand Fang Family’s children all fell to the ground and died miserably on the spot.

Blood flowed everywhere as they slowly zipped into the ground and disappeared.

“Haha ……”

Chai Shijin let out a hearty laugh as if he was crazy.

“Our Chai family, is going to rise!”

“With these immortal gold, what Xuanyuan family, what Mu family, they are just a joke!”

“We don’t have to stay in the Tian Luo Continent anymore, we can go to Peng Lai!”

“Everyone says, okay?” Chai Shijin shouted.


A neat roar shook the entire cave and made it buzz and tremble. It took a long time for the crowd to calm down.

“Patriarch, look!”

At this time, a sound rang out, attracting the attention of the crowd.

Following the direction of this person’s finger, Chai Shijin squinted his eyes and couldn’t help but shrink his pupils.

Only to see, a corpse was pale as if sucked dry. On the ground, there was no trace of blood.

Such a scene strongly stimulated Chai Shijin eyeballs, a wave of unease surged to the heart.

“Retreat, everyone retreat!”

Chai Shijin yelled.


It was too late.

“Swishh ……”

A gust of wind passed by. Immediately after, red smoke surged up from the ground.

The red smoke was like blood, and it was shielding everything.

“Ah ……”

A miserable cry rang out from the red smoke. Even Chai Shijin was no exception.

He clutched his head and screamed miserably, “Ah ……”

The miserable scream lasted for half a moment. When the screams stopped, the red smoke gradually sank to the ground and disappeared.

The red smoke took away not only the people’s screams but also their bones.

The ground was not stained with half a bit of dust. Just now, everything was like a dream. What had been left on the ground was only a lustrous five spirit immortal gold.

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