The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 5 – I am Pregnant

Then a group of people who were originally noisy instantly became quiet, and automatically let the road stand in two rows.

    Gu Xixi also felt a powerful aura penetrated overwhelmingly, she couldn’t help but turn around and wanted to see what the person who brought this aura was.

    The result was suddenly dark, her brain was dizzy, the folder in her hand suddenly fell to the ground, and her whole person fell forward.

    Everyone looked at this scene in disbelief, and there was only one voice left in their minds, Gu Xixi was dead this time!

    Even if you bumped into the president in public, you could only just wait to be fired!

    Yin Sichen was striding toward the conference room, and suddenly saw a girl rushing out of the crowd holding a large number of folders, the folders were scattered all over the ground, and fell down towards him.

    He instinctively wanted to avoid it, but when he saw the girl’s appearance, he stepped forward subconsciously and hugged the girl in his arms.

    There was a gasping sound of breath around, everyone was shocked!

    God, the CEO even hugged her?

    God knows that their president was not close to women! In the past, those who tried to rely on their looks to approach the president were severely punished, and no one was spared!

    So far no one could successfully approach the president!

    Today, the president even personally hugged her for this humble clerk?

    Before Gu Xixi passed out, he vaguely saw a handsome face.

    It was so strange, why was that this face so much like the man she met a month ago…

    and then she passed out completely.

    Yin Sichen looked down, and the woman who crashed into his arms had passed out.

    His beautiful eyebrows fell slightly, and when everyone was breathless and ready to accept the anger of the president, Yin Sichen swept Gu Xixi up and turned around and gave it to his assistant, “Since she is an employee of the company, then take her to the hospital!” 

The assistant quickly took Gu Xi, who was already unconscious, turned around, and left.

    Yin Sichen looked at the documents scattered all over the floor, frowning, looking angry. Several people immediately rushed out and picked up all the folders on the ground, and after leaving the passage, Yin Sichen strode away without squinting his eyes.

    Yin Sichen left, leaving a dumbfounded employee.

    “President he… Isn’t he? would be most annoyed by female employees who approach him?” A female employee could not help but murmur, “Why has Gu Xixi not been expelled?”

    “I seem a little envious of Gu Xixi.” Another female employee looked at Yin Sichen’s back obsessively and said.

    After finishing a series of examinations for Gu Xixi, the doctor smiled at the assistant who sent Gu Xixi to the hospital, “Congratulations, you are going to be a father!”

    The assistant froze for a while, and only reacted after a long time!

    This female employee is pregnant?

    The president suddenly gave this woman to him strangely, was this child actually the president child? It turned out that the president’s sexual orientation was normal, and he no longer had to worry about his chastity.

    While sighing for his safety, the little assistant ignited the heart of gossip!

    Never dare to delay again, he must quickly tell the president this good news!

    At this time, Yin Sichen was negotiating business with a South Korean consortium in the conference room. If the deal was completed, then 1% of Korea’s economy would be controlled by the Yin Consortium every year!

    “Our president is a person who attaches great importance to the family. The president said that only those who know how to cherish the family and run the family can cooperate for a long time. President Yin is so young and promising, looks good, and the business is so big, it must be the same. He must be a person who values ​​family?” The South Korean representative smiled at Yin Sichen.

    “Naturally.” Yin Sichen responded with a smile, “I naturally attach great importance to the family, and our Yin family’s teaching is still very strict.”

    At this time, the assistant’s information arrived, Yin Sichen immediately said with an apology, ” I have to excuse my self, I’m going to receive an important message first.” The South Korean representative nodded with a smile.

    With a finger, he immediately opened the message sent by the assistant ‘President, the female employee who just fainted was checked and determined to be pregnant’

    Yin Sichen’s face changed suddenly when he saw this message!

    How come?

    Yes, I didn’t seem to do anything that day, and after that day, I never saw the woman again, and I didn’t know if she did contraception… But now it seemed, she obviously not.

    Yin Sichen’s face had become very ugly!

    At this time, the South Korean representative seemed to perceive something, and couldn’t help but ask, “Is there any problem?”

    Yin Sichen immediately replied, “Ah, nothing! Just something unimportant.” 

    The South Korean representative said with confidence, “The chairman will come to China after a while, and will visit you in person, and sign the following series of documents with President Yin. As a representative, I am still very satisfied and assured of the strength of the Yin consortium.”

    Yin Sichen strongly pressed the anger at the bottom of his heart and said to the South Korean representative, “Me too! I am very honored to work with you, and I am also very confident that we will cooperate happily!” 

    The South Korean representative stood up very happily with Yin Sichen, shaking hands and said, “When the chairman comes, he will bring his wife with him. President Yin will be invited to take your wife with you.”

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