The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 4 – This Family Is Fed Up

But Father Gu only looked at them, stretched out his hand, but retracted it, his eyes dodged them.

Gu Xixi’s heart slowly cooled, if dad couldn’t even protect them, how long could this family stay?

For so many years, her dad had always been so cowardly. Every time her mother was scolded by her grandmother, her dad either stood on the side and was helpless or after all kinds of kneeling and apology but nothing could change.

It was enough! Really enough!

Such a home was really desperate.

Father Gu didn’t dare to say a word for his wife and daughter, and could only ask Grandma Gu dryly, “Mom if you hit her. Who will make the meal tonight?”

Grandma Gu shouted, “I haven’t Die, I can still make the meal! Let them go, far away!” After that, she turned into the kitchen and really started to cook.

From this moment, Gu Xixi decided that she would take her mother away and never return!

Gu Xixi turned back and just wanted to drag her mother away from this cannibalistic home, but she saw her mother staggering up from the ground and rushed into the kitchen to start snatching the kitchen knife from her grandmother’s hand.

Granny Gu saw her mother snatched the kitchen knife and kicked her feet, but was suddenly hugged by her mother’s leg and begged to say, “Mom, because I have no credit or hard work in Gu family for so many years, you will spare us this time! Xixi already knows wrong, we will never do such a thing again!”

“You!… I’m getting old. Where else can you do such hard work?” Mother Gu r begged continuously, “domestic housework is heavy and your body can’t bear it!”

Grandma Gu cut the cabbage for a long time with a knife, but she couldn’t even cut it! Then she glanced at her daughter-in-law, “Okay, you cook quickly, go back and kneel for two days and two nights before the ancestor!”

Gu Xixi looked at the two people in the kitchen and the other person who was sitting in a chair and smoking in silence, only to feel that she had no way to continue.

She got up, carrying the luggage that he had just brought back that had not been opened, and set foot on his return journey again.

She still needed to continue to work, she had to work hard to make money, and when she has made enough money, she will pick up her mother.

Sitting in the car back to the city, her tears could not help but break again.

Her mobile phone message suddenly jumped out, “Xi Xi, what happened to you these two days? Why didn’t you answer my phone? I’m fine abroad, remember to call me back when you see the message. Ze Gang who loves you.”

Gu Xixi suddenly gripped the phone, her heart hurt.

However, the sentence of breaking up was so difficult to tell.

It had been two years and two years of feelings. How could it be said that it was just letting go? Feelings were not balloons, they could not be treated as if they never existed.

Gu Xixi could only curl herself up in a small corner like an ostrich, passively rejecting Zhao Zegang’s phone call again and again.

In order to deduct fewer bonuses, Gu Xixi took a short rest for a day and went to work when her injuries were almost gone. She continued her trivial work.

Every morning she was responsible for ordering milk, coffee, juice for all of her colleagues in the office of the logistics department, and also responsible for delivering the newspaper to everyone’s table.

Some people left their works that didn’t belong to Gu Xixi, and Gu Xixi would take over 100% and finish over time.

She was such an ordinary or to some humble girl.

She did not have the background of a famous university or the experience of studying abroad. She had been content to work in this super consortium across Asia and Europe.

Time flies.

The busy day made her feel in a trance that the night before the month, the man, and the painful things were just a nightmare.

As usual, Gu Xixi sent the coffee and juice requested by his colleagues in the office to their desks one by one and put all the documents she worked overtime last night on their desks.

 At this time, her colleagues have entered the office one after another.

 “Morning!” Gu Xixi greeted them respectfully, but no one paid attention to her.

Gu Xixi accustomed to this, preparing to return to her position to continue to do things.

At this time, the logistics head suddenly rushed in and greeted as soon as he entered, “The president suddenly called the board of directors, everyone must go to help, and you, Gu Xixi, you also come!”

Gu Xixi stunned and quickly followed going up.

The colleagues around her had habitually stuffed all of their files into Gu Xi’s arms, and then they left with a giggle.

They had long been used to it. As long as Gu Xixi was there, they seemed to suddenly have no hands. No matter what they did, they would leave it to Gu Xixi to do it, and then they only needed to check the results.

Fortunately, Gu Xixi didn’t mind, he just stuffed with a lot of hard files.

She was holding a pile of folders almost above her head and squeezed into the elevator with others, and kept apologizing to the people next to her.

As soon as the elevator door opened, Gu Xixi stumbled behind the others and trot towards the huge conference room.

At this time, she did not know who shouted, “The president is here!”

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