The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 3 – Forced To Break up

She had been destroyed, she had no future, she and Zegang would be separated sooner or later, now this phone, only served as that day came earlier.

Gu Xixi held her tears and choked, and said to the phone, “I understand. I will do what you want.”

The other party received Gu Xixi’s answer and then hung up the phone with satisfaction.

Hanging up the phone, Gu Xixi stood under the scorching sun and put her head high up, didn’t want the tears in his eyes to come out again.

She felt cold and shiver all over her body, never been so cold before.

The scorching sun felt like an ice cellar.

After such things happened one after another, Gu Xi couldn’t force herself to live a quiet life.

She took leave from the company, dragged her tired body, and took her broken heart to her hometown on a long-distance bus.

She originally thought she would find at least a hint of comfort when she returned home.

But the moment she opened the door, she knew that this could only be a wish.

“A bitch can only bring out a little bitch! Look at your good daughter. At a young age, she went to book a room with a man!”

Her mother knelt on the ground, and her grandma dropped a bunch of photos on her face.

Her mother was already crumbling. Obviously she had been kneeling for a long time. There was still a wound on her face. There was a clear bruise on her forehead, which was obviously because of kowtowing.

Her grandma is bullying her mother again, but this time she didn’t know why.

“Mom–” Gu Xixi dropped the bag in his hand on the ground suddenly, threw it up suddenly, and knelt down in front of her grandmother together, “Grandma, did my mom do something wrong again, why do you have to be like this?”

Grandma Gu looked at her contemptuously and suddenly grabbed a photo on the table and threw it fiercely towards her face.

“You still have a face to ask what you did wrong? Your mother can’t even give birth to a child, this is the biggest mistake! The bastard from the outside is not a good thing!” Granny Gu glanced at her and her mother in disgust. 

“Someone sent these photos directly to the house today! they said you went to the hotel with a wild man to book a room? You are so filthy, it really tarnished my Gu family name!”

Hearing this, Gu Xixi’s face lost the blood color faded abruptly, and she grabbed the picture on the ground and looked at it. It was a picture of her and the man rolling on the bed!

She threw the photo far away! What was this! How could there be these photos?!

 And… how could these photos be in Grandma’s hands!

 “Grandma…” She opened her mouth and tried to explain, but found that she couldn’t say anything because everything in the photo was true!

Her mom tried to explain, “Mom, come on…”

Her mother’s words weren’t finished yet, Grandma Gu had already shouted at the table irritably, “Who gave you the courage to dare to argue! Isn’t it possible to frame your daughter? The big one is a chicken that doesn’t lay eggs, the small one is an unreasonable one! What kind of sin did our Gu family make, and it would even bring your kind and vulgar woman into our house!”

Grandma Gu Grabbed the teacup and slammed it toward Gu Xixi mom’s forehead.

Gu Xixi saw that her grandmother was about to throw something again, and turned and hugged her mother.

“Bang–” The teacup fell directly on Gu Xixi’s back, and suddenly broke to the ground.

Gu Xixi only felt a hot and severe pain in the back, and her whole back became hot as if the pain was not only her body.

“Xi Xi…” her mother saw Gu Xixi blocking the teacup for her with her body, and her eyes suddenly became red, “Does it hurt?”

Gu Xixi shook her head gently, and her eyes were also red.

What was this pain?

For so many years, my mother suffered more pain than this.

Grandma Gu snorted coldly, and she most certainly saw the two of them staged a mother-daughter show.

At this time, the long commercial on TV was finally ended, and a piece of news was directly brought close, and pictures were released.

“This morning, Yin Shichen, the heir of Yin’s consortium, was secretly photographed with a woman when he booked a room. Through the photos, we can see that the room is messy and the clothes are all over the ground…”

Her grandmother looked at Gu Xi’s picture on the TV and suddenly broke out. Picked up the crutches on hand, and greeted the mother and daughter.

“It’s a sin! It’s a shame to watch TV! It’s shameful, how can our Gu family bring up a slut like you!”

Gu Xixi didn’t expect this thing to be on TV, but she didn’t even have time to think about the news now. She and her mother hugged each other, clenched her teeth, and dared not resist, let alone step out of the house.

Because once you step out of this house, you really couldn’t come back.

At this time, a person rushed into the door and cried when he entered, “Mom…”

Gu Xixi heard the sound, and a ray of hope immediately appeared in her eyes, Dad was back!

She immediately looked at her father with hopeful eyes, hoping he could plead for her mother.

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