The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 2 This is Not a Transaction

“Knock knock…” At this time, the door of the room was knocked, “Hello Mr. Yin, I am the customer service of the hotel, I am bringing you breakfast.”

    Yin Sichen frowned and put the check on the table and he opened the door.

    The breakfast was very sumptuous. Yin Sichen looked at the woman in the corner and said, “Come and eat first.”

    As a result, the woman was still crying. Yin Sichen didn’t say much, so he ate it himself and said, “I will give you some compensation on the account of what happened last night. I will give you 5 million. We can’t tell anyone about our affairs.”

    After Yin Sichen said that, Gu Xixi raised her head! She looked at this strange man in shock, what five million? Did he think that she sold herself?

    This man didn’t only pretend to be Zegang, and ran to this room to throw himself… Now he still had to give her money to insult her…

    Gu Xixi feels wronged the more she thought about it, even if she was really unconscious, she would never ask for this money.

    “You don’t have to worry, I won’t say a thing.”

    How could she say it!

    She silently picked up a piece of clothes and went into the bathroom.

    Looking at the mirror with messy hair and red eyes, she was so embarrassed. She didn’t expect this to happen.

    When Gu Xixi was walking, Yin Sichen was still eating the toast gracefully. It seemed that he did not care about her departure, but that cheque was still lying alone on the table, she did not know who was mocking her.

    A moment after leaving from the Hilton Hotel, Gu Xixi’s phone rang gently, it was Zhao Zegang’s text message.

    “Come on, I waited for you all night in the room last night, and you didn’t come. Are you delayed because of something? It doesn’t matter, I am going to continue to wait. I am about take-off, wait for me to return home, I’ll bring you some gifts. Zegang who loves you.”

    Gu Xixi was amazed, he was not in the room at all, why would he say that he had been waiting in the room all night? What went wrong?

    Is Xiaoya giving the wrong room card? Still… No, it was impossible, how could Xiaoya do such a thing.

    Gu Xixi put away her phone and looked at the bustling world outside, and suddenly felt a little sad, maybe after Zegang returned to the country, they would never be able to go back?

    Maybe, she had to just end their relationship.

    Gu Xixi thought of being separated from Ze Gang, and she felt a terrible pain in her heart, and she shivered slightly.

    All this happened because of last night.

    Xiaoya, would it really be you?

    At the end of the phone came the familiar electronic voice “The user you dialed is turned off.” At this time, Gu Xixi suddenly realized that he had dialed Lin Xiaoya’s phone.

    Unfortunately, no one answered.

    She walked on the road, recalling everything about herself and Zhao Zegang.

    From the beginning of love, until the joy of tension yesterday, all the good memories are like the movie playback. Everything was so lively in the scene, but it had become so out of reach.

    They also joked about the future wedding yesterday. He also assured himself that he would call and send WeChat every day for two years so that she could hear his voice and see him.

    However, all this had become an impossible wish.

    Could she really talk to him and send WeChat as if nothing happened?


    They couldn’t have a wedding, no kids…

    Nothing, just nothing…

    A harsh car brake and a rapid phone ringtone interrupted her thoughts, and she suddenly recovered and found that she was standing in the middle of the road, a car was parked very close to herself, and he would hit her when she was near.

    Gu Xixi suddenly sobered up and backed to the side of the road, watching the car go away again.

    The phone was still ringing stubborn, she looked at, turned out to be Zhao Zegang mother called, she quickly wiped away tears, answer the phone, “Auntie ……”

   The phone call at that end interrupted Gu Xi’s words coldly.

    “Miss Gu, you also saw that our Zegang is now sent by the company to study abroad. When he returns from abroad, his value will naturally be different. I used to agree when you were together before, just because Zegang really liked you, so I didn’t say anything. Since he is no longer in the city now, I hope Miss Gu can take the initiative to leave  Zegang, don’t continue to entangle him.”

    Gu Xixi’s fingers which holding the phone were slightly trembling.

    “I won’t hide it from you anymore. This time Zegang went abroad and there was another girl beside him. That girl has a good family background and will help  Zegang in the future. And she also likes Zegang very much, this time his chance to go abroad is because of her effort, so we all like her to be our daughter-in-law of the Zhao family. Is Miss Gu coming from the countryside? How can such an identity match Zegang? If we hold Zegang, he may not necessarily agree to break up, but if Miss Gu takes the initiative to break up…”

    Zhao Zegang’s mother ordered them to break up. Everyone was smart, even if they didn’t say it, they all understood what the following words mean.

    She and Ze Gang clearly love each other, why do people all over the world want to break them up?

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