The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 1 Sleeping With The Wrong Man

Gu Xixi felt the warmth in the other’s arms and couldn’t help but drilled into the other’s arms. Although she didn’t have a rest last night and it made her sore all over, but she didn’t regret it at all.

After preparing for so long, it was necessary to give herself to him as the most precious gift!

She had been in love with Zhao Zegang for two years. Every time when Zhao Zegang wanted to be intimate with her, she always politely rejected it. She didn’t want to give up herself so casually.

But this time was different. Zhao Zegang will go abroad tomorrow, which was also his 23rd birthday!

On such an important day, Hilton’s luxurious hotel suite was ordered under the strong recommendation of her friend, and she gave her boyfriend the first time of what she cherished the most.

Gu Xixi happily stretched her hands around the other’s waist, well, she really didn’t expect Zhao Zegang’s figure to be so good.  It was just beautiful!

    “Well… Dina, are you awake?” The man above her head said, “You worked hard last night.”

    “Don’t say that Ze Gang, I am willing.” Gu Xixi held his waist tightly, said it sweetly.


    Ze Gang…?

    Gu Xixi froze at the same time, as the man hugging him, paused for three seconds, and suddenly moved away from each other, Gu Xixi turned and turned on the light in a panic.

 As soon as the light turned on, Gu Xixi saw a completely strange face, and immediately panicked and screamed, “Who are you!”

    Grabbing the quilt and covering her whole body, “Why are you here?”

    “This is my room! Who are you? Why are you here?” The man’s face was also full of surprises.

    Gu Xixi was cold all over, and an inexplicable uneasiness came to her mind, “Here is room number 1216, my girlfriend gave me the card personally, the man here should be my boyfriend…”

    “Oh!” Yin Si Chen felt that this was really the lowest reason he had heard. With his worth, how many women wanted to climb up to his bed, and today he encountered a screamer! “You even investigated my room number so clearly, isn’t it to climb up my bed? What excuse are you looking for, say, how much do you want!” 

    The man’s sarcasm poked into Gu Xixi’s heart, she calmed down. What happened last night?

    She remembered that she was drinking with her friend Lin Xiaoya because Xiaoya will fly to Milan to attend a fashion show at night, it was not only to celebrate her once again set foot on the international stage but also to celebrate her upcoming birthday.

    She drank a lot, and Xiaoya kept urging herself to take Zhao Zegang as soon as possible. After all, Zhao Zegang was going to go abroad for two years, and she seemed to have agreed to it, and then took the room card given by Xiaoya and swiped the card into the room.

    But why the man in the room was not Zhao Zegang!

    “What money? I don’t want money, Where is Zhao Zegang!”

    Yin Sichen frowned. The woman in front of him seemed really strange before she seemed to say “Zegang”? Are they really being set up!

    Last night he made an appointment with Dina. Someone swiped in and didn’t turn on the light. The smell of the women’s perfume was what Dina had always used. He naturally thought it was Dina, but it turned out she was the woman in front of him.

    He was about to ask, but his phone rang, and at first glance, Dina called.

    “Dina, what’s going on?”

    Dina’s apologetic voice came on the phone, “Sorry, I received an invitation from Milan yesterday. They asked me to be the finale model. I flew to Milan last night at 8 o’clock, you know, doing the finale is my dream and goal all the time. I don’t want to miss this opportunity. Forgive me, okay? By the way, I gave you a gift last night. It’s a compensation. Are you satisfied?”

    “Gift?” Yin Sichen’s heart sank, glanced at the inexplicable woman who was looking for some guy named Zhao Zegang’s in a robe in the room, and the meaning was unclear.

    “Yeah, this gift was my choice. She was still a virgin. Did she feel good last night?” Dina asked cautiously.

    “Of course it’s not bad. With such a thoughtful and considerate girlfriend, how could it be wrong? Since you like modeling so much, then perform well in Milan.” Yin Sichen finished the sentence and hung up the phone directly.

    At this time, Gu Xixi had already rummaged through the entire room and had not found Zhao Zegang. She could no longer calm down!

    She even slept inexplicably with an unfamiliar man for a night, and she had to face Zegang afterward.

    Her tears fell just like that. She crouched in the corner and sobbed silently, ignoring the man who had been staring at her with complicated eyes.

    Yin Sichen put away his phone, no matter who the woman was, but obviously she didn’t come to accompany him, maybe the gift that Dina sent was not her. However, no matter who she was, what happened today must not be said.

    He found his coat, took out a checkbook, finished writing it, and then tore it off. ‘It should be enough to seal her mouth right?’ he thought.

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