Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 3: Holding the Sun and the Moon and Picking the Stars

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He told me insider information soon after I entered the sect. Was this how the secluded sect worked? Like it, Like it.

Ye Luo came back to his senses, bowed, and said, “Master … this disciple does not quite understand, but disciple knows that Master must be thinking of this disciple. Please tell this disciple what to do.”

Chu Yuan, who originally wanted to say something else, paused when he heard these words. A light suddenly dawned on him. Could it be that this disciple was on the right track?

He said in a light-hearted manner, “Since you are this Master’s first disciple, then naturally Master will also teach you what to do. Well, let’s just set a one-year comprehending Dao(1) plan first. After getting enlightenment in one year, Master will teach you the next step.”

Well, searching for enlightenment for one year. After a year, the sect would test whatever you have comprehended.

Ye Lu had doubts on his face and asked, “Dare I ask Master what kind of  Dao comprehension is it?”

Chu Yuan picked a line that he had thought of for a long time, and answered plainly: “The so-called Dao … is complicated, you will not understand. I will give you a simple explanation, the Dao is nature, heaven and earth, everything. The Dao gives birth to one, one becomes two, two becomes three, three becomes ten thousand things. You and I and all living beings are within the Dao! Luo’er, do you understand?”

I lost if you understand! In any case, I do not understand.  The highest level of fooling someone is to fool yourself to the point that you did not understand it yourself.

He looked satisfied at Ye Luo’s confused face.

Ye Lu stood there dumbfoundedly, he seemed to recall what Chu Yuan had just said. After a long time, he bowed and said, “Master, how do I comprehend the Dao?”

Chen Yuan, “There are thousands of Dao, different routes lead to the same path, you only have to find the Dao you want to comprehend!”

“Master, since I have been practicing swords for years, can I use my sword to comprehend the Dao?”

Chen Yuan, “You can!”

“Master, may I ask, what is the Sword Dao?”

“What you understand is your own Dao. Whatever you comprehend of the Sword, that is the Dao!”

“Then may I ask how to comprehend it?”

“How to comprehend …… for the time being, bring your sword. I will show you how, the rest will rely on your own comprehension.”

Chu Yuan was asked till he got a headache, he did not dare to let this disciple continue to ask. He was afraid that if the other side continued to ask, he was going to blow his cover.

There were goods in his stomach, he would be exposed if this goes on.

Ye Lu who heard this then offered his sword with both hands.

Chu Yuan took the sword and unsheathed it. His eyes fixed on the sword. He saw that this sword glistened with cold light, it could be considered a good sword with this sharpness.

Chu Yuan glanced at Ye Lu from the corner of his eyes and looked at the other party’s expectant eyes. He was silent for a moment.

Could he use a sword? He had never held a sword during this half a month of transmigration. But he wanted to primarily fool this disciple. Who cares if he could use a sword, it would look convincing once he used his force.

“Watch.” Chu Yuan whispered, his fingers gripping the long sword tightly.

He looked up and turned his palm. He slashed the sword applied with his inner force towards the sky.


A ten meters sword light from the force shot into the sky with a shocking sound. The terrifying power overshadowed heaven and earth. This sword seemed like it was going to open up the heavens and the earth, with an unrelenting aura cutting into the sky.

Two booms split the layers of clouds in the sky apart, revealing a touch of turquoise blue color.

Chu Yuan looked at this scene with satisfaction, wiped the tears without a trace, turned his head to look at the shocked and aspiring Ye Lu.

The heart already has a bottom.(2) It’s done. It’s done. Absolutely done. He could stop the trick. This small realm was already in his hand.

“Do you understand?” Chu Yuan turned his back to Ye Lu and said softly.

When Ye Lu heard his master speak, he recovered from his shock, he looked at a loss and shook his head, he said, “Master, this disciple … this disciple is slow-witted and has not understood.”

You did not need to understand. Chu Yuan smiled inwardly.

Then he said indifferently: “Comprehend properly what you did not understand. Master expects you to understand it within a year. This sword has been inscribed with Master’s Dao, you comprehend it thoroughly.”

“As long as you can understand 10 or 20 percent, you will be considered to have comprehended the Dao. If you can understand thirty or forty, then you will be considered a first-class talent. If you can understand fifty or sixty … You can go anywhere in this big world!”

Boasting didn’t cost money. How ridiculous. Obviously Chu Yuan was well versed in this aspect.

Ye Luo’s eyes who heard this become fiery, he cupped his hand: “Master, what about hundred percent enlightenment?”

Chu Yuan unhappily said: “Overly ambitious ……”

“If you can fully comprehend it, then Master will say this to you.”

“Holding the sun and the moon and picking the stars, there is no one like me in the world!”(3)

“Comprehend it carefully. If there is anything you don’t understand, come back and ask this Master.”

As the words fell, his feet produced clouds. He floated away lightly and calmly, but there was a flash of satisfaction in his eyes.

Especially when he saw the shocked Ye Luo who stood in place, he was even more satisfied.

Steady, steady. He said inwardly.

Chu Yuan could not help but pick up his speed. In just a few breaths, he left the main hall square. The full speed of a Nascent Soul couldn’t be underestimated. In just a few minutes, Chu Yuan arrived at a back end outside of the Daoless Sect’s sect gate.

“This place should be secluded enough, that trash disciple definitely can’t find this place ……”

He already fooled Ye Luo. The next step was, of course, to drag out the time. The longer the delay, the better. That was why Chu Yuan came to the top of the gate.

He felt that after comprehending a bit and finding no progress, Ye Luo would definitely come to him to ask about it. Who let him leave, but also said in passing, ‘if there is anything you did not understand, then come to ask’.

If he really really allowed Ye Luo to come to ask, how would he answer? He was not a proper cultivator, how would he answer those questions?

So he simply hid till the end.

At that time when Ye Luo could not find him, he could certainly delay some more time. This was to win a respite stratagem!

“I am indeed smart ……”

“Next, stay behind the border and take it easy. Delay this impatient disciple for a month or two, and then casually say two lines to delay it even further ……”

Chu Yuan randomly found a big stone and laid down, sunbathing and snoring.


On the other side.

After listening to what Chu Yuan said, Ye Luo’s mind fell into a great shock.

Holding the sun and the moon and picking the stars, there is no one like me in the world!

This kind of tone ……

Was this the true portrayal of the master?

Was this the true power of the secluded sect?

Liked, liked!

He must not waste this chance with such a Master. He must comprehend the Dao!

Ye Luo sat cross-legged, looking up at the sky with wide eyes. He stared straight at the clouds that were split apart, wanting to realize something from it.

Just stare like that.

An hour ……

Two hours ……

He would take out dry food to eat when hungry, and picked up the portable water bottle to drink when thirsty.

So time passes little by little in this manner.

The sun sank in the west, the moon rose in the east, repeated in a cycle ……

  1. 悟道 word-per-word means comprehending Dao, but could also mean enlightenment.
  2. Heart have bottom means confidence of knowing how something worked.
  3. A poem quoted in The Throne of God Seal.

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