It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 179 – I Can’t Stand The Test

“Young Master, your cooking is so delicious, I’m here again!” Su Yiling stepped forward while her cheeks were slightly red.

“Miss Yiling, no need to be polite! I’m very happy that you came!” Sun Hao said.

I’m glad you came.

Sun Hao secretly looked at the blessing point panel and saw that it had reached more than 64,000. He couldn’t help but smile and nod his head. It looked like it would be easy to gain 70,000 blessing points today. These days, Su Yiling had contributed a lot.

“Young Master, thank you!”

Su Yiling stepped forward, and after seeing Zhan Tianpeng, she couldn’t help but look stunned, “Young Lord Zhan?”

“Good day Miss Su.”

Zhan Tianpeng nodded slightly.

He stared at the pot of dragon meat with a deadly gaze, swallowing saliva from time to time.

Compared with him, Su Yiling is better than him.

“It’s ready!”

Sun Hao lifted the lid of the pot, the heat steamed, and the aroma overflowed. The boiling hot soup was as sticky as milk.

The tender white tofu tossed in the scalding, emitting a tempting fragrance from time to time.

Hundreds of immortal divine medicines mingled with the soup, a hundred different fragrances wrapped into the dragon meat, making people’s mouth-watering and salivating.

“Eat up, don’t freeze!”

With this sound voice started, Su Yiling was the first to pick up chopsticks, pick up a piece of dragon meat, and send it directly into her mouth, not caring about the boiling hot temperature.

“Barf, barf ……”

The tongue taste buds cells were all active. Like a greedy little man, she crazily devoured the meat. A hundred flavors mixed together, it was just right.

A strand of immortal energy gushed into the abdomen, divided into thousands of warm currents, through the meridians, gushing into the dantian.

Finally, it was swallowed clean by the taotie in her dantian.

“Goo ……”

At this moment, her stomach was even hungrier.

Su Yiling once again picked up a piece of dragon meat and sent it into her mouth without any politeness.

Beside her, Zhan Tianpeng looked at the pot of dragon meat and was so excited that his body trembled slightly.

“This …… is dragon meat stewed from hundreds of immortal divine medicines!”

“I never thought that I …… I, Zhan Tianpeng, would have the day to eat it!”

“Thanks to the gods for the gift!”

“No, thanks to the grace of the Young Master!”

Zhan Tianpeng looked at Sun Hao and revealed an incomparable grateful gaze. Then, he took the dragon meat into his mouth and began to chew it.

Fragrant, elastic, soft ……In the dragon meat, a tofu fragrance was emitted., His whole body cells were all active with a light bite.

An indescribable soothing feeling surged through the body from the mouth.

“It’s so delicious!” Zhan Tianpeng closed his eyes, quietly feeling every bit of taste.

In the future, even if the dragon race decimated him, he would die without regret!

“Ka-ching ……” At this moment, his realm barrier cracked in response to the sound.

Zhan Tianpeng instantly broke through to the four-step Half Immortal realm.

“A breakthrough?”

“A breakthrough with a small piece of dragon meat!” Zhan Tianpeng murmured. It took him a long time to react.

Seeing that everyone was burying their heads in their work, he hurriedly retracted his excitement.

Looking at the tender white tofu in that pot, .he scooped up a piece with a spoon without thinking.

“Wow ……”

The entrance to the tofu was tender and smooth, and the unique fragrance of tofu fills the mouth.

“It’s so delicious!”

Zhan Tianpeng closed his eyes and quietly felt every bit of flavor on his tongue.

“Young Master, finally we can eat your tofu again!”

Zhan Tianpeng murmured, extremely excited.

The two old men beside Zhan Tianpeng were even more incomparably excited, and their appearance was even worse.

Sun Hao looked at the change of everyone’s expressions; the corners of his mouth raised a smile.

In front of the supreme culinary arts, no matter how strong you are, no matter how deep your background is ……

In the end, they still must obediently fall in front of the food. 

How about opening my own immortal cultivation restaurant? No! That is too dangerous!

In case any strong cultivator detains me and forces me into a dedicated chef, I will cry to death!

When I can walk on the path of cultivation, only then I can make plans.

Sun Hao secretly nodded his head and looked at the points that kept jumping up on the blessing points panel, and his eyes flashed.

A few moments later, everyone rubbed their round stomachs with a satisfied look. So many immortal medicines, how could they be digested at once?

“Are all full?”

Sun Hao looked at the small half pot of dragon meat and opened his mouth to ask.

“Young Master, I’m too full, now, I don’t have to eat for five days!” Zhan Tianpeng said.

Young Master, your cooking is too delicious! I really can’t eat anymore!” Su Yiling had a smile on her face.

“Quack ……” At this time, the ducks quacked. The Nine Heavenly God Luan quickly ran over. Sun Hao scooped a bowl, and the rest, all poured into the pond.

“My lord, we have eaten and drink enough today, thanks for the hospitality, we’ll take our leave!” Zhan Tianpeng stood up and cupped his fist in salute.

“Young Zhan, wait for me for a moment.”

Sun Hao went from the wooden carving room and took out five unactivated boat cores from inside.

“Young Zhan, I have exactly five unactivated ones here!” Sun Hao handed the boat cores to Zhan Tianpeng.

“Many thanks, Young Master!” Accepting the boat cores, a brilliant aura flashed in Zhan Tianpeng’s eyes.

“No need to be polite!”

“Young Master, then I’ll also say goodbye today!”

Seeing that Zhan Tianpeng and the others were leaving, Mo Haoshi also stood up.

“En, take your time!” Sun Hao watched the three leave.

“Young Master, it’s embarrassing to eat and drink for nothing at your place, and I didn’t bring you a gift!”

Su Yiling came forward, the corners of her mouth rose,  revealing two shallow dimples and a red glow on her face.

“Miss Yiling, that’s too much to ask! If you can come, you think highly of me!”

Sun Hao opened the blessing point panel, looking at the nearly 70,000 points on it, and secretly nodded his head.

Today, let’s make up the whole number of 70,000. Thinking this way, Sun Hao’s gaze was directly fixed on Su Yiling.

“Thank you, Young Master!”

“Young Master, I will also go down the mountain first!” Su Yiling bowed and saluted.

“Miss Yiling, wait!” Sun Hao shouted.

Su Yiling’s body was stagnant. 

The Young Master deliberately left me behind, is there some kind of test? How should I do this? I’m so dumb!

Young Master, don’t test me! I can’t stand your test! Someone help me! Master, why are you leaving? If only you were here!

“Young Master, how can I help you?” Su Yiling’s face was full of bitterness, showing a pitiful expression.

I really hope the Young Master can say it directly.

“Nothing, I only want to send you a small gift!” Sun Hao said.

Hearing these words, Su Yiling took a long breath of relief.

Really scared to death. It turned out to be just a gift. Now it was much better.

“Many thanks, Young Master!”

“No need to be polite, please follow me!”

“Yes, Young Master!”

Su Yiling followed behind Sun Hao, and along the way, her beautiful eyebrows tightly frowned.

“If Young Master lets me choose, I must choose the worst one, don’t be greedy!”

Thinking of the last time she chose a scroll with my master, it was still fresh in her mind.

This time, the Young Master gave her a gift, so maybe he had other instructions.

Soon, the two came to the engraving room.

Sun Hao pointed inside, “Miss Yi Ling, the small objects here, you can choose any one of them!”

Hearing these words, Su Yiling’s eyes shone. If that was the case, what was there to hesitate about.

“Yes, Young Master!”

Su Yiling took a big step and walked inside.

“Little girl, choose the old man if you want to ensure that you step into the immortal realm and become invincible in the world!”

“Don’t brag! invincible in the world! Yuck! Little girl, if you want to choose, choose this seat!”

Such voices kept coming into Su Yiling’s ears.

The corner of Su Yiling’s mouth rose up, slightly shaking her head, “Seniors, the Young Master asked me to choose. It will be a test, please do not interfere, seniors!”

As this sound started, the surrounding voices all disappear.

After hanging around the Young Master for a long time, many bigwigs will talk to themselves.

Unlike before, not moving to use the pressure to scare her.

“What should I choose?”

Su Yiling paced back and forth in the carving room. For a moment, it was difficult to make a decision.

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