The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 85: Descendants of Heavenly Demons

Half a day later, Lu Yiping and the others arrived at the Heavenly Demon Mountain Range.

The Phantom Demon King’s cave was in the deepest part of this Heavenly Demon Mountain Range.

The Heavenly Demon Mountain Range, which was huge, was one of the largest mountain ranges in the Eternal Source Plane.

When Lu Yiping arrived at the Heavenly Demon Mountain Range, it was already dawn.

At the foot of the mountain peaks in front of them, villages were sparse.

Zhou Cheng said, “These villages, most of them are descendants of the demon race, some of them are even descendant the Heavenly Demon, don’t look at these villages small, but some of them are not short of True God experts.”

“Oh, descendants of heavenly demons?” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull was surprised.

In ancient times, the Heavenly Demon was the Lord of the Demon Race, and the Lord of the Gods, the Lord of the Demon Race, the Lord of Eternal Night was an expert of the same period, and their strength and Qiang Liang was on par and was also one of the top ten experts at that time.

Qiang Liang was also surprised.

Zhou Cheng nodded, “Yes, however, these heavenly demon descendants, the heavenly demon bloodline is thin, and back then the heavenly demon techniques lost. It’s difficult If they want to restore the glory of the heavenly demon clan in ancient times.”

Lu Yiping suddenly spoke, “The Phantom Demon King cave, is near the current Heavenly Demon tribe, right?”

Zhou Cheng said, “Yes, the Phantom Demon King’s cave is not far past the Heavenly Demon Tribe.”

They walked and talked as they entered the Heavenly Demon Mountain Range.

Outside the Heavenly Demon Mountain Range, no demonic energy could be felt. Still, once they entered the Heavenly Demon Mountain Range, the further they went inside, the more intense the demonic energy became.

Not long after Lu Yiping entered the Heavenly Demon Mountain Range, they saw a massive procession in front of them.

The convoy had nearly 10,000 people, all riding clear-colored dragon horses, wearing heavy armor. Each with a powerful aura, led by a middle-aged man, next to the middle-aged man, a young woman was wearing a light purple dress.

“It’s the people from the  Warring Empire.” Zhou Cheng said.

The Warring Empire was the number one empire in the Buddhist Continent.

However, if we talk about strength, it was several times stronger than the Northern Star Empire of the Divine Martial Continent.

Just as Lu Yiping’s and the others passed by the other team, the middle-aged man and the young girl looked over.

The middle-aged man suddenly spoke to Lu Yiping, “Little brother, you are also entering the mountain to hunt demons?”

Lu Yiping looked at the other side and said blandly, “No.”

But just as Lu Yiping was about to leave with Qiang Liang and Zhou Cheng, the young woman suddenly spoke, “Stop!”

When her words fell, and at once, a group of experts from the Warring Empire surrounded him.

The young woman stared at Lu Yiping, “Since you are not entering the mountain to hunt demons, then what are you doing in the mountain?”

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull squinted his eyes and laughed, “Little girl, what we are doing in the mountain is none of your milk business.”

“Do we have to tell you when we enter the mountain to let out a fart?”

The young woman’s pretty face was instantly annoyed.

However, just then, the middle-aged man spoke, “Xiu’er, don’t be rude!”

The middle-aged man cupped his fist at Lu Yiping’s few people and said, “My dog daughter is reckless, please forgive me.”

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull hemmed and hawed and stared fiercely at the woman’s chest.

When the woman felt the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, her pretty face turned blue.

After Lu Yiping left, the woman said, “Father, that demon bull is too hateful, if you hadn’t stopped it, I would have gouged out its eyes!”

The middle-aged man’s eyes were profound. Looking at Lu Yiping’s departing figure, he said, “We came for the Book of Heavenly Demons, don’t make more trouble.”

Then with a wave of his hand, he said to the people behind him, “Speed up and head for the Heavenly Demon Tribe!”

The crowd of experts behind him respectfully responded, “Yes, Lord Prince!”

The middle-aged man was none other than Prince Yan of the Warring Empire, Zhu Yan! He was also the cousin uncle of the current great emperor of the Warring Empire, and he had great power in the Warring Empire, and there were many experts in his house.

So, Zhu Yan and the others accelerated their speed, and the sitting dragon horse was as fast as the wind.

However, no matter how fast Zhu Yan and the others speed up, they never saw the Lu Yiping people who were just walking in front of them.

Zhu Ling frowned and said, “They are clearly in front of us, how come we didn’t see them? They are so fast? Or did they take a different mountain path?”

Zhu Yan was also puzzled.

And at this time, ten thousand miles away, the donkey pucked at the Dragon Horn Golden Bull. “You are an insult to gentleman..”

The Dragon Horn Golden Bull smiled and said, “This bull has never been gentleman.”

Zhou Cheng said, “That middle-aged man, should be the Warring Empire Prince Zhu Yan.” Speaking of this, puzzled, “They should not enter the mountain only to hunt demons. If it’s only to hunt demons, it is impossible to send so many experts.”

Qiang Liang expressionless said, “Whatever they come to do, just don’t be  in our way on the line!” 

They flew forward all the way. The demon aura was getting stronger and stronger, especially near the Phantom Demon King’s cave, the demon energy condensed into a demon shadow.

These demon shadows were condensed by the demon qi exhaled by the strong demon clan during cultivation. After countless years, they have gradually developed spiritual wisdom and could actively attack people close to them. Even ordinary emperors could hardly resist

These demon shadows had no body and no blood and were extremely difficult to kill. And do not fear true fire nor heavenly thunder.

However, before approaching Lu Yiping and the others, the attacking demon shadows would be scattered one by one.

Through dozens of miles of demon shadow area, Lu Yiping came in front of a mountain peak.

The mountain peak was not big, like a giant scorpion in a sting.

“The Phantom Demon King’s cave is within the belly of this mountain.” Zhou Cheng said, “This mountain, however, is heavily forbidden, and it took me decades to finally break in back then.”

As soon as he said that, with a flick of Lu Yiping’s finger, a huge rune flew up and crashed down like a mountain. Suddenly, the light exploded, and there was a heavy curtain of light undulating on the mountain. Then, a space entrance appeared halfway through the mountain, leading directly to the mountain’s belly.

Zhou Cheng was dumbfounded.

It took him decades to get into the cave of the Phantom Demon King, and this broke?

When Lu Yiping and Dragon Horned Golden Bull, Qiang Liang, went in, he reacted and hurried to follow.

After passing through the entrance of the space and coming to the mountain’s belly, he saw a super large hall that appeared in front of the people of Lu Yiping.

The hall was only a few hundred miles square. And above the hall, there was a vast starry sky.

Above the starry sky was a star. These stars were running, and starlight shone down from above.

“The Great Star Shifting Array!” Lu Yiping looked at the stars that were running in the sky and said.

In the ancient times, it was also famous, don’t look at the starlight and ordinary light, but even if the Huang Ancestor, Bai Wuchang, Lonely Old Ghosts touched it, they would be blown through.

Zhou Cheng was also frightened when he looked at these starlights. Back in the day, he has learned the terror of these starlights.

“Follow us.” Lu Yiping reminded, then rode the Dragon Horned Golden Bull towards the inside of the hall. Zhou Cheng did not dare to hesitate and followed closely.

Zhou Cheng noticed that when Lu Yiping passed, the starlight shining down from the stars moved to the side one by one.

Soon, they passed through the Great Star Shifting Array and arrived at the innermost part of the hall.

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