It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 178 – Young Master, This Is the Dragon Race

When he looked down, Zhan Tianpeng found that he had come next to a pool.

Sweeping in, Zhan Tianpeng couldn’t help but have his pupils shrink.

What? This is called an eel? God! Isn’t this a dragon? Looking at its appearance, it must be at least a dragon general.

They were caught here by the Young Master, ready to be eaten as normal eels?

“Young …… young lord, this …… is a dragon general!”

Fang Lao’s voice shivered, and his face was white as he gave Zhan Tianpeng a divine sense transmission.

“I know!” Zhan Tianpeng nodded slightly.

“Young master, this is those dragons who are preparing to slaughter the Western Prefecture Immortal City ……”

The moment these words came out. Zhan Tianpeng’s pupils contracted. What happened in West Prefecture Immortal City, he was naturally clear.

Didn’t it say that the Old Man Jiuyou make a move? Could it be that it was not him at all but the Young Master who make a move?

The Young Master saw them not pleasing to his eyes and prepared to eat them? No, he has already eaten them, and now, only one is left.

Thinking of this.

“Hiss ……”

Zhan Tianpeng gasped, and his body trembled violently. Eating the dragon race, since ancient times, there had never been such a record!

Even his own home planet, the strongest human race, also did not dare to eat. Because, behind the dragon race, there was a terrifying existence.

That existence was terrifying to the extreme. Such a person like himself was not even qualified to stand in front of him. The Young Master ate so casually, is he really unaware, or is he not afraid of that terrifying existence?

Either way, the Young Master’s strength is also unimaginable!

“Hiss ……”

Zhan Tianpeng once again drew a few breaths of cold air backward. After taking a few deep breaths, only then he calmed down.

“Young Zhan, look, it’s still alive and quite fresh! The taste must be delicious!”

At this time, a voice woke up Zhan Tianpeng.  Following the voice, he saw that Sun Hao had one hand pressed on the dragon general. No matter how much it squealed, it couldn’t break free.

Suddenly. The dragon general’s two eyes stared directly at Zhan Tianpeng.

“Young Zhan, save me, save my life!”

“Such great kindness, my dragon race will never forget it!” At this moment, a voice reached Zhan Tianpeng’s ears. 

Hearing these, Zhan Tianpeng shook his head slightly.  Did he have this ability? Could he save the dragon general from the Young Master’s hand?

“I don’t have this ability!” Zhan Tianpeng said.

“If you don’t save me, you won’t end up well!”

“If the Lord knows about this, he will definitely uproot your Stargazing Tower!”

“Hurry up, hurry up!” An angry roar reached Zhan Tianpeng’s ears.


“Boom ……”

A sound rang out.

The hammer instantly smashed the dragon general unconscious in place.

“Young lord, damn, this dragon general dares to threaten us!”

“That’s right, in front of the Young Master, what waves can it make!”

Zhan Tianpeng secretly shook his head, “It’s right, the dragon race has this ability! If the Lord of the Dragon Race knows about this, he will definitely implicate the Stargazing Tower!”


The two old men changed their expressions, “Young Lord, what then?”

“There is no way out, we can only take one step at a time, but remember, dragon meat is never to be eaten!”

“Otherwise, our body body will carry the aura of the dragon race, and the dragon race secret method will sense it!”

“On my home planet, it has a number of dragons in human form, if they sense it, the consequences are unthinkable!” Zhan Tianpeng said.

These words came out.

The two old men’s expressions changed, and their bodies kept trembling.

“Young Lord, the Young Master is so enthusiastic to make dragon meat for us, if we don’t eat it, the Young Master will definitely be angry, just afraid ……”

“This ……”

Zhan Tianpeng’s chest was stagnant, and he was momentarily speechless.

It is indeed true.  Once you don’t eat, you will definitely miss out on the amazing fortune.

If you ignore and eat, the dragon race will likely find out and bring a devastating blow to the Stargazing Tower.

Tell the truth? That is to break the Young Master’s dao heart.

No need for the Young Master’s hand. In a minute, I will be surrounded by the great seniors around to crush us into crumbs.

What should we do then?

“Young Master, can you make tofu for dinner today? I like to eat the tofu you made!” Zhan Tianpeng said.

Once these words came out,  Sun Hao looked stunned.

Tofu?  No problem!

“No problem, then today I will make an eel stew with tofu!”

After Sun Hao finished speaking, he began to move with Huang Rumeng. A large pot was set up, and an immortal fire was burned. The eels were pickled to remove the fishy smell and fried in oil.

The eel was charred on the outside and tender on the inside, and the aroma was overflowing. The slices of golden brown made people salivating.

After that, fish out the eel meat, boil water and blanch the tofu. Stir the ginger, onion, and garlic, add boiling water, put the eel meat and tofu into the same cook. Cover the pot with a lid and wait quietly.

“Rumeng, go pick some wild vegetables!”

“Yes, Young Master!” Huang Rumeng went quickly.

A few moments later, a pot of immortality elixir was picked. Seeing this scene, Zhan Tianpeng’s scalp exploded.

What? Immortal Divine Elixir?

A pot? Is it used to cook? This …… this is too extravagant, right?

Even for the Stargazing Tower, there are only a dozen immortal divine elixirs. Only the old seniors are eligible to enjoy it.

Although he was a direct descendant, compared to the old demons, the gap was too far. Don’t talk about enjoying it, and he did not even have the qualification to see it.

Now, there was such a pot of immortal divine elixirs, and looking at its number, there were at least several hundred of them.

Oh my god! Hundreds of immortal divine elixirs were eaten as vegetables. Who could do that in today’s world?

Even if the dragon race’s terrifying existence saw this scene, I’m afraid it would also drop its jaw!

Not to mention anything else, just this boldness. In the whole world, no one can compare with the Young Master!

“Young …… young master, so many immortal divine elixirs ah, this dragon meat we still eat or not?”

“Young Lord, poured down, all poured down, fragrant, too fragrant, this can not be!”

“Young master, I’ll eat it for you, even if I die, I’ll die without shaking!”

Hearing these two voices, Zhan Tianpeng’s forehead blackened, “Humph, who said I don’t eat!”

“Hundreds of immortal divine elixirs stewed dragon meat, even if you eat a piece, although death without shaking!”

“Young master, you are not afraid of the dragon race?”

“I’m not afraid of anything! In the future, as long as you are tied to this big boat, there is nothing to be afraid of!”

“Young master is wise!”

“Listen carefully, in the future, if the Young Master has any orders, never say a word no!” Zhan Tianpeng said.

“Yes, young master!”

The three men went through a burst of transmission, and their faces showed incomparable excitement. There was also firmness in their eyes.

Mo Haoshi looked at the three people’s changing faces. The corners of his mouth rose. He thought at first when he ate the first dragon, and he was also scared half to death.

Now, he had eaten more dragon meat, and his strength grows fast. The realm alone, it had reached eight steps half immortal realm!

Then Zhan Tianpeng and his two bodyguards, he was even stronger. If it were not for the Young Master in, he would absolutely storm to hold them a meal.

However, it seemed that there was no chance. When they eat dragon meat, they will definitely crush themselves.

Hey. Mo Haoshi heaved a sigh.

“Soon, Old Mo, go get Miss Yiling!” Sun Hao said.

“Yes, Young Master!”

Mo Haoshi was about to act.

At this time.

“Young Master, are you home?” Outside the courtyard door came Su Yiling’s voice.

Hearing this, the corner of Sun Hao’s mouth raised, “Come in, Miss Yiling!”

“Yes, Young Master!”

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  1. Feel like this chapter needs to be re-edited, lots of mistakes. Here’s a couple that I’ve noticed:
    “although death without shaking” -> “will face death without shaking”
    “I like to eat the tofu” -> “I would like to” or “I like to eat the tofu you make”
    “He thought at first when” entire sentence needs to be restructured, could change it to -> “He thought back to when he ate his first dragon, he was also scared half to death.”
    Sentence after that also needs to be changed, can’t copy paste it and too lazy to type it all out. Could change it to -> “Now that he has eaten more dragon meat, his strength grew quickly. His realm alone was already eight-steps half-immortal realm!”
    “Then compared with Zhen Tianpeng and his two bodyguards, Mo Haoshi was even stronger.”
    Changed he as well since its somewhat ambiguous.

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