Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 2: I Have Great Expectations of You

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On the Heavenly Mist Mountain, clouds and mists draped around, like a fairyland. There stood an indistinct and majestic building, making people feel awe and not dare to give birth to the idea of making an offense.

Clutching his sword, Ye Lu walked around the sect gate in a big circle and finally arrived at the square outside the main hall of the sect.

“The sect is really big, I unexpectedly walked for three hours and could not finish looking at the whole sect. The Eastern State’s Heavenly Clear Sect is not even as good in comparison, right ……” Ye Lu sighed emotionally.

The Heavenly Ancestral Continent was divided into several states, and the realm where the Daoless Sect was located belongs to the Eastern State.

There were also countless Sect nations in the Eastern state, including the most prosperous sect in the southern part of the eastern state, The Heavenly Clear Sect.

He had once gone into the Heavenly Clear Sect because of some family reasons.

He could be sure that the Daoless Sect was not the least bit weaker than the Heavenly Clear Sect, and even far better than the Heavenly Clear Sect in terms of the imposing sect buildings.

The only thing weaker was that the Daoless Sect was too cold and quiet……

Cold and quiet to an extreme. As if there was no one at all in the entire sect.

Oh, well, no one indeed. There was only him alone.

“No, this is very wrong. How can a sect that is not weaker than the Heavenly Clear Sect is unknown.”

“What’s more, Master is powerful, I have seen it. Even some elders of the Heavenly Clear Sect are still inferior to Master. Although I don’t know Master’s realm, he is definitely strong. Such a strong person is in the eastern state but has no reputation, this is not in line with common sense.”

“The only possibility was that Daoless sect is a hidden sect, only recently re-emerged in the world!”

“That’s right, that must be so!”

Ye Luo’s long sword rested on the ground, there was a radiant light flashing in his eyes.

If he really joined the hidden sect, then his problem of not being able to cultivate could definitely be solved. Every hidden sect was mysterious and powerful, and he wasn’t worried that the problem of his inability to cultivate would not be solved within the sect.

Well, the main thing was. His master had promised him. He could help him solve the problem of his inability to cultivate. This was the reason why he was most at ease.

It was impossible that his master was cheating him, right?

No way, no way.

No one really thinks that his master was cheating him, right?

Don’t be ridiculous.

What was the point of such a powerful person fooling him? For fun.


“Luo’er.” An indistinct voice came, seemingly far yet near, drifting without a resting place.

The moment Ye Luo heard this voice, he put away the many thoughts in his head and pretended to look aloof. He had to pay attention to his image in front of his master.

After a while. He saw Chu Yuan descending from the sky. Stepping on the clouds, his robe fluttering, and his long hair dancing in the air, just like an unfettered peerless immortal. Ye Luo looked on enviously.

Cultivating into immortality, free and leisurely. Wasn’t this the dream of many young men?

Now, he must grasp the opportunity in front of him. Successfully cultivate to become an exceptional Daoist Immortal in order to live up to this master!

“Master!” Ye Luo bowed to Chu Yuan, looking very respectful.

Chu Yuan nodded indifferently and said rather casually: “Luo’er, have you found a suitable sleeping quarter? If you haven’t found one yet, Master can personally take you to look for one.”

Ye Luo who heard this quickly bowed and said: “Disciple do not dare to bother Master, I have already found a suitable sleeping quarter. But as I see the vast sect, my heart was deeply moved and I want to cultivate as soon as possible. Therefore, I would be able to travel the void to explore the entire sect! So, this disciple earnestly requsted Master to solve the obstacle of my inability to cultivate!”

Chu Yuan was choked terribly by this statement. He originally wanted to give Ye Lu a month to tour the sect, delaying him for a month first. But this kid, every time he opened his mouth, it was to ask to cultivate.

Thankfully, thankfully this kid had no spiritual roots, so simply could not cultivate. Otherwise, this diligence alone could spoil his big plan! Forget it. Since this kid did not want to tour the sect for a month, then he could only activate the backup plan一Bullshitting!!

Chu Yuan thought so inwardly, but he was calm on the surface. He turned around to face the sky, did not say a word.

Ye Luo who saw his master looked at the sky also followed to look up.

Today’s sun was very big. So dazzling that it was unbearable!

Ye Luo lowered his head instantly, the noon sun was too harsh.

He turned his head again to look at Chu Yuan, only to see Chu Yuan staring at the sun in the sky without expression.

He could not help but sigh emotionally in his heart.

Master was indeed a master, truly powerful. Unlike him who was a mortal, Master actually could look straight at the sun, without blinking and showing expression.

However, Ye Luo did not know that Chu Yuan was cursing up a storm  inwardly.

According to the normal process, shouldn’t Ye Lu ask him what he was looking at, and then he would weave a story? This kid actually did not say anything. Did he not see how his eyes couldn’t bear it anymore?

He could feel his eyes burning, he believed that his tears would flow freely if he closed his eyes. If he shed any tears, his image would be ruined. He definitely couldn’t close his eye ah.

Chu Yuan silently waited for Ye Lu to speak, but Ye Lu was silent. He stood to the side with the appearance of not daring to disturb his master.

This made Chu Yuan Yuan so angry that he almost gathered his Nascent  Soul power to slap this trashy disciple to the west. Fortunately, Ye Luo finally opened his mouth when Chu Yuan was about to ‘unable to hold on’.

“I sincerely ask Master to solve my inability to cultivate. I will cultivate diligently in the future to repay Master’s grace!”

Oh my god! You were dancing on the edge of death.

Chu Yuan silently withdrew the palm that came out of his sleeve, turned his back to Ye Luo, and said indifferently: “If you want to solve your inability to cultivate, it’s as simple as a wave of my hand, but I don’t want you to start cultivating now, do you know why?”

Didn’t want me to start cultivating now? Ye Lu was confused for a moment and shook his head, “I don’t know.”

Chu Yuan took a few steps forward to prevent his disciple from seeing his tear-streaked face, and said while walking.

“You were born without spiritual roots, which naturally made you unable to cultivate. In fact, this special situation was not uncommon in the long history; like Xiao Huohuo who was a waste for three years, eventually became Flame Emperor; the youth whose Supreme Bone was dug out, Shi Hao, eventually became the Heavenly Emperor; as well as the Crooked Mouth Dragon King and many other figures, were all born with a special situation, but they all end up becoming a character who turned their back on all living beings ……”

“Therefore, Master have great expectations for you, Luo’er. Can you understand?”

Ye Lu froze for a moment.

Flame Emperor? Heavenly Emperor? Crooked Mouth Dragon King? Why had he never heard of any of these names? Could it be that this was some hidden secret that ordinary people didn’t know about, and only the hidden sects had the records?

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