It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 176 – Getting Out of Trouble, Five Spirit Immortal Gold

Yu Gui Cave Mansion.

“Young master, this is a forbidden array set up by an immortal, we are simply unable to break it!” Fang Lao said.

“Don’t worry, it can be broken!” On Zhan Tianpeng’s face, there was a smile.

“It can be broken? Are you kidding, Young Master?” Fang Lao said.

“Of course you can!” After saying that, Zhan Tianpeng took out a painting scroll.

When he spread it out, then scroll was none other than the lucky cat.

“Senior, please help break this prohibition!”

After Zhan Tianpeng finished speaking, his right hand pressed on the painting scroll. Immortal power surged out and flowed into the body of the lucky cat.


The lucky cat instantly lit up with a blinding golden aura and danced out from the painting scroll. Afterward, it gently waved its claws.

“Ka-chow ……”

The forbidden array cracked in response to the sound and instantly disintegrated. The two old men stared at each other with disbelief.

“Alright, don’t just stand here, let’s go!”

“Yes, Young Master!”

The two old men followed Zhan Tianpeng, walked out of the Yu Gui Cave, and stood at the entrance.

“Young Lord, we have not completed the task, what should we do?” Elder Fang said.

“Since the Young Master said that he’s not in hurry, then we have plenty of time!”

“One day, since Yu Guizi won’t agree to be the Godly Cunning Immortal, there will always be someone else!” Zhan Tianpeng said.


The two old men nodded their heads.

“Young master, last time we owed the Young Masterso many immortal crystals on credit, should we pay back to the Duke?” Elder Zheng said.

When these words came out, Zhan Tianpeng nodded secretly.

“The mission was not completed, I feel guilty in my heart! However, the most important thing now is to return the immortal crystals first!”

After saying that, Zhan Tianpeng waved his right hand and summoned the immortal boat. The three of them shot up into the sky and flew to the immortal boat.

“Young master!”

At this moment, Elder Fang stood out.

“Uncle Fang, you can say anything, there is no one else here!” Zhan Tianpeng said.

“Young master, there are still a few months to go before the decennial assessment! Our inventory in the Penglai Continent is only over 5 million immortal crystals! It’s still far from 10 million!”

“If we continue like this, we will have 5.5 million by the end of the year, but I’m afraid we won’t be able to deliver to the family!” Fang Lao said.

“Uncle Fang, don’t worry!”

Zhan Tianpeng smiled faintly, then directly took out four boat cores, seeing the eyes of the two old men shining.

“This thing, with this one, this year’s performance, will definitely surpass everyone!” Zhan Tianpeng said with a smile.

“Young master, that said, only afraid that others will take the opportunity to use conspiracy!”

“No need to worry, any conspiracy, in front of absolute strength, is a joke!” Zhan Tianpeng said.


The two old men nodded their heads.

Indeed, obtaining this kind of fortune with the Young Master was enough to sweep the entire clan.

“Let’s go, let’s take out all the immortal crystals from the Tianluo Continent Treasure Vault, and first pay off the debt owed to the Young Master!”

“As for the rest, we use it to buy the cores of the boats scheduled to be made by him!” Zhan Tianpeng said.

“Young master, you are going to buy boat cores to sell?”

“No!” Zhan Tianpeng smiled and shook his head, “This in this palne, there are only a few people who can afford to buy it!”

“When I go back this time, I will take all the boat cores back to the home plane for auction!”

“Young master, I’m afraid it’s not right!”


“My lord, this kind of treasure is out of the world. It will certainly set off a bloody storm, it will be a disaster to the Stargazing Tower!” Fang Lao said.

“That makes sense!”

Zhan Tianpeng nodded slightly, “In that case, then we will not sell it first!”

“Then how will the performance be delivered?” Zheng Lao said.

“Don’t rush, there are still a few months left!” Zhan Tianpeng said.


“Buzz ……”

A vibration sounded, and Elder Fang took out the transmission jade slip to take a look, and his eyes bloomed with a brilliant aura.

“Young master!”

“Uncle Fang, please tell!”

“The Fang family has dug up Five Spirit Immortal Gold!” Fang Lao said.

“Five Spirit Immortal Gold?” Zhan Tianpeng asked.

“Yes, Young Lord! I heard that it’s a huge Five Spirit Immortal Gold mine, the quantity is too large to calculate! A conservative estimate is that it is worth at least five million immortal crystals!” Fang Lao said.

“5 million?” Zhan Tianpeng’s eyes were wide, a face full of disbelief.

Even for the Stargazing Tower, the immortal crystals earned in the Purple Sun Star in a year were only a few hundred thousand.

And such a mine had five million immortal crystals worth, which was equivalent to ten years of income for the Stargazing Tower.

If he mined and sold it, then he could complete the mission with just immortal crystals!

However, such a huge mine, can the Fang family handle it? If this were to get out, it would definitely cause a bloody storm.

“Young master, what I mean is, such a large mine, the Fang family will certainly not be able to handle it, why don’t we ……” said Fang Lao.

When these words came out, Zhan Tianpeng was like looking at a monster. You yourself are not a member of the Fang family? How dare you still hit the Fang family?


“We just acquire it, the rest, let others fight!”

“Elder Zheng, immediately send a message to the Penglai continent headquarters and ask them to take out all the immortal crystals!” Zhan Tianpeng said.

“Yes, Young Master!”



Sun Hao residence, in the backyard.

A flying boat that was 100 meters long, 10 meters wide, and 15 meters high was placed there.

This flying boat was all carved out by Sun Hao and Mo Hao Shi these days.

Now, the flying boat prototype had been formed, and the built-in space was all carved out. Compared with the general flying boat, it looks small, but it also had nearly 100 rooms inside.

There was a study, kitchen, living room, chess room ……

In addition to these, there were cultivation rooms, refining rooms, alchemy rooms ……

In addition, there was the ironworking room, carving room, textile room ….. The rest were the ten rooms. It could be said that it is full.

Mo Haoshi followed behind Sun Hao and looked at these unheard-of rooms and couldn’t help but stare at them with wide eyes.

Mo Haoshi looked at Sun Hao’s back with a face of admiration. A moment later, he followed Sun Hao to the main control room.

“Next, the grand array will be carved by me, watch it!” Sun Hao said.

“Okay, Young Master!”

Mo Haoshi was fully concentrated and stared at Sun Hao’s hand with dead eyes. He saw that Sun Hao took the carving knife and started to engrave it.

The engraving knife in his hand moved extremely fast, like a swimming snake. Sun Hao engraved an ancient array pattern.

The whole main control room was densely packed with array patterns. These patterns were connected to each other, emitting astonishing power.

When the engraving of the array patterns was completed, Mo Haoshi opened his mouth wide and did not close it for half a day.

“This …… what a grand array, even without activation, it can make me look at it with fear!”

“If activated, only afraid that immortals could not break it whatsoever!”

“The Young Master’s array technique is unimaginable!”

“As long as I learn one point of his technique, it will be enough to cross the entire smithing world!” Mo Haoshi murmured; his eyes had a look of incomparable firm gaze.

Afterglow swept to Mo Haoshi’s surprised expression, the corner of Sun Hao’s mouth slightly raised with a touch of pride.

His own carpentry and carving skills were at the supreme realm. Even if immortal cultivators saw it, he still must be surprised as usual.

Now, the boat protection array carving was completed, only the last step was missing.

That was to make the core of the boat. This flying boat will only be used by myself and Ru Meng in the future. The core of the boat, naturally, must also be the best.

These days, I have a pretty good idea because I have read “Mysterious Heavenly Pattern.”

This idea was to link all the array patterns on the “Mysterious Heavenly Pattern” together.

Of course, this also had its own innovation. He just didn’t know how strong the power would be after engraving?

“Rumeng, give me the best piece of wood!”

“Yes, Young Master!”

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