Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 1: The Sect Master of Daoless Sect

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Sunrise, Heavenly Mist Mountain.

On a pathway at the top of the mountain, there was a majestic and huge mountain gate standing.

Above the mountain gate, three big words were engraved in a vigorous calligraphy style — Dao-less-Sect!

Originally, there was no sect on the Heavenly Mist Mountain.

Half a month ago, the Daoless Sect was born out of the blue, unknown, and unnoticed. This sect could be considered lacking the three rank, permit, and people elements.

On this day, two figures stood under the mountain gate.

“Luo’er, this is the Daoless Sect’s location, from here you can walk up and reach the sect’s main hall directly. You can go on your own, familiarize yourself with the various parts of the sect, and then go to the building at the back of the mountain and pick one to be your sleeping quarter.”

The person who spoke looked just over twenty, wearing a snow-white robe, long ink-like hair, handsome appearance, ethereal and illusory aura, like an immortal walking in the secular world.

His name was Chu Yuan, Sect Master of the Daoless Sect. 

The person beside him spoke, “I will follow Master’s order!”

It could be noticed that this person was similar in age to Chu Yuan, with sword brows and starry eyes(1), dressed in a blue river crane cloud robe(2), clutching a long sword. His face was expressionless and revealed a sense of solitude.

His name was Ye Luo.

He was Chu Yuan’s recently accepted disciple.

He was also the only disciple of the Daoless Sect.

Daoless Sect’s Eldest Senior Brother!

Chu Yuan glanced at this disciple of his and waved his hand. His lips slightly opened as he said two words.

“Go now.”

Ye Luo cupped his hands and said, “Master, this disciple will go first. I’ll come back to pay respects later!”

After saying that, he held his sword and walked towards the mountain.

Chu Yuan looked at Ye Luo’s departing back, the calm expression on his face suddenly disappeared without a trace, and was replaced by elation.

“It’s been half a month. It’s too hard to finally find someone with such low to nonexistent aptitudes.” He muttered to himself.

A screen resurfaced in his brain.

Chu Yuan was not originally from this world. Half a month ago, because of an accident, he transmigrated into this world.

This was not some world ruled by mortals. Rather, it was a world with gods, devils, and demons. Ten thousand kingdoms, sects were rampant. A place where they respected the strong.

This place was called the Heavenly Ancestral Continent.

Just like most people who transmigrated, Chu Yuan also had a system.

It was just that … His system was a bit odd.

Chu Yuan silently called the system. A blue screen that was only visible to him instantly materialized.

[History’s Trashiest Sect System]

[This system is dedicated to creating the most useless sect in history, so please accept disciples and teach them to be useless in order to complete the system target].

[Note: Teaching a disciple into a waste will reward the host with a small realm, and teaching a successful disciple will deduct the host’s own great realm, so please don’t make a mistake].

Chu Yuan automatically ignored this paragraph. He continued to look down.

[Personal panel]

[Host: Chu Yuan]

[Sect: Daoless Sect]

[Cultivation base: Nascent Soul realm (early stage)]

[Current disciples: 1]

[Note: The cultivation realm is divided into Qi refining realm, Foundation Establishment realm, Golden Core realm, Nascent Soul realm, God Transformation realm, and Crossing Calamity realm]

[Note: Every year will test the sect once, thereby judging whether the host teaches the disciples into becoming a waste or teaches them into becoming successful. All interpretation rights belong to the system]

This was Chu Yuan’s odd system. As long as he crippled a disciple, he could get a small realm improvement. In other words, as long as he taught three disciples and ruined them, he would be able to raise one great realm.

Although the system was odd, it was a system that fit Chu Yuan perfectly! If Chu Yuan were to actually teach his disciples to become successful, that would only be difficult for him.

His cultivation base and sect was a big gift package directly given to him by the system. He had not cultivated properly, what would he teach his disciples? Teach them the cultivation methods on those web novels in his previous life?? Don’t be kidding.

Therefore, Chu Yuan still felt that letting him ruin disciples was more suitable for him, at least this showcased his inherent qualities. Anyway, he would not teach the disciples.

Half a month ago, Chu Yuan transmigrated, and after getting the system, he went down to the mountain to look for disciples. After half a month of searching, he finally found Ye Luo, a person with oddly poor aptitudes, to accept as a disciple.

Everyone in this world had spiritual roots, spiritual roots affected their aptitude to cultivate.

Superior spiritual roots meant the aptitude of immortal cultivation was stronger with broader prospects; such as heaven and earth spiritual roots. The five elements spiritual roots, wind, thunder, and other spiritual roots, all belong to the superior spiritual root.

And inferior spiritual roots, naturally represent the weaker cultivation aptitude. The weakest spiritual roots were also the most common spiritual root, which is the mortal spiritual root possessed by ordinary people.

His disciple, Ye Luo, was different! He did not have a spiritual root! Not even the mortal spiritual root that mortals have.

He was born without spiritual roots which meant that he could not absorb spiritual energy. That was to say, he could not cultivate immortality.

Chu Yuan was happy for a long time after he received this disciple.

He did not need to ruin them as they were already a waste. He just needed to wait for a year to succeed.

“However, it is necessary to fool the disciple’s mind for a while.” Chu Yuan stroked his chin and pondered.

He was able to successfully recruit this disciple, one, by showing his strength, and two, by indicating that he could cure this disciple’s inability to cultivate.

This was what made such a ruined disciple successfully recruited to be a disciple.

If this disciple found out that he could not help the other party to solve the distress of not being able to cultivate and ran away, then he had no place to cry.

As for forcibly detaining a disciple to stay on the mountain?

He has long had this idea, the system simply did not allow him to do so, this was tantamount to a violation. So, he could only think of a way to drag this disciple to stay on the mountain for a year.

Just drag this disciple to stay for a year, after the sect test, this disciple could do whatever they like.

“Let me think of how to keep this disciple to stay in the sect, in short, delaying it for a year is good.”

“Well, just randomly make something up, let him comprehend it. If he can not comprehend, I can only say that his comprehension was not good, and it was not my fault. Anyway, I am a Nascent Soul powerhouse. My fist is bigger, so what I say is justified!” Chu Yuan secretly nodded his head and his plan was set.

No matter what was said, he was also a Nascent Soul realm powerhouse. To this disciple who had not cultivated immortality, that was the senior. If he said that things work, how could the disciple say that it did not work?

He couldn’t just say that he couldn’t cultivate because he had no spiritual roots, right?


In short, makeup nonsense, trick him till the end.

If this made up nonsense could teach the disciple to become successful, then he would swallow this mountain gate on the spot!

Chu Yuan looked up at the tall mountain gate in amusement and shook his head.

With clouds at the bottom of his feet, his figure turned into a breeze and headed for the mountain.

  1. Upright and straightforward.

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