It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 174 – Must Not Take Revenge, Otherwise, The Dragon Race Is In Danger

Seeing everyone’s worried expressions, Luo Liuyan smiled slightly.

She looked at everyone and opened her mouth to ask, “What did the Young Master say when he killed the immortal dragon today?”

“Young Master seems to have said: Big yellow eel, still want to jump in my hands?” Chen Daoming said.

“That’s right, that’s what he said!”

“Young Master’s meaning is obvious: The Dragon Race is under the control of Young Master!” Luo Liuyan said.

Once these words came out.

Everyone stood in place for a long time and did not calm down.

It turned out that every Young Master’s action, every sentence, all contained deep meaning.

They were too stupid to understand and could only see the superficial meaning. It was simply too dumb.

“Alliance Leader Luo, your words have given me a feeling of enlightenment!” Chen Dao Ming said.

“You are welcome, please Daoist Chen, Old Wen, Xiao Bing, you go to the Northern Domain immediately, there is no time to lose!” Luo Liuyan said.

“Yes, Daoist Luo!”

Chen Daoming and the other two walked out of the pavilion, rushed up into the sky, turned into a long rainbow, and quickly disappeared.

“Master, what about us? Shouldn’t we guard here?”

Su Yiling’s stomach unconsciously growled at the thought of Immortal Dragon meat.


Luo Liuyan shook his head, “I have something to do, you can just keep watch here for me!”

“Master, where are you going? I accompany you, I am now strong, very strong!” Su Yiling said.

“I’m going to finish the first thing of the Young Master!” Luo Liuyan said.

“The first thing? You are going to find Old Man Jiuyou?” Su Yiling asked.

“Not bad!” Luo Liuyan nodded her head.

“Master, didn’t Old Man Jiuyou die long ago?”

“Dead, you big head!”

After saying that, Luo Liuyan gave Su Yiling another knock on her forehead.

“Master, why are you still hitting me!” Su Yiling’s face was full of aggrieved.

“Humph, you deserve to be beaten! How dare you doubt the Young Master! He has counted everything, how can he be wrong!” Luo Liuyan said.


Su Yiling nodded her head.

Luo Liuyan looked at Su Yiling, “The matter of Jade Lake Palace will be left to you to manage!”

“Master will return in two years, or ten years later!”

“When you stay, don’t waste your time. You must work hard to cultivate!”

“Understand?” Luo Liuyan said.

“Master, the world is so big, where are you going to look?”

“I have my own method, well, I have to go now!”

After saying that, Luo Liuyan rose up to the sky and disappeared in the sky.



Purple Sun Star, somewhere at the bottom of the sea, a palace was lined up.

In a large hall, cultivators were singing and dancing happily.

On top of the main seat sat none other than the Purple Sun Star Dragon Lord-Qing Zhi.

“Dear Ministers, cheers!”

“My Lord, cheers!”

Cups were passed around, and a festive atmosphere prevailed.


At that moment, a messenger soldier came quickly and knelt down on the ground.

“What is the matter? Why are you so panic?” On Qing Zhi’s face, there was a hint of displeasure.

“Report to Dragon Lord, the messenger of Great General Jin came to report that his soul lamp has been broken!” The messenger soldier said.

The words came out.

“Teng ……”

Qing Zhi immediately stood up, his eyes bursting with a fierce light, “What did you say?”

“The Great General Jin Soul Lamp has been shattered!” There was dead silence all around.

Qing Zhi’s face changed unpredictably.

After a long time.



A moment later, several men bowed their bodies and came with quick steps.

“Puff ……”

One by one, they kneeled down in front of Qing Zhi and cried out in pain.

“Say, what exactly is the situation?” Qing Zhi said.

“Lord, the thing is like this ……”

A man stood up and spoke up.

“What? The human race has revolted!”

Qing Zhi released his aura, and the porcelain jars around, each one crumbled into pieces. His fists clenched and clicked; anger filled his face.

“Where is the priest? Did you figure out who did it?”

“Lord, the priest has calculated, but he has suffered a backlash and is dead!”

“Before the priest died, he told me that the General Jin had been eaten by the human race!”

“What? Eaten by the human race?”

The corners of Qing Zhi’s mouth twitched slightly, anger surged, and his chest seemed to explode.

“Anything else?”

“Also, the priest warned: hope that the dragon lord must not take revenge, otherwise the dragon race is in danger!”

“What did you say?” Qing Zhi clenched his fist with a face full of anger.

“Do not take revenge, or the dragon race is in danger!”

These words just finished.

“Swoosh ……”

A ball of green flame flew out from Qing Zhi’s hands and instantly flew to the man’s brow.

“No ……”  The cries came to an abrupt end.

“Boom ……” The man burned into ashes and died tragically on the spot.

Such a scene strongly stimulated everyone’s eyeballs. Everyone prostrated on the ground and shivered.

“Growing others’ ambition and extinguishing your own prestige?”

“My dignified dragon race passed down in the ancient times, has always ruled the Three Realms, suppressing the nine continents, when the order comes out, no one in the world dares not obey!”

“Now, we only exterminate some small sect but then they dare to kill my race?”

“You say, should we take a revenge?” Qing Zhi’s gaze was like a knife, sweeping over everyone.

His voice was like thunder, ringing through everyone’s ears.

“It should be avenged, it should be avenged!”

“Bullying my dragon tribe, these mice must be slaughtered!”

“Dragon Lord, let me lead the army!”

“Dragon Lord, leave this to me!” One by one, they stood out, revealing a look of righteous indignation.

Qing Zhi waved his hand, and everyone in the hall immediately quieted down.

“We  must be slaughter the human race!”

“Although our crace is strong, but our numbers still too small!”

“Pass on my order: blow the thunder horn and summon the three armies!”

“All the Purple Sun Star Dragon race, no matter where they are, must gather at the palace within a month, if not, beheaded!”

Everyone’s ears heard Qing Zhi’s voice.

“Yes, Dragon Lord!”

The messenger quickly retreated.

Immediately after.

“Woo ……”

A low sound blew. This sound, with a special frequency, could only be heard by the dragon race.

With water as the base and earth as the root, his sound spread rapidly throughout the Purple Sun Star.

Somewhere in the Purple Sun Star.

“Hmm ……”

A dragon that was cultivating suddenly opened its eyes.

“Dragon Lord summons, a great war is imminent!”

“I wonder what exactly is going on?”

“We must hurry and gather!” He shook his body and transformed into a man.

Walking out of the cave, he went straight to the sky trail and disappeared into the sky. A scene like this happened in quite a few places in the Purple Sun Star.

At this moment, the Purple Sun Star was surging with storm clouds.



Daqi Mountain was located in the south of the Northern Domain, where the water and mist were steaming like a fairyland.

On this day, a flying boat docked in the sky above Daqi Mountain.

“Hoo ……”

Three figures descended from the sky. These three people were no other than the three Zhan Tianpeng.

With a wave of Zhan Tianpeng’s right hand, the flying boat was collected into the spiritual space.

“Young master, look, that’s the Yu Gui Cave!”

An old man pointed to a mountain peak and said.


Zhan Tianpeng looked at the mountain peak, his eyes shining, “I thought I had traveled all over the cave only to find an immortal! I didn’t expect that Yu Guizi was still there!”

“Young master, then let’s fly up?”


Zhan Tianpeng directly waved his hand and refused.

“We are looking for an immortal to do something, it seems very rude to fly up directly!”

“We must walk up step by step, that would be pious enough!”

“I think Immortal Yu Guizi will summon us when he sees us!” Zhan Tianpeng said.

“Yes, Young Master!”

The two old men nodded in unison and followed Zhan Tianpeng, heading up the mountain.

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