The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 83: Heavenly God River Reversal

Looking at Lu Yiping, who suddenly came in front of him, Supreme Unity Sect’s Jiang Yu’s face was flustered, and his whole body was blasted with five elemental sword qi towards Lu Yiping, however, when the five elemental sword qi came in front of Lu Yiping, it was shattered by an invisible force.

“Lu Yiping, my master is the Lord Golden Light he is now in seclusion in the Nine Heavens.” Supreme Unity Sect’s Jiang Yu was shocked, then retreated and said, “Tens of thousands of years ago, he also long ago surpassed the Celestial Gods and is the same as you, the Plane Lord realm!”

“If you let our Supreme Unity Sect leave, my Supreme Unity Sect will never set foot in the Divine Martial Continent again and will no longer be an enemy of you!”

When the words of Jiang Yu of the Supreme Unity Sect came out, the experts of the scene were in an uproar.

“The Lord Golden Light Lord is still alive?” Chen Qingyun was surprised, “He is a generation higher than the Nine Absolute Martial Gods, and is a powerful person of the same era as Lord Saint Demon!”

“If Lord Golden Light has surpassed the Celestial Gods and become the Plane Lord with a greatly increased longevity, it is indeed possible.” Yun Wei, the head of the Yun family, said.

The Lord Golden Light, who was extremely famous, was a supreme powerhouse of the Saint Demon era.

Some people had said that if there was no Saint Demon, the Lord Golden Light could definitely crush the invincible generation.

“Lord Golden Light.” Lu Yiping’s face was still as usual.

“That’s right, my master, Lord Golden Light, obtained the Supreme Divine Canon and cultivated the Supreme Dao.” Jiang Yu of the Supreme Unity Sect said.

Lu Yiping, however, took a shot and brought Supreme Unity Sect’s Jiang Yu in front of him.

“You!” Supreme Unity Sect Jiang Yu looked at Lu Yiping, who was close at hand and panicked in his heart.

Immediately afterward, Lu Yiping searched his soul.

Lu Yiping did not kill him immediately because he wanted to learn the whereabouts of the Killing God of the Killing Dao from his memory.

Soon, the soul search was over.

When Lu Yiping dropped a heavenly thunderbolt, Jiang Yu of the Supreme Unity Sect was blown away, and when he landed, he became a mass of charcoal black.

In the distance, Chen Qingyang, Yun Wei, and others looked at the blasted into charcoal black, Jiang Yu, with complicated in the heart. Although his strength was not as strong as the Yin Ghost Sect’s Huang ancestor and others, he was also the first person of their era.

Now, Jiang Yu perished, which means Jiang Yu’s era had ended from this moment on.

Seeing the death of the Supreme Unity Sect Jiang Yu, some Supreme Unity Sect experts finally could not resist fleeing away. However, soon after they flew away from the range of the Heavenly God Mountain, a cloud of sword Qi fell in the void, then blasted through these Supreme Unity Sect experts who were fleeing away.

Lu Yiping said indifferently, “The space around the Heavenly God Mountain has been set up by me with a supreme sword array, no one can leave.”

“Unless you kill me.”

Lu Yiping’s voice resounded through the Heavenly God Mountain.

The Supreme Unity Sect, Dark Demon Hall, Yellow Spring Demon Sect, and Yin Ghost Sect experts who originally still held the idea of escaping couldn’t help but despair.

Kill Lu Yiping?

Even Huang Ancestor, Lone Old Ghost, and Bai Wuchang were all killed by Lu Yiping with a single word, so killing Lu Yiping was like dreaming.

The Ancient Evil god Qiang Liang, holding the Evil God Blade, turned into a blood-colored hurricane, spinning among the army of the Dark Demon Hall, Yellow Springs Demon Sect, and Yin Ghost Sect.

Every time it rotated, the blood-colored hurricane grew more prominent and faster.

Countless disciples of the Dark Demon Hall, Yellow Spring Demon Sect, and Yin Ghost Sect were swept into the hurricane, then disintegrated and became part of the blood-colored hurricane.

Looking at the Ancient Evil God Qiang Liang invincible, sweeping in four directions, the Dark Demon Hall, Yellow Springs Demon Sect and Yin Ghost Sect all disciples fell to the ground, no one is its enemy of a single blow, Chen Qingyang, Yun for and others are not shocked.

“This evil god descendant’s strength is so terrifying strength! His strength, only afraid that is not weaker than Huang Ancestor, Bai Wuchang and the others, he may even be the same as Lu Yiping, has become the Plane Lord!” A Chen family ancestor swallowed his saliva as he spoke.

“The water of the Heavenly God River is really as clear as ever.”

The crowd looked, only to see that when the blood rain of the Dark Demon Hall, Yellow Spring Demon Sect and Yin Ghost Sect disciples poured down on top of the Heavenly God River, the water of the Heavenly God River was not affected at all, still as turquoise and clear.

The killing continued.

It wasn’t know how long it took, but finally, some of the Supreme Unity Sect, Yin Ghost Sect, Dark Demon Hall, and Yellow Spring Demon Sect armies began to retreat, began to crouch to the ground, and began to beg for mercy.

When Lu Yiping, Dragon Horned Golden Bull, Ancient Evil God Qiang Liang, and others stopped, they only saw that the mountain and the ground were all stained red with blood.

At a glance, there was only red.

The Chen family, Yun family, hiding very far away from the parties watching the disciples vomit.

The remaining disciples of the Supreme Unity Sect, the Yin Ghost Sect, the Dark Demon Hall, the Yellow Springs Demon Sect, and the imperial army under their command all prostrated on the ground, and no one was left standing.

At this time, suddenly, the Heavenly God River roared.

Everyone saw the original downward flow of the Heavenly God River completely stopped, and then it began to reverse the flow!

As the Heavenly God River flowed backward, the entire river emitted a strange radiance.

The light shone in the sky.

Above the surface of the source of the Heavenly God River, all kinds of treasures emerged one by one.

There were spears, blades, swords, and other kinds of divine weapons. There was a secret technique book. There was a strain of spiritual medicine.

Chen Qingyang, Yun Wei, and others looked at the various treasures that emerged from the Heavenly God River, their hearts were on fire, but no one dared to go forward and grab them.

Everyone looked at the blue-shirted figure.

Lu Yiping looked at the various divine weapons, secret books, spiritual medicines that floated up, unmoved.

These things were even more garbage than the things in the spatial rings of Jiang Yu, Huang Ancestor, Lone Old Ghost, and Bai Wuchang.

However, Lu Yiping was not in a hurry, and good things would not appear until later.

This time, it was the million-year period of the Heavenly God River, even if there was no second Nine-Colored Divine Ganoderma, but. Still, there should be something comparable to the Nine-Colored Divine Ganoderma.

An hour passed, and suddenly, a black lotus floated up from the bottom of the river.

This black lotus, black with red, is half a person’s height. It emitted a strange fragrance. When the fragrance wafted out, the whole people around the Heavenly God Mountain who smelled it all felt refreshed.

When the Dragon Horned Golden Bull saw the black lotus, his eyes lit up, and he smiled, “Black Lotus!”

The Black Lotus, like the Nine-Colored Divine Ganoderma, could increase life span. The Black Lotus in front of him is the same as the Nine-Colored Divine Ganoderma back then, which was a million years old.

Lu Yiping opened one of his hands and saw the lotus fall into his hand. Lu Yiping looked at the Dragon Horned Golden Bull with fiery eyes and laughed, “Your ass is big enough, it’s useless to have this lotus.” Then he gave the lotus to Wu Jiujue, who was on the side.

Wu Jiujie’s life expectancy was about to end. With this lotus, he could increase his life expectancy by a lot, at least for 10,000 years. He didn’t have to worry about his Qi and blood drying up.

Wu Jiujie did not expect that Lu Yiping would give this Black Lotus to himself. After a moment of shock, he said excitedly, “Master, this Black Lotus, I cannot take it.”

“If I give it to you, you can take it.” Lu Yiping shook his head, “This thing, it’s useless to me and Xiao Jin, and he actually just wants a taste.”

Wu Jiujue finally accepted it, bowed down to thank Lu Yiping.

After the Balck Lotus, suddenly, on the surface of the Heavenly God River, an ancient jade pendant floated up.

Seeing this jade pendant, Zhou Cheng was greatly surprised. Wasn’t this the two jades he had given to Lu Yiping earlier?

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