I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 156 – I’ll Go Check It Out

Shiqi crushed six blood cores one after another, Chen Hao could finally be sure that the Devil Fury Aura could absorb the blood cores within the Killing Secret.

Moreover, killing a blood demon had an enhanced effect on the Devil Fury Aura more than killing a martial artist of the same level.

The only thing that made Chen Hao unhappy was that the Crimson Blood Devil Sword absorbed very little energy from the blood demon. More energy seems to be swallowed by the entire secret realm, including the core that Shiqi crushed escaped from the aura.

This makes Chen Hao very distressed. The existence of this situation only proved that the killing secret realm could suppress the absorption ability of the Crimson Blood Devil Sword!

Chen Hao knew that many weapons were the Purple Thorn Army blocked off the Killing Secret Realm stronger than the Crimson Blood Devil Sword in the world and many things that could restrain the sword. Even though he had sufficient mental preparation, but after really encountering it, he still felt unhappy.

Thinking about this situation, he became even more curious about what existed in the secret realm!

Shiqi similarly asked Chen Hao, who replied, “There is something in the secret realm that can suppress the Crimson Blood Devil Sword’s absorption ability, see if you can find it.”

“I’ll try my best!” Shiqi replied.

“Just try your best!”

Chen Hao understood that the best effort that Shiqi said was completely different from the best effort that ordinary people imagined.

Although he wanted to get something within the secret realm, he hadn’t lost his mind yet, even Su Yi hadn’t entered the innermost layer of the Killing Secret Realm, and Shiqi wasn’t necessarily able to do so.

Chen Hao reminded, “I can feel the active killing intent in your body, this is not your limit, keep going in!”


He likewise felt the active killing intent within his body, even much more active than when he was killing people.

“Lord Sword Spirit, have you felt the peculiarity of this secret realm?” Shiqi asked in a low voice, “I feel that this secret realm seems to be a space enveloped by the killing intent …… No, it should be something much more powerful than the killing intent, than the profound meaning of killing!”

“It should be!” Chen Hao agreed with Shiqi’s analysis, “If we want to know what this secret realm really is, I’m afraid we have to go deeper!”

“I agree!”

It wasn’t for no reason that the Killing Secret Realm was blocked off by the Purple Thorn Army.

Shiqi barely encountered any human martial artists, and the further in they went, the more powerful the blood demons they encountered became.

The blood demons were strange-looking; some were even very deformed, those with three legs, those without heads, and even those with a pair of fleshy wings …… They would almost always pounce on Shiqi in a frenzy the moment they noticed him.

They were in packs, fearing death, like a hungry wolf pack.

If an ordinary martial artist were to encounter such a scene, I’m afraid they would simply collapse in fear.

The frantic Blood Demons almost surrounded Shiqi and attacked him crazily, and a few large-headed Blood Demons at the late True Origin Realm would even let out sharp and piercing cries to attract the Blood Demons from afar.

More and more blood demons were coming from afar.

Chen Hao also found that the effect of the Devil Fury Aura was almost ineffective against these crazy Blood Demons.

Shiqi did not panic in the middle of the blood demon swarm. He focused and calmly stabbed his crimson sword into the heart part of the blood demon, killing the blood demon and breaking the blood core in the process.

Being besieged was just this kind of scene. He had seen a lot on the battlefield. Even if the blood demons were crazy, with their late True Origin realm strength, they couldn’t break Shiqi’s defense.

He had not used true qi, relying entirely on the strength of the flesh, and the blood demons couldn’t consume Shiqi’s true qi.

After half a day, the number of blood demons was getting smaller and smaller, and the cold sweat on Shiqi’s forehead was getting bigger and bigger, which was a sign of not being able to resist the Devil Fury Aura.

Finally, the last blood demon was killed by Shiqi.

Shiqi sat down on the ground, closed the Devil Fury Aura, wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, and took a long breath of relief.

Shiqi sighed, “I’ve never encountered such a crazy enemy before!”

Chen Hao spat out, “I’ve never seen a man so weak as you before either!”

“I’ll just rest for a while!” He said a moment, but Shiqi rested for half a day.

Chen Hao also did not rush, and there were stronger enemies waiting for Shiqi behind.

After setting off again, Shiqi’s enemies soon turned into blood demons at the peak of the True Origin Realm, dozens and hundreds of blood demons rushed towards Shiqi, rushing out with the momentum of a 10,000 man army.

Looking at Shiqi amidst the blood demons left, and right killed them. Chen Hao had to admit that the Devil Fury aura to Shiqi dragged back.

The Devil Fury aura completely lost its effect within the Killing Secret. Instead, it caused a negative impact on the swordmaster ……

Chen Hao was a little sweaty, but only a little.

After breaking through the blockade line of the peak blood demon of the True Origin realm, Shiqi rested for another day.

Eating dried demon beast meat, Shiqi wiped the blood from his face and said, “Lord Sword Spirit, do you think there will be a group of groups of innate level blood demons behind?”

“It should not be possible, right? Innate is not a cabbage!”

A group of innate demons? How come there were not a bunch of Heaven-breaking experts?

But Chen Hao also did not expect Shiqi really prophetic. When he touched a blood-winged bird-like innate demon beast, the large bird immediately issued a sharp bird song, just a few breaths, Shiqi surrounded by more than ten innate demon beasts!

Then more than twenty Innate Blood Demons madly attacked Shiqi.

More than twenty Innate Blood Demons, almost all of them had comprehended the Killing Intent Realm, every move, every style, every attack, all carried the Killing Intent Realm, and their strength completely surpassed that of ordinary Innate experts, reaching a level close to that of ordinary mid-Innate experts!

Shiqi was drenched in blood under their siege.

“Killing Intent Realm!”

Under pressure, Shiqi finally used the Killing Intent Realm.

His eyes turned crimson, and his true blood-red qi wrapped around his sword body.

Under the sky of blood-colored sword shadows, a blood demon was slapped and beheaded by the Crimson Blood Devil Sword. Along with the death of an innate blood demon, Chen Hao could clearly feel that under the effect of the Killing Secret Realm and the Devil Fury Aura, as well as Shiqi’s own Killing Intent Realm, his entire person gradually lost his sanity and was immersed in the killing.

And while he gradually lost his mind and was immersed in killing, his comprehension of the killing realm was deepening!

Chen Hao could feel the increasingly powerful killing intent in Shiqi’s body.

One by one, there were still Innate Blood Demons coming, but in front of Shiqi’s powerful strength, the Early Innate Blood Demons were still decreasing; when the last Blood Demon was killed, Shiqi finally stopped, his body’s true essence is almost depleted.

Chen Hao thought about it briefly and then closed the Devil Fury Aura.

To be honest, he still misses the little Shiqi who was trembling in fear in the Devil Fury aura.

Mmmmm…… Shiqi was not cute at all when it grows up. After a long time, his eyes gradually regained some clarity.

“How does it feel?”

“The killing intent realm has broken through to perfection!”

“Do you want to continue?”

“Probably not!” Shiqi touched out a spirit stone, want to restore a little true qi as soon as possible, “if we go deeper, I can still bear the influence of the secret realm, but if there are more than a dozen mid-innate blood demons, I’m afraid I will really go crazy!”

“Fighting within the Killing Secret Realm is indeed easy to enhance the perception of the Killing Intent, but it is also very dangerous!” Shiqi said, “When I used the killing realm just now, I almost got completely immersed in it and never woke up again!”

Chen Hao pondered for a moment and said, “How about I go in and take a look?”

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