It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 172 I’m Going To Breakthrough

After Mu Ao ate a few pieces of immortal dragon meat, the immortal energy in his body rushed up.

He reached the edge of a breakthrough and would soon become an immortal.

At this moment, Mu Ao’s face changed drastically, secretly saying that it was not good. The might of the immortal tribulation he had just seen was simply as terrifying as the edge, and there was no way to imagine it.

Even if he had just eaten a lot of immortal dragon flesh, his flesh body was strengthened tens of times. But to cross the immortal tribulation was still far from enough.

Just one thunderstorm enough to split himself into ashes.

“I must hurry to leave here and find a place to suppress!” Thinking like this, Mu Ao stood up. He turned to Sun Hao and bowed respectfully, “Young Master!”

“Old Ao, what’s wrong?” Sun Hao asked.

“Young Master, today I have an urgent matter, I need to leave immediately, please forgive me for disturbing the elegance!” On Mu Ao’s face, there was an anxious look.

Looking at Mu Ao’s anxious face, Sun Hao secretly sighed. He was thinking about how to think of some gifts for them.

Now, it seemed that it was impossible.

“Since Old Ao has something important and can’t stay, take your time!” Sun Hao said.

“Many thanks, Young Master!” After Mu Ao clasped his fist, he headed out.

“Young Master, since big brother has something that may need our help, we also take our leave!” The Mu family ancestors, one by one, got up and said goodbye.

Sun Hao looked at the back of the Mu family’s ancestors and frowned sadly.

I have lost so many blessing points! Sigh!

Seeing Sun Hao’s expression, Luo Liuyan raised her eyebrows.

She looked at the direction Sun Hao was looking at and was secretly alarmed, “Not good, that direction north domain!”

I’m afraid that something big is happening in the North Region! When she thought about it, Luo Liuyan has suddenly had no more appetite.

“Still eating!”

Luo Liuyan gave a look, and Su Yiling stopped immediately.

Biting a piece of meat in her mouth, she was puzzled, “The ancestor of the Mu family has something to do, why can I not eat? Such a delicious immortal dragon meat!”

“Young Master, we will also say goodbye for today, we’ll come back another day!”

Seeing Luo Liuyan get up, Chen Daoming also followed and stood up, clasping his fist in turn.

Hey, you guys ……

Sun Hao looked at them, he opened his mouth but unable to speak.

Luo Liuyan looked at Sun Hao’s expression, her heart was a little bit awkward, and she secretly said that it was not good.

The Young Master looked at the Northern Region again, and his face so ugly! I think the matter of the Northern Region can’t be delayed!

“Remember to come often!” Sun Hao said.

“Sure, sure!”

Looking at the back of the crowd, Sun Hao secretly sighed. He hadn’t even delivered anything yet, and they all ran away.

Turning back, he saw Mo Haoshi standing up, rubbing his round stomach with a satisfied look.

“Are you full?” Sun Hao asked.

“Yes, Young Master!” Mo Haoshi nodded his head.

“Rumeng, what about you?”

“I can’t eat anymore either!”

“In that case, we can only pour it out!” Sun Hao looked at most of the pot of meat and sighed secretly.

“Ga ……”

The Nine Heavenly God Luan quickly ran up and kept rubbing Sun Hao’s trouser leg.

“All right, here’s a bowl for you!”

Sun Hao scooped out a bowl for the Nine Heavenly God Luan, and he poured all the rest into the pond.

The ten-thousand-colored divine lotus petals vibrated, and countless roots spread away, wrapping up a piece of immortal dragon meat and devouring it like crazy.

“This …… this ……”

Mo Haoshi looked at the demon lotus. His face changed dramatically, muttering, and for half a day did not spit out a word.

He could confirm that this demon lotus was by no means an ordinary demon immortal!

 It was likely to reach the realm of an immortal venerable.

This terrifying Immortal Venerable was actually just a servant of the Young Master. In that case, wouldn’t the Young Master be an Immortal Emperor?

The more he thought about it, the more terrified Mo Haoshi became. The Young Master’s realm was simply unimaginable.

Such a character, he is not worthy of being his disciple!

“Must work hard, must work hard!”

“Young Master, one day, I will reach your requirements!” Mo Haoshi secretly clenched his fist with a determined look.

“Don’t freeze, come with me, continue to build the flying boat!”

“Those iron ores of yours are not of good quality, so use my wood to build it!”

“Ru Meng, bring out that biggest wood!” Sun Hao said.

“Yes, my Young Master!”

Huang Rumeng nodded and waved her right hand. The sky instantly rose with transparent ripples, spreading out in all directions. A huge wood with a diameter of 20 meters burst out of the translucent ripples.

“Boom ……”

It fell into the ground, shaking the dust. The giant wood was a hundred meters long and could not be seen at a glance.

When Mo Haoshi saw the wooden bar, his whole person was scared silly in place.

“This …… is the top grade immortal wood? No, it’s definitely a supreme immortal wood!”

“Such a big immortal wood, how many immortal crystals must it be worth? One hundred thousand immortal crystals? More than that, a million immortal crystals can not be bought!”

“A single immortal wood in your hand is worth a million immortal crystals!”

“Young Master is too …… rich!”

“I think Young Master still have such immortal wood, so it seems, the Stargazing compared to the Young Master is not even a fart!”

“No wonder, Zhan Tianpeng in front of the Young Master, that is respectful!”

“In this world, the Young Master is the richest!”

Mo Haoshi’s heart shook for a long time before he calmed down.

“Starting from today, you work with me to carve this piece of wood into a flying boat!” Sun Hao said.

“Young Master, this can only carve out a few hundred rooms at most, excluding the control room, the array channel, and the hull, I’m afraid that only a hundred rooms can be carved out!”

“If we also remove the cultivation room, carving room, refining room and so on, then the remaining rooms, only less than 50, can only live in 200 people at most!”

“So, won’t it be a bit small?” Mo Haoshi asked.

“It’s enough, I only need to take 2 people!” Sun Hao said.

“That’s fine, my lord, then I’ll draw a sketch first, if you think it’s okay, we’ll carve it according to that, what do you think?” Mo Haoshi asked.

“Good!” Sun Hao nodded his head.

“Young Master, I’ll go back to draw the sketch first, and try to finish it within two days!”

Seeing Sun Hao nod, Mo Haoshi turned into after images and quickly went away.



The east side of the downhill trail.

Luo Liuyan and the five other people dashed, catching up with the Mu family’s four ancestors.

“Senior, why are you anxious to leave?” Luo Liuyan asked.

“I’m going to break through!” There was a look of panic on Mu Ao’s face, 

“About to break through? Senior, are you going to reach the Immortal realm?” In Luo Liuyan’s eyes, there was a refined aura.

“You are still laughing, this old man must find a place to suppress the realm, otherwise, he will definitely die!” Mu Ao said.

“Senior, there is absolutely no need!” Luo Liuyan said.

“Why?” Mu Ao had a puzzled face.

“As you saw just now, that lightning giant was fearing the Young Master, you only need to have the tribulation beside him, and you will definitely be fine!” Luo Liuyan said.


Mu Ao frowned tightly, secretly pondering. It was indeed true that it was safe to cross the tribulation next to the Young Master.

However, there would still be a lightning tribulation falling. That thunderbolt, once it hits him, would also break his old bones!

“No, even if I stay beside the Young Master, then there will still be a lightning tribulation falling, and I think I am unable to resist it!” Mu Ao said.

“This ……”

Luo Liuyan secretly sighed.

Indeed, that immortal tribulation was simply not something that can be resisted.

“Senior, what about in case you fail to suppress it?” Luo Liuyan asked.

Mu Ao was suddenly dumbfounded. If the suppression failed, there was no doubt that he would die!

“Senior, how about this.”

“We have a few pavilions repaired at the foot of the mountain, you can live directly at the foot of the mountain!”

“In case the suppression fails, immediately run to see the Young Master!”

“I think, you only need to resist the first lightning tribulation!”

“At least there is a glimmer of hope for survival, in case of success, you are an immortal!”

Hearing this, Mu Ao’s eyes shone indefinitely.

After some thought, Mu Ao nodded, “Alright!”

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