It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 171: Immortal Realm, Tempering Immortal Body

“This ……”

The thunderclap giant’s body trembled, and chills ran through his body. He glanced at Huang Rumeng and hurriedly withdrew his gaze.

“Husband …… wife strength, even this terrifying?”

“I …… I dare to make a move against the madam? Do not want to live is not it?”

“Right …… sorry, madam!”

“I’m wrong!”

After saying that, the thunderclap giant aimed at Huang Rumeng then bowed deeply.

“You do not have to stare at me, I understand!”

The thunderclap giant took out his hammer and drew out a strand of seven-colored thunder amidst an incomparably fleshy look.

“This is my compensation gift to you, you should not blame me, accept it!”

After saying that, the thunder giant threw down the seven-colored thunder lights.

“Buzz ……” The light flashed and instantly submerged into Huang Rumeng’s body.

This strand of seven-colored thunder lights containing ten thousand colors of electric lights. And its power was much stronger than Huang Rumeng’s previous eighteen-colored thunder lights. It wasn’t known how many times stronger.

The seven-colored thunder lights and the divine phoenix in her dantian quickly fused. Sensing everything in the Dantian, Huang Rumeng hurriedly withdrew her gaze.

Originally, she was expecting the thunderclap giant to blast down a few more thunderclaps. She didn’t expect that it would directly give this supreme luck to her?

This felt like a dream. Was the Thunderbolt Giant afraid of her?


How could the Thunderbolt Giant be afraid of her? It is only the Young Master that it is afraid of! All this luck was all thanks to him.

Thinking of this, Huang Rumeng’s gaze swept towards Sun Hao, gratitude written all over her face, “Young Master, your kindness, I am willing to repay it in ten lifetimes!”

Among the dark clouds. When the thunderclap giant saw that Huang Rumeng didn’t stare at him anymore, he breathed a long sigh of relief.

He secretly patted his chest, carefully stepped away, and walked forward. One step into the vortex and disappeared into the sky. When he reappeared, he came to a certain space. In this space, the electric lights were shining, and the thunder was rushing.

One look at it made the heart and soul crack with terror.

 “Ah ……”

The thunderclap giant half knelt on the ground and let out a reluctant roar. “Heaven, why, why did I encounter the supreme being again?”

“Why are all the people around him who crossed the tribulation?”

“My performance this year is still zero, how can I go back to see the master?”

“There are only five months left, God, please send me a few more people to the tribulation realm!”

“Even if it’s against the rules, I’ll blast him to death!” The Thunderbolt Giant was full of bitterness as he shouted.

His voice shook the entire space and buzzed.

“No, the Supreme Being didn’t take it seriously, next time it won’t be such a fluke!”

“A place that terrifying, I can’t go there again!”

“Where the Supreme Being lives, within a hundred-mile radius, I’m going to draw a no-go zone to avoid getting it wrong!”

After saying that, the thunderclap giant waved his hammer and drew a large circle. An invisible wave of Qi directly penetrated through space and covered within a hundred-mile radius of Sun Hao’s residence.

From now on, in this area, there would be no more thunderstorms.



Tian Luo Continent, Northern Region, Da Qi Mountain, in Yu Guizi’s cave residence.

Yu Guizii opened his eyes. He looked in the direction of the Western Region and was full of doubts.

“It’s gone? One strike and it’s gone?”

“Shouldn’t there be one hundred and eight thunderclaps?”

“Does it mean that one strike killed the person crossing the tribulation?”

Thinking of this, Yu Guizi drew a breath of cold air backward.

“This immortal tribulation is really terrifying!”

“Fortunately, I became an immortal early!”

“Otherwise, even with my current strength, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to cross the immortal tribulation!”

Yu Guizi secretly sighed and stood up.

“Still, I have to make some preparations, disciple, hold on for a while, I will come to save you right away!”

After saying that, Yu Guizi took out the talisman paper and began to carve.



Tian Luo Continent, on an island in the west, in a high tower covered by skulls.

You Lingzhu looked at the direction of the western region, and the soul flame faintly pulsated. He didn’t know how long has passed.

“Woosh ……”

The soul flame in this eye socket pulsed rapidly. “Only one lightning tribulation fell?”

“This seat still thought you were a person?”

“I didn’t expect that you couldn’t even resist a single lightning tribulation!”

“Causing this seat to worry for nothing!”

After You Lingzhu, the ghost candle finished speaking, his body flickered and instantly disappeared from his original place.



Sun Hao residence, on the sky.

Huang Rumeng stood there, closed her eyes, and quietly felt the changes within her body.

“Boom ……”

A sound rang out, and the spiritual root directly collapsed and opened. Infinite, immortal energy, through the meridians, surged all over her body. Every cell in her body was madly transformed.

The fleshly body of Huang Rumeng was transforming into an immortal body. When you become an immortal, you shed your mortal body and transform into an immortal body.

The spirit root was directly stored in every cell of the body and can be called upon at any time.

Beyond that, there was the true control of the Great Dao. All one needs to do is to gather the divine soul, and then one could condense the Great Dao.

After drinking so much enlightenment tea, her soul was already incomparably strong. In the entire Purple Sun Star, apart from the Young Master, she was the strongest.

Whenever the thought comes, the dao could be attained.

Only after a long time, Huang Rumeng immortal body was considered to be quenched and completed.

“Now, the Destruction Dao has become a great success, already counted as a Huang Immortal! With my current strength, there is no more enemy under Xuan Immortal!”

“I only need to perceive the Destruction Dao to the peak realm, then I will step into a Xuan Immortal!”

“At that time, my strength will be ten times stronger than now! I will also have enough strength to return to the Demon Ancestor Mountain!”

“Why are you thinking so much now? Staying with the Young Master is the most important thing!” Huang Rumeng muttered to herself and secretly made a decision.

On her body, a layer of radiance was exuded that seems to be endless. It looked as beautiful as a heavenly fairy, breathtaking.

Between her hands and feet, there was a feeling of being a natural beauty. Only after a long time, she opened her eyes and soared down.

Everyone looked at Huang Rumeng with a little more awe on their faces. Sun Hao looked at Huang Rumeng, his eyes shining uncertainly.

Rumeng now looks even more beautiful to the unimaginable. On her body, she possessed even more of an out-of-this-world aura.

“Rumeng, just now?” Sun Hao asked.

“Young Master, just now I saw the thunder about to fall, so I made a move to stop it, now it’s okay!” Huang Rumeng explained.

What? Stop it? In this case, Rumeng caught the thunder with her bare hands? That voltage should be tens of millions of volts or even hundreds of millions of volts.

Moreover, the current is also up to hundreds of thousands of amps. How strong is the power, I simply can not imagine. Surprisingly, Huang Rumeng stop it with bare hands?

Ru Meng is so strong that there is no way to imagine.  When she first came here, even thunder would make her shiver in fear.

How long has it been since she was able to catch thunder with her bare hands?

Her rapid growth is unimaginable! Could it be that she obtained the old ancestor’s inheritance, that’s why she is so strong? That should be the case!

“Ru Meng, awesome!” Sun Hao said.

“Young Master, you are too much!” HuangRumeng sat beside Sun Hao.

“Everyone, don’t freeze, keep eating!” Sun Hao’s voice woke everyone up.


Looking at the small half pot of immortal dragon meat, everyone continued to move their chopsticks.

Luo Liuyan ate the immortal dragon meat in small bites and looked at Sun Hao from time to time.

The light in his eyes flickered. In the future, with Young Master around, there was absolutely nothing to fear in front of the immortal tribulation!

The Mu family’s fourth ancestor’s body trembled, clutching the immortal dragon meat, shivering from time to time.

What I have seen and heard these days is better than the previous 100,000 years.

Thinking about it now, it still felt like a dream.

 “Big brother, even the thunder giant is afraid of the Young Master, you said ……”

“Do not say, it scared me to death, the Young Master realm is not something we can imagine, just eat your meat!”

“Yes, big brother, but my hands are shaking so much, I can’t control it!”

“So old, you need to calm down, you need to remember one thing, in the future to the Young Master’s head, do not neglect!”

“Yes, big brother!”

The four ancestors of the Mu family exchanged divine sense transmission and reached a consensus.

Mo Haoshi looked at Sun Hao and took several deep breaths.

“YAndoung Master, you actually scared away the thunderclap giant!”

“What exactly is your identity?”

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