It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 170: Grasping the Immortal Lightning With One Hand

Tian Luo Continent, Northern Domain, Daqi Mountain, Yu Gui Cave.

Yu Guizi suddenly opened his eyes, and two sharp gazes burst out. He looked in the direction of the Western Region and seemed to be able to see through millions of miles.

“Immortal Tribulation?”

“I haven’t seen an immortal tribulation in tens of thousands of years?!”

“This time, which little doll who can’t suppressed herself to a degree of evoking the immortal tribulation?”

“What a terrifying immortal tribulation!”

“This immortal tribulation is too powerful, compared to before, it’s at least ten times stronger!”

“It looks like the Heavenly Dao doesn’t allow anyone to become an immortal at all!”

Yu Guizi murmured and sighed lightly.



Tian Luo Continent, to the west, there was a sea named the Sea of Endlessness.

The sky was dim on the Sea of Endlessness, and the sun was not seen all year round. On a certain island, in a high tower covered by skull skulls.

The five-meter-tall humanoid skull was sitting in the main seat, and in his hollow eye sockets, the soul flame seems to be there, faintly pulsating.

It was none other than the Lord of the Evil Race – You Lingzhu the Ghost Candle.


“Hoo ……”

A sound rang out, two groups of souls throbbed violently in the eyes of Ghost Candle. The original white soul flame slowly turned red, and finally, it became crimson.

“Immortal tribulation? Someone from the human race has crossed the immortal tribulation?”

“This seat would like to see, who the hell are you?”

After saying that, he stretched out its hand and pointed it forward.

“Buzz ……” The air shook up layers of ripples.

“Boom ……” Immediately after that, there was an explosion.

You Lingzhu’s body stomped straight back, and his soul flame pulsed sharply.  It was not known whether he was trembling or surprised.

“There is actually a mysterious aura enveloping?”

“Just a light touch, and it bounced me?”

“Who the hell is it? How could it be so terrifying?”

“I hope he doesn’t succeed in crossing the tribulation, otherwise, I’m afraid it will only affect the great events of this throne!”

You Lingzhu muttered to himself. A scene like this appeared all around the Tian Luo Continent.

At this moment.

Whether it was the old monsters in cultivation or the old ancestors who had sealed themselves in their divine origin, at this moment, all opened their eyes, revealing a shocked expression.

All of them gazed in the direction of the Western Region.

“This immortal tribulation might is actually dozens of times stronger!”

“It looks like it won’t let people become immortal at all!”

“Fortunately, I suppressed my realm and did not break through, otherwise, it will definitely blast my soul away!”



Western Region, south of the Great Demon Mountain, Sun Hao residence.

Sun Hao looked at the sky and then looked at Huang Rumeng, and after seeing her look calm, he could not help but put down his heart.

“It looks like Rumeng isn’t afraid of thunder anymore!” Sun Hao muttered, buried his head, and continued to start eating meat.

 Such a scene, seen in the eyes of others, also gradually relaxed.

“Young Master is here, what is there to worry about!”

“But, this is an immortal tribulation, not an ordinary lightning tribulation!”

“That’s not the same! Whatever tribulation, in front of the Young Master, it still have to kneel down?”

Luo Liuyan and the others exchanging voice transmissions then relaxed their minds and continued to eat meat.

The four ancestors of the Mu family looked at the sky and then looked at everyone, their faces changing.

They suppressed their inner fear, followed the example of everyone else, and began to eat the meat.

The meat they held on their chopsticks fell into the pot from time to time. This time because they were scared.

This is an immortal tribulation! Can the Young Master resist it? All of you, how can you be so calm! If it really descends down, we will definitely die!

Thinking of this, the four ancestors of the Mu family were full of bitterness and looked at the sky from time to time.

Up in the sky, in the dark clouds.

“Phew ……” A figure made up of electric rays rushing through it. He was none other than the thunder tribulation giant. This time, it was someone crossing the immortal tribulation. The thunders tribulation power he could invoke was naturally ten million times stronger.

“Little fellow, how dare you cross the immortal tribulation, don’t you want to live?”

“Today, I’ll give you a taste of what it means to fight against the heavens!”

“This time, I’m going to blow your soul away and leave your bones intact!”

“As long as this mission is completed, this year’s performance will be considered complete, haha ……”

“Humph, this time will not encounter the supreme existence again, right?”

With such a thought, the thunderclap giant’s body stagnated, and a wave of unease appeared on his face. Then, he quickly shook his head, “Impossible!”

“I know all those people around the Supreme Being, they just reached the Ascendant Realm! How could they possibly cross the immortal tribulation again?”

“Who cares who you are? Eat my hammer first!”

After saying that, the thunder tribulation giant took out a hammer with a shining thunder.

“Zhi ……”

Ten thousand colors of thunder, on the hammer incessantly pulsating, bursting out of the destruction of heaven and earth power. One look at it made heart and soul tremble.


The thunderclap giant let out a roar and aimed at the ground,  blasting it over.

“Zhi ……”

The black clouds scattered as blinding light illuminating the entire heaven and earth. A thunderous beam of lightning shook the sky and roared incessantly, and waves of air billowed.

“Swoosh ……”

The terrifying pressure, like a tsunami, pressed toward everyone. The Mu family’s four ancestors’ faces changed dramatically and secretly said, “Not good.

“It’s over!” All that could be thought of were these two words as they watched the thunder light was about to fall.

At this moment.

“Woosh ……” A figure hurriedly scurried out.  She was dressed in white, her clothes fluttering. On her stunningly beautiful face, there was a determined smile. She was none other than Huang Rumeng.

She looked at the thunder mane falling from the sky, without hurrying, extended her right hand and grabbed towards the sky.

“Zhi ……”

The thunder light went straight into the hand of Huang Rumeng, jumping around in it and struggling madly.

Every time it jumps, it exploded with heaven-destroying power.

“Boom ……”

Likee a lens inch by inch, the surrounding space shattered apart and then, once again, closed up.

Those who watched this scene could not help but had their scalp-fried. Their scalp exploded, and cold sweat pouring down their backs.

Grasp the immortal lightning tribulation with bare hands? Unheard of, never seen! The lady’s strength is so terrifying! Unimaginable, unimaginable.

“Don’t struggle, it’s useless!”


Huang Rumeng’s right hand gently gripped.

“Boom ……” A sound exploded, the entire thunderstorm exploded as much as possible.

It turned into billions of wisps of electric aura enveloping Huang Rumeng. She closed her eyes and bathed in the electric aura, revealing an expression of enjoyment.

A few moments later, the electric aura dispersed and was all absorbed by Huang Rumeng.

She stood in mid-air, closed her eyes, and quietly felt it. At this moment, heaven and earth were as still.  Everyone’s gaze was dumbfounded as they stared at Huo Rumeng, full of disbelief.

“What? Swallowed all the immortal lightning?”

“That’s amazing! This method is unimaginable!”

“Rumeng’s sister is different when she’s with you! This physical body, I’m afraid even the Immortal Dragon is far from being comparable!”

Luo Liuyan’s five people looked at Huo Rumeng, shocked written all over their faces.

Next to them, the Mu family’s four ancestors stood frozen in place, for a moment, it was difficult to calm down.

One hand grasped the thunderclap and swallowed the thunderclap’s lights in her body. This was really unheard of! In a million years, never seen before.

The lady’s method was horrifying as this, unimaginable.

“Hiss ……”

The four ancestors of the Mu family drew several cold breaths, which gradually calmed down.

Everyone’s gaze, once again, was fixed on Huang Rumeng.

They saw.


Huang Rumeng opened her eyes, and two sharp gazes burst out. Her eyes directly penetrated the dark clouds and swept to the thunderclap giant.

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