The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 82: One Step to Kill a God

Everyone was stunned as they looked at the Ghost Hell Blade that was shattered into countless pieces.

The Ghost Hell Bladee, recorded by the divine Canon, was a supreme ghost blade, the prestige of the ancient and modern era. Now, it was going to disappear from the history of the Eternal Source realm forever?

Many experts who were familiar with the reputation of the Ghost Hell Blade, although they had seen it with their own eyes, it was still hard to believe that the Ghost Hell Blade was just going to disappear forever.

At this moment, Lu Yiping swung out the Eye of Eternal Night in his hand. He didn’t draw it out its sheath but just waved it casually.

A dark light cut through the Ghost Hell Blade’s Qi of Ten Thousand Ghosts.

Then, the dark light cut through the evil ghost boundary around the old man Tang Jie’s body. Then, it cut through the Heavenly God Laws surrounding his body!

The eighty-one thousand six hundred and forty-three Heavenly God Laws crumbled inch by inch!

The Heavenly God Laws were laws formed by some kind of power of heaven and earth and were exceptionally tough, but now, they all crumbled too!

Finally, the dark light cut through the divine armor on the old man Tang Ji.

The boundless ghost Qi, the violent Yin wind, completely dissipated.

Everyone looked only to see a bloodstain from the old man Tang Ji’s neck, down to its lower abdomen!

Tang Ji looked in disbelief at his chest that completely cut open the divine armor and the blood scar. His divine armor was also a very prestigious divine armor in the Middle Ages.

Why in front of this Lu Yiping was also so weak?

Under the eyes of everyone, the old man Tang Ji’s chest blood scar suddenly cracked open the whole.

The old man Tang Ji was split into two halves! Blood splashed in the air. And his God body and God soul were also split into two halves.

Everyone looked at the old man Tang Ji’s corpse and froze.

In recent ancient times, although there were true gods perished, never a Heavenly god perished.

Heavenly God powerhouse, whether the God body or the God soul, was often stronger than the true God, thus extremely difficult to kill.

Now, a late peak Heavenly  God who had condensed 81,643 Heavenly God Laws had actually died!

Yin Ghost Sect Huang Ancestor, Zeng Yu, and others looked at the corpse of the old man Tang Ji with ugly faces.

Lu Yiping did not look at the old man Tang Ji’s corpse, he looked at Huang Ancestor, Lone Old Ghost, Bai Wuchang, and others, and said indifferently, “Does anyone else want to make a move.”

Huang Ancestor, Lone Old Ghost, Bai Wuchang, and others no one spoke.

After a while, Bai Wuchang’s white-painted face revealed a stiff smile, “Your Excellency is joking, my Yellow Springs Demon Sect has come this time only to see the reverse flow of the Heavenly God River, our Yellow Springs Demon Sect has absolutely no intention to make a move against Your Excellency.”

Lone Old Ghost opened his mouth and said, “We did not know your identity earlier, if we had known your identity, we would not have dared to come even if we were given a hundred guts.” Speaking of this, he bowed and said, “The Dark Demon Hall had offended Your Excellency earlier, it was our eyes that were blind!”

“We would like to offer ten billion divine stones to atone for our sins!”

“And please forgive us, my lord!”

Lu Yiping smiled, and his face was indifferent: “It’s already too late!”

“Today, all of you must die!”

Bai Wuchang, Lone Old Ghost, and the others’ faces changed, and they couldn’t help but retreat.

At this moment, Huang Ancestor said in a deep voice: “Lu Yiping, do you really want to make a fish die?”

“Although you have surpassed the Heavenly Gods and controlled the power of the realm, every time you use the power of the realm, it also extremely consumes divine power and soul power, you can’t even perform it a few times!”

“Our Yin Ghost Sect, Dark Demon Hall, and Yellow Spring Devil Sect, however, have an army of a hundred billion! Even if we can’t kill you, we can still kill everyone around you!”

“To tell you the truth, it doesn’t hurt that our Yin Ghost Sect has already allied with the Lifeless Sect of the Underworld Prison!”

When the crowd heard this, they were shocked, “The Lifeless Sect!”

The Underworld Prison, the Lifeless Sect!

The Lifeless Sect was the strongest of the many super sects in the Prison of the Underworld. If we talk about the strength, it even stronger than the Nine Heavens Tai Qing Sword Sect.

Moreover, the Lifeless Sect’s methods were incomparable cruel if, given a choice, the crowd would rather offend the Tai Qing Sword Sect than the Lifeless Sect.

After Huang Ancestor finished speaking, then he saw Lu Yiping step out, the Eye of Eternal Night in Lu Yiping’s hand wave out.

Huang Ancestor was shocked, reflexively retreating, while activating his entire body’s Heavenly God power. The Heavenly God Law entwined, the entire person’s darkness glowed. His Heavenly God Laws had reached 89,724!

More than 8,000 more than the old man Tang Ji just now. In front of him, there was even an additional dark giant shield.

“Shield of Dark Light!”

Someone recognized this giant shield of darkness. The Shield of Dark Light was the treasure of the Yin Ghost Sect’s sect.

A supreme defense divine weapon. This Shield of Dark Light was forged with an ancient Dark Demon Beast skin and was claimed to absorb all attacks.

“Spread the Yin Ghost Array!”

“Kill him!” Huang Ancestor roared.

And when the Lone Old Ghost of the Dark Demon Hall and Bai Wuchang of the Yellow Spring Demon Sect saw that Lu Yiping refused to be kind, they gritted their teeth and all shouted, “Lay the Dark Demon Grand Array.”

“Yellow Spring Grand Array!”


At once, the ghostly, demonic, and corpse qi spread all over the sky.

At this time, the Eye of Eternal Night in Lu Yiping’s hand passed through the shield of dark light, without stopping, pierced through the dark light on the Huang Ancestor, broke through the opponent’s Heavenly God Law, and finally pierced into the opponent’s brow!

The sheath of the Eye of Eternal Night penetrated from the back of the opponent’s head.

The Yin Ghost Sect Huang Ancestor’s eyes were rounded.

Lu Yiping was expressionless, and with a shock of the Eye of Eternal Night in his hand, he shattered Huang Ancestor’s head!

Then, Lu Yiping took another step, a sword swing, and the Dark Demon Hall Lonely Old Ghost head fell to the ground.

Lu Yiping took another step and swung his sword, and the head of the Yellow Spring Demon Sect’s Bai Wuchang fell to the ground.

One step to kill a god! And three late peak Heavenly Gods!

At this time, the Ancient Evil God Qiang Liang’s Evil God Blades also all flew out, turned into two blood-bladed lights cut through from the Yin Ghost Sect, the Dark Demon Hall, to the Yellow Springs Demon Sect crowd of disciples.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull came directly over the Yin Ghost Sect’s army, and the golden bull’s leg rose up and turned into a prime pillar and stepped down with one leg.

The Yin Ghost Sect’s army smashed down from the high altitude like a rainstorm.

The ground rumbled.

A rain of blood splashed.

Zhang Jin and Zhao Wen also rushed into the Yellow Spring Demon Sect and Dark Demon Hall armies.

Seeing this, Zhou Cheng also raised his Buddha Palm and imprinted it on the Yellow Spring Demon Sect army.

The Nine Absolute Martial Gods led the experts of the Martial God Hall to kill the Supreme Unity Sect.

The sound of killing vibrated in the sky.

For many miles around the Heavenly God Mountain, blood poured down from the sky, and the whole sky was red.

Ten thousand miles of land and forest were all completely dyed red.

Other sects, family experts fled to the extreme distance, looking at the rain of blood like a rainstorm, are frozen.

“Is this a recreation of the battle of the ancient gods?” Yun Wei, the head of the Yun family, only felt his whole body chill, but his palms kept sweating.

“After this battle, I’m only afraid that the Yin Ghost Sect, Yellow Spring Demon Sect and Dark Demon Hall will be finished!” Chen Qingyang, the number one array master in the Divine Martial Continent, watched with a dry mouth.

Since the Middle Ages, there has not been such a great battle on the Eternal Source realm for many thousands of years!

Although there were battles between the major empires of the Divine Martial Continent, compared to the hundreds of billions of armies killing each other in front of them, it was like a child’s fight.

Lu Yiping’s Eye of Eternal Night had never been sheathed. Still, the whole body sword qi diffusion, surprisingly condensed into tens of thousands of sword array, cut through the Yin Ghost Sect, Yellow Spring Demon Sect, Dark Devil Hall all experts sword array strangulation!

Lu Yiping arrived in front of the Supreme Unity Sect Jiang Yu.

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