It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 169: I Have Actually Attained The Devouring Dao

“It’s so delicious!”

“This immortal dragon meat is definitely the ultimate taste in the world!”

“Nothing can be more delicious than this!”

“I blame myself for being too weak and digesting too slowly, I can’t believe it takes so long to eat a piece of meat!”

“Unlike the Young Master, who directly eats meat in big bites!” Su Yiling looked at Sun Hao, and her face was full of admiration.

Suddenly, her expression was stagnant, looking at Sun Hao’s mouth, her whole person stood silly in place.

She saw.

Sun Hao picked up a piece of dragon meat, swallowed it into his mouth, and chewed it. That swallowing motion, such as in the swallowing heaven and devouring the earth.

Su Yiling’s eyes instantly stunned seeing such a scene saw. In front of her eyes, the scene changed rapidly. It was as if she was the only one left between heaven and earth.

Or rather, she was the heaven and earth. At this moment, she reached the incomparable mysterious realm of the unity of heaven and man. Su Yiling felt like a heaven-devouring beast that could devour everything. She closed her eyes, opened her bloody mouth, and swallowed hard.

“om ……”

Spiritual Qi from all around rushed in and entered Su Yiling’s mouth. These spiritual qis, after flowing into her body, quickly changed and turned into immortal power.

“Ka-ching ……”

With just one breath, the layer of realm membrane on her body cracked in response to the sound, breaking through a small realm once again.

“So strong?” Su Yiling opened her small mouth, shock filling her face.

“Come again!” Then, she once again began to swallow up. This realm of heavenly unity was extremely rare. The naked eye could not detect the aura that rushing in and rapidly improving Su Yiling’s strength.

All the way to the Ten Steps to Ascendant realm and only then did it stop. To become a half-immortal, you need to comprehend and mobilize the dao power.

Although she was able to mobilize the Ice Cold Dao before, however, that was all borrowed from the power of the painting scroll.

“I actually attained the Devouring Dao?” Su Yiling opened her eyes, revealing an uncontainable surprise.

The Devouring Dao which belonged to the Supreme Dao was more difficult to perceive than the Fishing Dao.

According to the legend, the Heaven Devouring Devil Technique was originally the Devouring Dao, however, the shortcut taken could not be compared to the Devouring Dao.

Moreover, the Heaven Devouring Devil Technique had a very strong side effect of making people become murderous and unable to control their emotions.

This was also the reason why it was called Heaven Devouring Demon Technique.

And myself, surprisingly, directly perceived the Devouring Dao, Although I hadn’t gotten started yet, I had at least made a good start.

From now on, I only need to eat eat eat ……, then I can quickly improve! This is too suitable for me! It must be because the Young Master deliberately instructed me!

You are so kind to me, Young Master!

Su Yiling looked at Sun Hao with a face was full of gratitude. Then, she picked up a piece of dragon meat and chewed it in small bites. Immortal qi passed through her meridians and surged into the dantian and converging in the nascent soul.

“Huh, this is?”

Su Yiling responded to the change in her own dantian, and she stood silly in place. She saw that the nascent soul in her dantian had turned into a strange beast shaped like a qilin.

The difference was that this beast had a large blood-basin mouth.

“Supreme Spiritual Root – Taotie!” Su Yiling stood silly in place with a face full of disbelief.

She did not expect that this time not only sensed the devouring dao but also gave birth to a spiritual root! Moreover, it was also the ancient divine beast – Taotie!

This kind of luck was simply unimaginable. From now on her path of cultivation would have no more hardships, even if the immortal tribulation descends, that she could also swallow it!

There had been a stormy sea in Su Yiling’s heart, and for a long time, she was unable to calm down.

“Young Master, thank you!” She looked at Sun Hao with a face was full of gratitude.

“Aiya, one by one, you guys are really svelte!”

un Hao looked at everyone eating only small bites of meat and shook his head for a while.

Rumeng, come on, take a big bite of meat!”

After saying that, Sun Hao chucked up a few pieces of immortal dragon meat for Huang Rumeng and sent them into Huang Rumeng’s bowl.

“Young Master, you eat too!”

Huang Rumeng also helped Sun Hao eat a few pieces. She clipped a piece and swallowed it directly into her belly. Immortal energy surged and quickly ran around in the meridians. With a little guidance, all of it surged into the dantian.

These surging immortal energy all swallowed by the divine phoenix.

The divine phoenix was like a dried up stream, desperately in need of immortal energy nourishment. As the immortal energy was swallowed, and the membrane of the realm on Huang Rumeng’s body instantly collapsed.

At this moment, she reached the three-step half-immortal realm! To become an immortal, she only needed to perceive a dao to a small success.

And herself, after devouring the Blood Phoenix, her Destruction Dao had long since cultivated to great success realm.

As long as the immortal power was replenished, she could become a ten-step half-immortal. After that, it was to cross the immortal tribulation.

The immortal tribulation was ten thousand times more powerful than the nine-colored thunder tribulation! It was not an order of magnitude.

Once you crossed it, you would not be an ordinary immortal but a Golden Immortal! Maybe today, she could become an immortal!

Huang Rumeng looked at the big pot of immortal dragon meat, once again picked up a piece, and sent it into her mouth.

After Huang Rumeng swallowed ten pieces of immortal dragon meat.

“Ka-cha ……”

A sound rang out. The realm membrane stuck in her body instantly shattered.  At this moment, her realm reached the Four Steps Half Immortal Realm. Huang Rumeng looked excited and her body trembled slightly.

Without any hesitation, she once again picked up a piece and swallowed it into her belly. After she swallowed forty pieces of immortal dragon meat, she broke through again and reached the Five Steps Half Immortal Realm.

At this moment, most people were still eating the second piece of immortal dragon meat.

They chewed delicately and glanced at Huang Rumeng from time to time, with envy in their eyes.

A few moments passed.

“Ka ka ka ……” A sound rang out.

Huang Rumeng at this moment replenished her immortal power reaching the ten-step half-immortal realm. Between Immortal and Half Immortal, there was then only one hurdle left. This hurdle, that was the immortal tribulation!

If she could pass it, she was an immortal, if she could not pass it, she would either become dust or a loose immortal.

At the moment of her breakthrough.

All of a sudden, dark clouds rose up and instantly covered the sky. The whole heaven and earth quickly darkened.

“Woosh ……” Rapid gusts of wind whistled. The whole heaven and earth were humming and trembling.

“Zhi ……” The sound of terrifying electric currents, resounding from the black clouds reverberated in heaven and earth. With each sound, it shook the ground to buzz and tremble.

The four ancestors of the Mu family stared blankly at the sky, their faces, all panic.

“This …… is the immortal tribulation!”

“Oh my God, how many years have I not seen an immortal tribulation!”

“Could it be her?” Mu family four ancestors gaze were staring at the Huang Rumeng with a dazed expression.

Especially Mu Ao, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly and his body trembled. He had seen the immortal tribulation himself! That terrifying power now thought about it, he was still afraid.

Just a single blow, it will be a hundred miles around moved to the ground.  There was no treasure that could withstand this kind of power!

Naturally, the person who had undergone the tribulation was also disipated. Seeing that immortal tribulation, Mu Ao immediately decided not to breakthrough.

Therefore, for so long, he had been suppressed it by not sense a dao to a small success realm.

Now, the immortal tribulation came, and he himself sitting with the person who was crossing the tribulation. Does it mean that he was also within the immortal tribulation coverage? Now he wanted to escape but it was simply too late, how should this be?

There was panic on Mu Ao’s face.

“Rumble ……” With a loud explosion, the world roared. The dust on the ground was buzzing and trembling.

The entire Western Region no matter who it was, was awakened by the loud noise at this moment.

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