It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 168: Who Has Ever Been This Domineering?

Mo Haoshi looked at Jin Qiu and couldn’t help swallowing a mouthful of saliva.

A few days ago, he saw Sun Hao chop a dragon general into pieces in three or five strokes. Subsequently, a large hot pot was cooked.

At that time, Sun Hao scared out of his mind when Suj Hao wanted to eat it with him.

Later, at his request, he ate it anyway.

Now that he thought about it, it was really the best taste in the world, what a mouth-watering food.

In the future, with the Young Master around, should I afraid of not having dragon meat to eat?

“Since everyone is here, today we will eat the biggest one!”

Sun Hao pointed to Jin Qiu and sai. This sound was like a devilish voice from hell, exploded in Jin Qiu’s mind.

“Everyone, help, please save my life!” Jin Qiu shouted.

However, no one paid any attention to him. His voice, when it reached Sun Hao’s ears, was like an eel screaming.

“Big eel, don’t jump around, it’s just a matter of a moment!”

After this sound, a big hand descending from the sky came straight at the golden dragon. It seemed ordinary, without any power.

It was pressed against Jin Qiu, but he couldn’t produce any resistance.

“No …… no ……”

No matter how Jin Qiu struggled, it didn’t help. He was carried out by Sun Hao and pressed to the ground. Raising the hammer and aiming it at his head, the hammer went down.


A heart-breaking cry came to an abrupt end.

“Dang ……”

The hammer fell and struck Jin Qiu’s brow.

At once, he stopped struggling and fainted. Sun Hao took out the kitchen knife, moved quickly, opened the belly, picked the bones, removed the debris, and cut into pieces of meat. The whole action was flowing without a halt.

A few moments passed.

The golden dragon was transformed into a large pile of meat slices, placed in front of the crowd. Such a scene strongly stimulated the eyes of the crowd.

The kind of shock, the kind of disbelief, written all over everyone’s face.

The mighty immortal dragon, in the hands of the Young Master, not even qualified to struggle. If they hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it.

A moment later.

“Hiss ……” The sound of cold breaths being drawn backward kept ringing out. It was a long time before they calmed down from the shock. Especially the Mu family’s four ancestors, their chests were like being hit by heavy hammers, and it was difficult to recover.

“Ru Meng, please bring out that cauldron!”

“Yes, my lord!”

Huang Rumeng waved her right hand, and a two-meter cauldron was presented in front of the crowd.

“Boom!” A huge cooker shook the ground and buzzed.

“This …… is all made of immortal iron!”

“Every single item used by the Young Master is an immortal item!”

The Mu family’s fourth ancestor opened his mouth wide and murmured half a day without closing it.

“Ru Meng, burn the fire!”

“Yes, Young Master!”

Huang Rumeng waved her right hand, and a pile of wood presented in front of everyone.

The Mu family’s four ancestors raised their eyebrows, and their faces changed and changed.

“Holy shit, immortal wood! And it’s an immortal wood that even I can’t see the grade!”

“No way, this is used for burning fire? It’s too …… wasteful, right?”

In the Mu family’s four ancestors incomparable flesh pain look, the immortal wood ignited a roaring fire.

“Immortal wood is actually just used as firewood?”

“That’s right, only an immortal fire can stew the meat of an immortal dragon!”

“It smells too good, what did the Young Master put in?”

“Ten thousand years have not eaten anything, at this moment, surprisingly this desire to eat?”

The four ancestors of the Mu family froze looking at Sun Hao’s movements, and for a moment, it was hard to calm down.

Today’s feast finally opened their eyes. In the future, it would be difficult to turn up any ripples when seeing spirit items.

“Everyone, don’t be in a hurry, it will be ready soon!”

Looking at the expressions of the pairs of eager eyes, a touch of pride appeared on Sun Hao’s face.

His cooking skills had reached the supreme realm, even if the other party was an old ancestor, so what?

“Rumeng, go pick some wild vegetables!”

“Yes, Yong Master!” Huang Rumeng finished speaking and quickly got up.

A few moments later, Huang Rumeng returned.

Seeing what was in the basin, the Mu family’s four ancestors’ eyes were wide with shock beyond description.

“A basin of immortal divine medicine? In the Young Master’s mouth, could it be wild vegetables!”

“It’s not like these are all for eating, right? Heavens! The Young Master is too extravagant!”

“I can’t stand it, I can’t stand it! Although we have lived for 100,000 years, compared with the Young Master, the gap ……”

“Today, I finally know what it means to be a Senior!”

The Mu family old ancestors muttered, opened his mouth wide, and did not spit out a word for half a day. Luo Liuyan and the others also not much better. Their shocked look was something that words could not describe.

Under everyone’s dumbfounded gaze, Huang Rumeng poured a pot of immortal divine medicine into the cauldron, covered the pot with a lid, and smother it for half an hour.

“Hoo ……”

The delicious aroma spread in all directions, lingering at the end of the nose, making people mouth-watering.

Everyone took a deep breath, felt refreshed, saliva overflowing, and their belly rang like thunder.

Everyone swallowed their saliva, revealing a look of eager eyes.

A few moments later.

“It’s ready!” Sun Hao lifted the lid of the big pot.

Hot steam steamed up, and the aroma came out. The creamy white soup strongly attracted the eyes of the crowd. Unimaginable, one was about to be the first person to eat an immortal dragon!

No, the second! Guess the Young Master had already eaten a lot!

“Ru Meng, get some stools!” Sun Hao said.

“Yes, Young Master!” With a wave of her right hand, a dozen stools were placed around.

“Today, we’ll have a big hot pot!”

“If you don’t finish eating, you are not allowed to leave!” Sun Hao said.

“Many thanks, Young Master!”

“Come …… come, don’t just stand still, start eating!”

Seeing Sun Hao do it, the others followed in turn. Su Yiling had long been waiting impatiently, picked up a piece of immortal dragon meat and sent it into her mouth. She chewed it carefully and swallowed it in small bites.

“Hoo ……” An endless stream of immortal energy, like a turbulent flow, ran amok in the meridians. Her whole person seemed to explode.

Su Yiling’s face changed greatly and hurriedly invoked her cultivation method to bring this power into her dantian. She opened her small mouth and shook the original place. With just a small mouthful, the membrane of the realm was pierced.

At this moment, she rose two realms in a row and reached the Seventh Step of AscendantRealm!

“Is this the power of the Immortal Dragon?”

“No, an immortal dragon alone could never do this!”

“Just now, it seems that the Young Master put a lot of immortal herbs, and immortality elixirs!”

“This big pot of immortal dragon meat is simply unimaginable!”

Su Yiling murmured, shaking her face. The others, too, were not much better. Everyone was chewing carefully, not daring to be careless at all. The most shocked were the four ancestors of the Mu family.

Their bodies trembled slightly, and the meat on their chopsticks almost shook off.

“Old …… man I can …… actually be able to eat immortal dragon meat stewed by the Immortal God Elixirs!”

“From ancient times to the present, who has been this extravagant?”

“Who has ever been this domineering?”

“All of this is due to the Young Master!”

The four ancestors of the Mu family looked at Sun Hao with worship and awe aura, flickering indefinitely.

Mu Ao picked up a piece and swallowed it in one bite.

“Howl ……” A sound shook up, like a dragon’s roar. A strand of immortal power, like a surging torrent, ran amok in Mu Ao’s body.

Mu Ao’s face changed significantly, and hurriedly invoked his cultivation method to bring these immortal powers into his dantian.

At this moment, the strength he had lost quickly recovered in less than a moment. He once again returned to the Ten Steps Half Immortal realm.

“One bite of immortal dragon flesh and I’ve fully recovered?”

“Moreover, the dao wounds in my body were all worn out?”

“This bite of meat is completely unimaginable!”

“Young Master, you first helped my Mu family transform the Supreme Holy Land and gave me vitality!”

“And now, helping us recover, such a great kindness, Mu Ao can hardly forget it for the rest of his life!”

“Young Master, don’t worry, eradicating the evil race and reviving the pinnacle of the human race, we are obliged to do so!” Mu Ao looked at Sun Hao and showed a determined expression.

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