It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 167: Heaven Is Going To Kill My Dragon Race!

Jin Qiu, the golden dragon,  lay in the pool, his eyes showing no signs of expression. Four days ago, he was caught as an eel. That mortal casually dug out a pool and threw himself into it.  No matter how he tried, it was impossible to break free.

Shortly after, his own brother Chi Rong was picked up, and then he was cut into pieces. The dignified dragons turned into human food. Since ancient times, when did such a thing happen? It was unbearable!

At that time, he resisted, but his resistance was ineffective. Any method had no effect at all. In this pool, he was as weak as an ordinary eel. Even a ready-made hole he could not make it, let alone jump in the hole.

This pool was like a hell cage, and he simply can not break free. This was what a mortal dug up!  If that’s all, it would be better. The most frightening thing was. These days, every day, he would sense a wisp of terrifying aura.

This feeling, like being in the ancient barbaric world, surrounded by ancient divine beasts.

He could confirm that a random wisp of breath could blow himself to dust. What kind of place had he come to? That mortal, in the end, what kind of existence was he?  Why was he surrounded by such a terrifying existence? If this continues, what should I do?

“General Jin, is there still no way to send a message to the Dragon Lord?”

At this time, a voice came. When Jin Qiu heard it, he secretly shook his head. On his face, there was a bitter look, “No!”

“General Jin, if this continues, all of us will be eaten by that mortal!”

“Mortal? You still think he’s a mortal? I can be sure that he is an incomparably terrifying existence!”

“What? A mortal is an incomparably terrifying existence?”

When these words came out from the mouth of the golden dragon, the dragon generals couldn’t help but tremble.

 “General Jin, what then? Won’t we be dead?”

 “That’s inevitable!”

Jin Qiu’s expression was dark, “What I’m worried about now is not us, but the entire dragon race!”

“The whole dragon race? Can he destroy our entire dragon race?”

“It’s not impossible!” Jin Qiu said.

Once these words came out.

 “Hiss ……”

The dragon generals, one after another, gasped cold air.

Dragon race, in addition to the dragon lord, there was a supreme existence! That was an existence that even the Thunderbolt Lord was afraid of! Could it be that this mortal was even stronger than the Supreme Being?

“General Jin, you’re not kidding, even the Dragon Lord of the Purple Sun Star also extremely strong, which ordinary immortals is the Dragon Lord’s opponent!”

“Not to mention, behind us, is the entire Dragon race!”

“Yes, how strong is the master, don’t you know?”

“Behind the LOrd, there is also the supreme existence of our Dragon race!”

Jin Qiu secretly shook his head, full of bitterness, “Do you not sense the aura around here? Which one is weaker than the Dragon Lord?”

“This ……”

In an instant, the four generals of the Dragon Race were dumbfounded in place.

This was indeed true.

Every time those terrifying auras swept in, it was like facing the Dragon Lord, extremely terrifying.

This surrounding, all this kind of terrifying existence. In this way, that mortal was not weaker than the dragon race supreme existence?

When they think about it, the dragon race general gasped. Their bodies trembled. The endless chill spread throughout the body.

“In that case, that existence, was not used to seeing us eat the human race, thus striking out?” A dragon general asked.

“Not bad, since the ancient times, our dragon race has been nurturing and self-righteous, looking down on any race!”

“This is no good, the human race has actually produced such an existence!” Jin Qiu had a bitter look on his face.

“General Jin, we must find a way to report this to the Dragon Lord, so that he will not make enemies with the human race, otherwise the consequences will be unthinkable!”

Jin Qiu secretly shook his head, his face full of bitterness, “Now, let’s not say we don’t have the ability to report it to the Dragon Lord, even if we do, will the Dragon Lord listen to us?”

Hearing this, the dragon generals instantly lowered their heads. It was indeed true, and the Dragon Lord was of noble status. Would he change his opinion of the human race because of a word from General Jin?

“With the Dragon Lord’s character, he will definitely launch an attack on the human race, and then, it will be a disaster! A disaster for my dragon race!” Jin Qiu said.

Hearing this, the dragon generals secretly sighed, full of bitterness. If the dragon race perished, that meant that their family would also perish. Wives and children, parents and uncles …… Without exception, all would die tragically.

“It’s here, look!”

At this time, a sound rang out. Jin Qiu looked up, his pupils contracted, his eyes gleaming and flickering.

At this moment, he seemed to see a life-saving straw.

He stared at the four ancestors of the Mu family, and without thinking, he shouted, “Brothers, help me!”

The Four Ancestors of the Mu Clan were standing dumbfounded at the moment and were awakened by such a cry.

They looked at the golden dragon, and for a moment, they could not believe the scene in front of them.

The immortal dragon had become a prisoner and, to the point of asking for help from the human race. If they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, who would believe it if they told the others?

The arrogance of the dragons had never changed.

In their eyes, the human race was just ants, not to mention asking for help, even to say a word to the human race, they would feel incomparable shame.

“Save you?”

Mu Ao smiled faintly, coldness was written all over his face, “You think, I can save you under the Young Master watch?”

“Big brother, please, ask that supreme being, as long as you save me, in the future, this Jin is at your disposal!” Jin Qiu said.

“Come on?”

Mu Ao shook his head for a while, “Why did the Young Master make a move? Don’t you know?”

“I was wrong, we were wrong! I promise, we will never strike at a human again!”

“If I eat another human, I will not be allowed to die, and I will be struck by heaven!”

Jin Qiu swore one after another.

When Luo Liuyan and the others’ heard these voices, they could not help but sweat coldly.

An immortal dragon was forced into such a situation. In this world, except the Young Master, who could do it?

“Oh, forget it! It’s impossible to make me talk!”

“How will the Young Master take care of you, how dare we disobey?” Mu Ao shook his head for a while.

Hearing this, Jin Qiu looked gloomy. In its eyes, there was still a flicker of hope essence.

“Big brother, I can’t die, otherwise, the human race will be in ruins!”

“If the Dragon Lord learns of my death, with the character of the Dragon Lord, he will definitely slaughter the entire human race!”

“You do not want to save me, but for the sake of the human race, you must also consider!” Jin Qiu said.

Hearing these words, Mu Ao frowned slightly and began to think. He looked at Sun Hao a moment later, and his eyes flashed with a different kind of refined aura.

“Do you think, in front of the Young Master, the Dragon Lord can make any waves? I’m only afraid that by then, even the Dragon Lord will fall into the Young Master’s food!” Mu Ao said.

“This ……”

Jin Qiu was directly dumbfounded and had nothing to say.

“Then can you help me pass a message to the Dragon Lord? Tell him never to attack the human race!” he said.

“Oh, the titled Dragon Lord will listen to me?”

“This ……”

On Golden Qiu’s face, there was a look of despair.

He looked at the sky, cried out in pain, and roared towards the sky, “Heaven is going to kill my dragon race!”

“Today, we’ll eat the biggest one of all!” A voice, like a thunderclap, came out.

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    1. Though this is true, it’s also their own karma as they were literally eating out entire sects of people every month and could absolutely care less about humans.

      So the MC only really reversed the human and dragon relationship.

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