The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 81 Beyond the Heavenly Gods

In the silence of heaven and earth, Lu Yiping let out a sigh, looked at Wu Jiujue, who was kneeling before him, and said, “Get up, I said that in the future, when you youngsters see me, you are not allowed to call me Master anymore.”

During the long years in the Sacred Forest, he had taken in four personal disciples and dozens of in-named disciples.

When they left, Lu Yiping said to them all that they were not allowed to call him Master when they saw him again in the future.

As for the reason, Lu Yiping did not say.

Wu Jiujue, who was about to get up, heard this and said in fear, “Master, just now, in my excitement, I forgot the teachings of Master, I deserve to die! Please also ask your master to punish you!”

When everyone saw the Nine-Absolute Martial God Wu Jiujue look so terrified because of Lu Yiping’s words, they all had strange feelings in their hearts.

There were many legends about the Sacred Forest, however, most of them were rather vague, no one knows what strength the Sacred Forest one is.

Moreover, it was only a legend, and some things were too long ago, and there was no record and basis. Some people actually half believe and half doubt. Many experts on the scene saw Wu Jiujie so sincere and fearful. They felt that Wu Jiujie was too exaggerated. Even if this Lu Yiping was really his master, there was no need to be so frightened, right?

With the current status and position of Wu Jiujie in the Eternal Source Plane, there was no need to be so scared of Lu Yiping!

Even Zhou Cheng was quite surprised.

When Lu Yiping saw Wu Jiu Jie’s sincere and frightened appearance, he helped him up with one hand, “Get up, just remember next time.”

“Yes, Master!” Wu Jiujian immediately answered respectfully.

Hearing Wu Jiujie still address himself as Master, Lu Yiping secretly shook his head but did not say anything else. His gaze fell on the Yin Ghost Sect Huang Ancestor, Dark Demon Hall Lone Old Ghost, Yellow Springs Devil Sect Bai Wuchang.

In Lu Yiping’s hand, the Eye of Eternal Night appeared.

Huang Ancestor, Lone Old Ghost, Bai Wuchang, and other experts stared at the Eye of Eternal Night, and their eyes were blazing.

“Don’t you guys want the Eye of Eternal Night, you can make your move.” Lu Yiping’s voice was indifferent.

Huang Ancestor, Lone Old Ghost, Bai Wuchang, and others were hesitant.

Although the Nine Absolute Martial Gods were powerful, if the three of them joined forces, they were still confident that they could suppress the Nine Absolute Martial Gods, but facing a Lu Yiping whose strength was simply unknown some did not have a bottom.

“What, don’t you dare to fight?” Lu Yiping cold voice.

The old man beside the Huang Ancestor, Tang Ji, couldn’t help it, sneered, “The older you live doesn’t mean the stronger you are, I just don’t believe you are really that strong.”

Indeed, the older you live, did not mean that you were stronger.

Many of the younger generation, some only a thousand years, had already achieved God realm, while there were great emperors who had lived for thousands of years but still could not achieve God realm.

And life expectancy was limited, the older you live, your qi and blood would gradually be depleted. All aspects of body function would also gradually decline like the Nine Absolute Martial Gods life expectancy would be exhausted, his qi and blood had dried up.

As Tang Ji said this, his whole body qi released out. A vast ghost Qi rushed to the sky. The nine heavens were shaken with a boom. A vicious ghost around his body evolved into a vicious ghost boundary. The sky and earth suddenly darkened. Yin wind gusts, ghosts cried out.

The entire space around the Heavenly God Mountain seemed to fall into a boundless ghost realm.

Some of the strong people who were close all felt haunted by evil spirits; thus, their whole bodies chill.

Even many True Gods experts were not an exception.

“Late Heavenly God peak?!” An expert beside the lone old ghost exclaimed.

“Indeed, it is the peak of the late Heavenly God!” The Lone Old Ghost nodded his head with a surprising look.

This old man beside the Huang Ancestor was something he had surprisingly not heard of.

When did the Yin Ghost Sect have an additional late-stage peak Heavenly God powerhouse?

At this moment, a Heavenly god’s law twisted up from the vast sea of heavenly god power surrounding Tang Ji’s body.

“Eighty-one thousand six hundred and forty-three!” Bai Wuchang of the Yellow Spring Demon Sect moved.

When he broke through the early stage of Heavenly God, his Heavenly God Laws were only ten thousand!

As the realm rose, more and more Heavenly God Laws would be sensed. Eighty-one thousand six hundred and forty-three Heavenly God Laws were absolutely amazing.

“This person’s strength was not expected to be so strong!” The Lonely Old Ghost said in a deep voice.

Eighty-one thousand six hundred and forty-three! This was completely beyond his expectation.

The old man, Tang Ji, pushed his entire body’s Heavenly God’s power to the extreme, and in his hand was an additional huge ghost blade, which, on the front side, was a malevolent ghost figure, while on the other side, was instead a strange rune, a rune that the experts present couldn’t even recognize.

“Ghost Hell Blade!” Yellow Springs Demon Sect Bai Wuchang’s eyes stared.

“Ghost Hell Blade? The old ancestor is saying that this is the Ghost Hell Demonfather’s Ghost Hell Blade from the Middle Ages?” The Yellow Spring Demon Sect’s Patriarch was astonished.

The ancient period, the middle period, the recent period. In each period, there were ten great masters.

Ghost Hell Demon Lord was one of the top ten experts of the Heavenly Tribulation Era in the Middle Ancient Period.

“Not bad, it is none other than Ghost Hell Demon Lord’s Ghost Hell Blade!” Yellow Springs Demon Sect Bai Wuchang’s face gloomy, “This blade is a very high-quality divine weapon, but stronger than many very high-quality divine weapons power, it can cut through the Sword God mountain!

The old man Tang Ji Heavenly God’s power was poured into the Ghost Hell Blade, and the Ghost Hell Blade faintly had the sound of ten thousand ghosts, and an amazing red blood aura swept through.

“Ghost Hell Absolute Blade!” The old man Tang Ji broke through the air, and the Ghost Hell Blade in his hand cut out at Lu Yiping.

The heavy blade light broke through the air, and It was unknown how many were there. Accompanied by the blade lights were billions of evil ghosts.

This Ghost Hell Absolute Blade was the most powerful technique of the Ghost Hell Demon Lord.

It is recorded in the divine scriptures that the Ghost Hell Demon Supreme wielded the Ghost Hell Blade and cut down hundreds of Heavenly Gods with a single Ghost Hell Blade!

Looking at the incoming Ghost Hell Blade, Wu Jiujie, Dragon Horn Golden Bull, was about to make a move when Lu Yiping blandly said, “No need.” Then let the Ghost Hell Absolute Blade chop him down.


The Ghost Hell Blade carried a shocking blow and chopped down to the sky above Lu Yiping’s head.

However, when the Ghost Hell Blade chopped above Lu Yiping’s head, it seemed to chop on top of an invisible dimensional boundary wall and made a loud clanging sound.

The Ghost Hell Blade stopped there, unable to advance another half inch.

The crowd was dumbfounded.

“Could it be the power of the plane?!” The Yin Ghost Sect’s Huang Ancestor looked at the invisible boundary wall around Lu Yiping’s body, and his face, which had been normal, finally changed.

“He has already surpassed the Heavenly God? Bai Wuchang’s face also changed.

Only when one had surpassed the Heavenly Gods could one control the power of the plane!

The Dark Demon Hall’s Lone Old Ghost and the rest of the experts all paled.

Transcending the Heavenly Gods and controlling the power of the plane! This was already the strength of a Plane Lord?

Immediately afterward, the crowd saw that the Ghost Hell Blade that had beheaded Lu Yiping above his head made a cracking sound. Although it was subtle, it clearly reached everyone’s ears.

The old man Tang Ji watched as the Ghost Hell Blade in his hand crumbled into tiny pieces floating down from high in the sky, stunned.

This Ghost Hell Blade, after he got it, was almost invincible. Even with many extremely high-grade divine weapons and divine armor, he could easily cut it open. It was incomparably sharp and indestructible.

Now, surprisingly, it was shattered. And this Lu Yiping had not really struck!

*I decide to change celestial to heavenly, sorry for the inconsistency, I will change the prev chapter if I have the time to do so.

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