It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 165 : It’s Horrifying! I Feel Like I’m Going To Die

Time flew by, and it was another three days in the blink of an eye.

Since returning from the Ghost Dragon Lake, Sun Hao had been back home for five days. In these five days, the name of the Godly Cunning Immortal resounded throughout the entire Tian Luo Continent.

Even in the southern and eastern domains, the three words of Godly Cunning Immortal were shaken in the minds of a group of immortals.

Save Jiang Yang, kill the four generals, erase the Drought Demon, annihilate Blood Phoenix ……

This time, he calculated everything and saved the West Prefecture Immortal City, killed the four generals of the dragon race, and even the dragon tribe Grand Generall were suppressed and destroyed.

This means this strength! It was simply unseen and unheard of. The mouth of the people was full of compliments.

At the end of the day, the Godly Cunning Immortal was like a bright light in the heart of a crowd of immortal cultivators. Countless people were looking for the trail.

There were many people, tens of thousands of miles away, all the way to the Jade Lake Palace to seek the whereabouts of the Godly Cunning Immortal just for the pilgrimage.

All of these, Sun Hao naturally did not know. This day, he stood in the backyard, quietly watching Mo Haoshi build the flying boat, secretly taking everything into his heart.

It had been several days, and Mo Haoshi was still just building a chassis. This chassis was all built of spirit iron, and it needed to be forged, de-mixed, inscribed ……Simply too complicated.

At this rate, I’m only afraid that at the end of the year, then it might be completed.

“Old Mo, how much longer will this take?” Sun Hao asked.

“Young Master, it doesn’t take long, about a year will be able to build it!” Mo Haoshi’s face showed a touch of pride. Following the Young Master’s side, his own construction speed had significantly increased!  It only took one year to build a flying boat. In the past, if you did it all by yourself, it would take at least three years!

“It’s too slow!” Sun Hao said.

“What?” Mo Haoshi showed a bitter look.

Young Master, this is still slow, this is my fastest speed.

“You come with me!”

“Yes, Young Master!” Mo Haoshi followed Sun Hao and came to the iron-making room.

“Get the iron ore for me!”

“Yes, Young Master!” Sun Hao took the iron and threw it into the furnace.

“Swoosh ……” Blue flames instantly ignited. The iron-block that was dropped directly turned into iron water and burned into nothingness.

“This …… is immortal fire!”

“No, it’s the supreme immortal fire!”

“What the Young Master used was actually this kind of flame! Supreme Spiritual Iron, where can it withstand? Mo Haoshi murmured, and shock was written all over his face.

The longer he followed the Young Master, the more he was unable to see through him. His shock had not stopped all day.

Thinking of the time when he heard Zhan Tianpeng’s words, he foolishly did not believe it. Even threatened the Young Master, insisted on taking disciples before they would get up!

He was a fucking idiot! The Young Master of such a person, how could he threaten? Is he also worthy of becoming a disciple? Now he thought about how ridiculous he was back then!

“Young Master, don’t worry, I will try my best! Strive to become your disciple in this life!” Mo Haoshi secretly clenched his fist.

“Look, what kind of mine are you? It’s too bad!” Sun Hao said.

“Young Master, I …… I ……”

“Well, just use the wood to build the flying boat!” Sun Hao said.

“Yes, Young Master.” The two men returned to the backyard and were preparing to move.

“Young Master, are you home, please?”

A sound came from outside the door. Hearing this sound, in Sun Hao’s eyes, the light flashed, “Miss Liu Yan?”

Finally, I can harvest the blessing point again!

Mo Haoshi followed him and was harvested every day, but the speed was still too slow.

 “Young Master, I’ll open the door!” In the kitchen came Huang Rumeng’s voice.

“Good!” Sun Hao said.

“Creak ……”

When Huang Rumeng opened the door, she saw the crowd in front of her, and her expression was stagnant. This time, there were surprisingly four more people.

Of the four people, they all possessed a half-immortal realm aura, so they must have an extremely extraordinary cultivation level.

“Sister Liu Yan, may I ask if they are?” Huang Rumeng asked.

“Sister Rumeng, these are the four old ancestors of the Mu family!” Luo Liuyan said. Hearing this, Huang Rumeng’s pupils shrank, and her face showed shock.

This kind of old ancestor, generally the strength, was infinitely close to an immortal existence. They usually sealed themselves in the divine origin and would not come out until a critical moment. It seemed that they were surprisingly this young.

“Greetings, Miss Rumeng!”

Mu Ao stepped forward and led the Mu family ancestors to salute respectfully.

“Four seniors, you’re welcome, please come inside!”

Under the leadership of Huang Rumeng, the four ancestors of the Mu family carefully walked in. They withdrew their divine thoughts and did not dare to release them outward.

When they came to the pond, the afterglow swept, shock filled their faces.

“Lotus Immortal! It really is the Lotus Immortal!” The four ancestors of the Mu family nodded slightly to show their respect. Their inner hearts had risen shocking waves, ruthlessly crashing in several chests.

On the way, they cautiously did not dare to release their aura.

“Quack ……” Suddenly, a duck cry came.

The four ancestors of the Mu family heard it, and soon their faces changed significantly; without thinking, they lowered their heads.

At the same time, sending a divine sense to transmit a voice, “I have seen the senior!”

The Nine Heavenly God Luan, they had heard Mu Bing mention it many times. The temperament was extraordinary, and it must not be offended.

Before entering, more or less, they had disbelieved. After entering the courtyard door, only to know how scary it was inside!

After a sweep of light, it was known that the Nine Heavenly God Luan was not able to resist.

“En, good, a little polite, in line with the old man’s intention!” The fluorescent spectral voice shook in the minds of the four.

“Many thanks senior!”

The four ancestors of the Mu family once again used divine sense to transmit their voices.

“No need, make good use of this fortune!”

“Yes, senior!”

The Mu Family’s Four Ancestors followed the crowd and continued onward.

Even without using divine sense, one could clearly sense the possession of countless terrifying breaths. Each aura could crush them into pieces.

“What kind of existence is the Young Master? Surprisingly, there were so many seniors around him!”

“It’s too terrifying, I feel like I’m going to be crushed to death by this aura, it’s so unbearable!”

“This heart of mine doesn’t seem to be my own anymore, big brother, how terrifying is the Young Master?”

“Not an existence we can speculate on!”

The four ancestors of the Mu family used divine senses to transmit voices to each other and discussed it in secret.

“Miss Liu Yan, you have finally arrived.”

At this moment, a voice rang out. When the four Mu Family Ancestors looked up, they could not help but have their pupils shrink. Only to see that an instrumental man walked out. Between his hands and feet, he carried his own dao rhythm.

Every action, natural, without the slightest pretense, looked very comfortable—the corners of his mouth smile, warmer than the spring breeze.

Behind the man, he was also followed by a middle-aged man, like an escort.

“Greetings, Young Master!”

“You are too polite!”

Sun Hao smiled and waved his hand and swept his gaze to the four men standing at the end.

“May I ask how many of you are?” Sun Hao asked.

Mu Bing stepped forward and owed a salute, “My lord, these four are my family ancestors, this is Mu Ao, and this is Mu Hu ……”

What? Old ancestors!  The old ancestors in this world, aren’t they all self-appointed divine origin? They are all sealed in the divine origin to guard the family when they are nearing the end of their life span. They will never come out until the moment of family distress. Each of these people has amazing cultivation.

Listen to Ru Meng, and they were infinitely close to an immortal existence.

But looking at their appearance, which one looked like people who have run out of life expectancy?

Could it be that their strength, unfathomable, was far beyond my imagination?  Such characters must not be offended, and I have to deal with them carefully.

Thinking like this, Sun Hao clasped his fist and saluted, “I’ve seen the four seniors ……”

When these words came out, the Mu family’s four ancestors’ faces changed dramatically.

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