It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 164 What? It’s For Eating?

Sun Hao took the boat core and looked it up and down.

Around the boat’s core, a layer of light was shrouded, repelling the surrounding spiritual energy. Tens of thousands of array patterns, densely packed, carved on the palm-sized boat core.

There was no sense of bluntness in every array pattern. Although it was far from his own creation, it was considered qualified.

“Not bad, but you still need to work hard!”

Sun Hao handed the boat core back to Mo Haoshi.

“Yes, Young Master!”

Mo Haoshi nodded his head heavily and stood in front of Sun Hao with a respectful face.

“Young Master, are you carving today?” Mo Haoshi asked.

“Carving?” The corner of Sun Hao’s mouth raised, and he took out a piece of immortal wood and handed it to Mo Haoshi.

“Today I am not carving, but watching you carve!” Sun Hao said.

“Yes, Young Master!”

Mo Haoshi took the immortal wood and couldn’t help but have his pupils shrink. He couldn’t see the grade of the immortal wood in his hand.

It must be extremely uncomplicated!

“Young Master, I’m going to start, if there’s anything wrong, please point it out!”

Mo Haoshi took out his carving knife and began to carve.


A sound rang out. The carving knife cracked at the sound. Mo Haoshi stood dumbfounded in place, full of disbelief. Did it break?

It was made of immortal gold and cost him hundreds of immortal crystals. Did it break just like that? Then this immortal wood, was it not the very best immortal wood?

“Hiss ……” Mo Haoshi drew a breath of cold air backward.

The Young Master casually threw a piece of extremely high-quality immortal wood. The Young Master was really too rich!

“Young Master, I …… my carving knife quality is too poor to carve!” Mo Hao Shi looked ashamed.

Hearing this, the corner of Sun Hao’s mouth raised. He was worried that he didn’t have any blessing points. It was just in time.

“It’s okay, I have it!”

Sun Hao took out a set of carving knives and threw them in front of Mo Haoshi. These carving knives were all made by his own hands.

Although they couldn’t be compared to the ones produced by the system, they were much stronger than Mo Haoshi’s set.

“This …… this ……”

Mo Haoshi held the carving knives, and his whole body trembled slightly with excitement. With these carving knives, it was impossible to see the grade.

But Mo Haoshi could confirm that the supreme immortal wood would easily carve out various shapes even in his hands.

“Young Master, you …… you confirm to give it to me?”

“Of course!”

“Many thanks, Young Master!” Mo Haoshi thanked him a thousand times and was grateful.

“Alright, start carving!”

“Yes!” Mo Haoshi picked up the carving knife and began to carve.

The whole movement, although not said to be full of genius, was still flowing. Every single array pattern was made in one go.

Two hours later.

“It’s done!” Mo Haoshi held the Immortal Wooden Boat Core, his eyes shining brilliantly. This time, he had grown a lot and was only several times stronger than the previous one.

In addition to the immortal wood merit, the other was the growth of his own carving art.

Sun Hao looked at this boat core and secretly nodded his head. This guy’s talent was really good. He didn’t expect that in a few days, he had grown to this extent.  It seems that there was not much practice.

That perseverance, not ordinary people, could be compared. In the future was a chance to catch up with himself in the path of carving.

“Young Master, take a look, how is it?”

“There is progress, but it needs more effort, look, here you have paused a few times, it looks very raw!”

“And here, you don’t seem to remember!”


Sun Hao pointed at the core of the boat and picked out the flaws. Mo Haoshi heard these words and sweated coldly. Mo Haoishi thought it was perfect, but unexpectedly, there were so many faults.

Young Master was awesome!

“Thank you for pointing out, Young Master!” Mo Haoshi said.

“No need!”

Sun Hao looked at Mo Haoshi’s appearance and secretly nodded his head. He looked at the blessing points panel with a happy face.  Now, the blessing points have reached more than 60,000. It was believed that in the near future, it would be full!

“I heard that you know how to build flying boats?” Sun Hao asked.

“Yes, Young Master!” Mo Haoshi nodded his head.

“Can you build the immortal boat?”

Young Master, this …… this!”

“Building an immortal boat is the same principle as a flying boat, however, the materials needed are different!”

“The most important thing about the immortal boat is the boat core!”

“As long as there is an immortal boat core, and then there are materials that can withstand the power of the immortal boat cores, then building the immortal boat was not a difficult problem!” Mo Haoshi said.

Hearing these words, Sun Hao secretly nodded his head. In that case, just by watching Mo Haoshi’s technique of building a flying boat, could he also build one himself?

When the time came, if he built an immortal boat, he could go back to Demon Ancestor Mountain with Rumeng.

After being out for so long, Rumeng should be homesick, right?  Who was the disciple of whom? Thinking like this, Sun Hao smiled faintly.

“Then can you build one?” Sun Hao said.

“Of course I can! May I ask you, my lord, where to build it?” Mo Haoshi asked.

“Come with me to the backyard!”

“Yes, Young Master!”

Following Sun Hao to the backyard, Mo Haoshi’s divine sense swept, and his scalp immediately went numb with cold sweat.

“That …… is an immortal fruit!”

“What? An enlightenment tea tree with so many leaves, wouldn’t there be at least 100,000 pieces!”

“That is the supreme spiritual medicine, that is? Ancestor ah, that is actually a piece of immortal divine medicine!”

Mo Haoshi’s voice shivered, and cold sweat ran down his face. What kind of existence was the Young Master, this kind of supreme treasure, all appearing in pieces?

“I’m only afraid that the Young Master’s identity is not an immortal king at all, but most likely an immortal saint!”

“This feels too fantastic!” Mo Haoshi murmured as shock filled his face.

Suddenly, his divine sense swept into a pool, and he couldn’t help but have his scalp explode.

Only to see, in the pool, there lay five dragons, looking depressed and motionless.

“What? The dragons?”

“There is even one that is an immortal dragon?”

“Could this be the pet the Young Master kept?”

“It’s terrifying!” There was panic in Mo Haoshi’s eyes. It took him a long time to calm down.

“Young Master, you still keep fish?” Mo Haoshi asked.

“You mean the eels? It’s not raised, it’s caught!”

“Ready to use for eating, since you are here today, let’s have one!” Sun Hao said.

The words came out.

“Stomp ……”  Mo Haoshi was like being hit by a heavy blow and took several steps back.

On his face, there was a look of panic. His lips trembled and muttered for half a day, but not a single word came out.

What? This is for eating? Young Master, you actually want to eat the dragon?   Don’t scare me, okay? Although I’m not afraid of death, it’s not easy to learn with you. It’s not worth dying like this!

“Young Master, when …… Do you really want to eat?” Mo Haoshi asked.


Sun Hao nodded, “Don’t you look down on these eels! This tastes so good!”

“Young Master, I ……” Mo Haoshi shook his head helplessly.

Look at the Young Master look, and he thought that was the eels and did not understand that it was the dragon race. Young Master in purification, and it was not good to point it out! How should this be good? Does it mean that the Young Master was not afraid of the dragon race at all? Or was he testing his guts? In that case, let’s fight! This dragon meat must be eaten! Mo Haoshi secretly nodded his head.

“Alright, let’s begin!”

Sun Hao’s voice came out.

“Yes, Young Master!” Mo Haoshi took the melting pot and placed it next to him.

After starting the fire, he took out a piece of spiritual iron, placed it in the furnace, and began to forge and mix it.

Sun Hao stood next to it and frowned slightly.

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