The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 79: Wan Wudi Is One Step Late

On the other hand, Bai Wuchang of the Yellow Spring Demon Sect did not speak.

His face, which was so white that it looked like it was painted with white paint, instead stared at Lu Yiping expressionlessly.

Jiang Yu of the Supreme Unity Sect said to Ancestor Huang and Lone Old Ghost, “After I kill Lu Yiping, it will then be up to the two seniors to decide who the Eye of Eternal Night will belong to.”

Huang Ancestor and Lone Old Ghost both looked at each other, hesitated for a moment, and finally nodded their heads.

Jiang Yu turned his head over and looked coldly at Lu Yiping, “My sister died under your Ksitigarbha Thousand Buddha Hands, and I want to learn your Ksitigarbha Thousand Buddha Hands! Let’s see if the Four Great Buddhist Scriptures are really as powerful as the legend!”

After saying that, his whole body was filled with sword qi.

By watching only his whole body sword qi that was like a sea wave to the four directions of heaven and earth spread out.

Amid the waves, there was a fire-like light! Then came the water light, then the gold light, wood light, earth light!

Five kinds of light were shining on the heaven and earth; the heaven and earth were bright.

The crowd was astonished.

“This is the Five Elements Sword Qi!” Chen Qingyang said in a shocked voice.

The Yin Ghost Sect Huang Ancestor, the Dark Demon Hall Lone Old Ghost, and the Yellow Spring Devil Sect Bai Wuchang were all moved when they saw the five elemental sword qi.

Chen Qingyang’s son Chen Yuan saw this and said, “Father, is this the Sword of Five Elements that no one has cultivated since recent ancient times?”

Chen Qingyang’s face was extremely grave, “Not bad, above the Heart Sword, is the Sword of Time and Space, and above the Sword of Time and Space, is the Sword of the Five Elements!”

“At the beginning of the heavens and the earth, the divine universe evolved, chaos was created, and the five elements transformed into all things!”

“All things in the world are transformed into the five elements.”

“However, to understand the Way of the Five Elements is as difficult as ascending to heaven, so in recent times, no one has been able to cultivate the Sword of the Five Elements!”

And now, the Supreme Unity Sect Jiang Yu had cultivated it!

BesidesBesidese the Yin Ghost Sect’s Huang Ancestor, Tang Ji also exclaimed, “This man is worthy of being the first person of this generation of Eternal Source!”

There were not many people who could win his praise, and now, after seeing the Five Elements Sword of Supreme Unity Sect Jiang Yu, they all sighed in admiration from the bottom of their hearts.

Simultaneously, the five-element sword qi around the Supreme Unity Jiang Yu’s body was still increasing, spreading, and strengthening.

The five elements of water, fire, gold, earth, and wood were continuously derived from the five elements of sword qi, evolving the five elements of transformation, like a newborn world of five elements.

And all of Supreme Unity Sect Jiang Yu’s own aura was constantly released, climbing up.

“Mid Celestial God peak!” The Yin Ghost Sect’s Huang Ancestor said, “He might be about to break through to the late Celestial God stage at any moment!”

This was Jiang Yu’s realm.

“Although he hasn’t broken through to the late Celestial God yet, with the battle power of the Sword of Five Elements, he can already battle with the late Celestial God!” Dark Demon Hall’s Lonely Old Ghost said.

Lu Yiping also did not make a move but let Supreme Unity Sect Jiang Yu push the Five Elements Sword Qi and let him release the power of his whole body.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull scratched its ears, and he seemed pretty impatient.

Finally, Supreme Unity Sect Jiang Yu’s five-element sword qi was strong to the extreme, and his divine power at the peak of the middle Celestial God was pushed to the extreme.

He looked at Lu Yiping, who was still standing with his hands, and his eyes were cold, “Hundreds of years ago, I have comprehended the Five Elements Sword Qi, and this Five Elements Sword Qi of mine is enough to open the sky and split the earth, are you ready?”

Lu Yiping took a look at his opponent’s five-element sword qi and said indifferently, “Five element sword qi is just so so, I can kill you with a snap of my fingers, go ahead.”

As Lu Yiping’s words came out, and the surroundings were in an uproar.

Jiang Yu of the Supreme Unity Sect heard the words, his face completely sunk, his eyes shot sword aura, laughing, “Good! Then I’ll wait for you to kill me with a snap of your fingers!” After saying that, his whole body, like an ocean of five elements sword qi, fiercely roared towards Lu Yiping and killed him.

The five elemental sword qi rose up to the sky and covered the earth, carrying the power of destroying the sky and the earth, and arrived at the top of the Heavenly God Mountain in the blink of an eye.

Just then, suddenly, a loud shout rang out from the distant sky, “The Power of Ten Thousand Gods!”

Then, a huge city broke through the air. This huge city had divine power rushing like a sea, and countless ancient gods were floating and sinking in the city.

The city met the Five Elements Sword Qi of Jiang Yu of the Supreme Unity Sect.

Clang, clang, clang!

The five elemental sword qi blasted on top of the huge city, resounding with a dense loud noise, sounding like explosive thunder and splashing heavy light.

The crowd was greatly surprised. Everyone looked at the huge city that had suddenly appeared.

“Heavenly Capital City!” Many experts were shocked.

Tiandu City, the number one city in the Divine Martial Continent!

Then, everyone looked to the sky, only to see that a person stepped into the air in the sky, it was the Lord of the Divine Martial Continent, Wan Wudi!

“The Heavenly Capital City is an ancient supreme divine weapon, refined by the Lord of Ten Thousand Gods and the gods under his command, after the Lord of Ten Thousand Gods had perished, no one had ever heard of anyone being able to control the Heavenly Capital City, and Wan Wudi had actually controlled it!” Zeng Yu of the Yin Ghost Sect was surprised.

In the ranking of the top ten super experts, he was ranked third, and Wan Wudi was ranked fourth.

A few days ago, everyone was rumoring that Wan Wudi had broken through the Celestial God realm and had taken control of Tiandu City.

When the crowd saw that Wan Wudi, who had just broken through the Celestial God realm, had blocked Jiang Yu’s Five Elements Sword Qi with the help of the Heavenly Capital City, they were all amazed at the power of the Heavenly Capital City.

“But, why did Wan Wudi stop it?” An old ancestor was puzzled.

The crowd was also puzzled. They couldn’t figure out why Wan Wudi stopped Jiang Yu from killing Lu Yiping.

Behind Wan Wudi, instead, were all the ancestors of the Wan Family, all the supreme elders, elders, the Wan Family legions, and the major imperial armies under the Wan Family.

In the blink of an eye, Wan Wudi arrived in front of the crowd.

Jiang Yu of the Supreme Unity Sect looked at Wan Wudi. His face was gloomy, his eyes were cold, and he questioned, “Wan Wudi, what do you mean by that?!”

Wan Wudi did not look at Supreme Unity Sect’s Jiang Yu but walked over to Lu Yiping.

The crowd looked at each other, not understanding what Wan Wudi was up to.

Just as the crowd was puzzled, Wan Wudi arrived in front of Lu Yiping, and with fear and trepidation, he bowed down, “Wan Wudi pays respects to Your Excellency!”

The crowd was confused.

At that moment, Wan Wudi bowed again and said, “Wan Wuyi is a step late, my lord forgive me!”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

My Lord? Lu Yiping? Forgiveness? What’s going on here?

Even Jiang Yu of the Supreme Unity Sect, Huang Ancestor of the Yin Ghost Sect, Lone Old Ghost of the Dark Demon Hall, and Bai Wuchang of the Yellow Spring Demon Sect were all stunned.

As the Lord of the Divine Martial Continent, when did Wan Wuxiang defect to Lu Yiping?

They heard that Lu Yiping went to Tiandu City a few days ago and fought with the Wan family! Lu Yiping also entered the ancestral land of the Wan Family. Could it be that at that time, Wan Wudi had defected to Lu Yiping?

“Get up.” Lu Yiping looked at the kneeling Wan Wudi and said blandly.

Only then did Wan Wudi rise respectfully.

Supreme Unity Sect’s Jiang Yu looked at Wan Wudi coldly, “Wan Wudi, I don’t care what made you defect to Lu Yiping, today Lu Yiping, I will kill him!”

“You get lost now! Otherwise, I will destroy you and the Wan family together!”

At this time, the Martial God Hall’s army was also approaching the Divine Martial Continent.

Since the Martial God Hall was located far away from the continent, it was slower than the Yin Ghost Sect, the Dark Demon Hall, and the Yellow Spring Devil Sect.

The Nine Absolute Martial God, Wu Jiujie, looked at the Divine Martial Continent in front of him and had mixed feelings, wondering how his master is doing now, his life expectancy is about to run out, maybe he will never see his master again in his life.

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