I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 155 – Secret Realm Blood Demon

The Killing Secret Realm, one of the several medium-sized secret realms controlled by the Purple Thorn Army. It was rarely open to the public.

The secret realm was very dangerous, filled with chaotic fury. Martial artists who were not strong-willed enough to stay in the secret realm for a long time will easily fall into a beast that only knows how to kill.

It was said that this secret realm was a fragment of the ancient battlefield. There was only a strange creature called blood demon. Kill the blood demon so you can get something called the blood core. Somewhat similar to the crystal core in the body of a demon beast, but compared to the crystal core in the body of a demon beast, the energy within the blood core was patchy and chaotic, filled with a lot of furies, simply could not be absorbed. The blood core was extremely unstable. Once out of the blood demon body, it will explode if you don’t pay attention to it …… so, except for martial artists who want to comprehend the killing state and were not afraid of death, almost no one was willing to enter this secret realm.

The Killing Secret Realm was a holy place for martial artists within the Southern Cloud who intend to comprehend the Killing Intent Realm, and likewise a hell for them.

Even if it was hell, but not afraid of death, the attempt to comprehend the killing realm of martial artists were still many. Because the Purple Thorn Army Corps controlled the secret realm, so the vast majority of those who enter the secret realm of killing were military generals.

When the Purple Thorn Army first controlled the Killing Secret Realm, it was almost open with military service you could enter. But then, because too many soldiers died after entering the secret realm, it was strictly controlled by the Purple Thorn Army, only licensed people could enter.

Shiqi was equally puzzled asked the officer in charge of guarding the killing secret realm, “What do you mean by licensed entry?”

“The military martial artists who are at the peak of the True Origin realm who are approaching their life expectancy but are slow to break through the Innate Realm can enter, and also those who are favored by the generals and have a strong mind also have the opportunity to enter!” The officer laughed, “but the former would have limited enlightenment, they often die the fastest, and the latter may not really be able to comprehend the killing realm in the Killing Secret Realm. They directly fall into the madness of course, we also occasionally open to other family clan martial artists, as long as they pay a certain price!”

“There are always those who are not afraid of death!”

 “Lord General is right, the Killing Intent Realm is indeed quite a bit tougher than the ordinary Intent Realm.”

“After entering inside, is there anything to be aware of?”

“Blood demons are not strictly speaking creatures, they are more like killing machines born from the killing consciousness, almost all means of hiding their forms are almost ineffective against them, they will kill all life nearby, the number is almost endless, how can they not be killed!” The officer continued, “The further you go inside the Killing Secret Realm, the stronger the blood demons, the more dense the fury, even the innate experts may be disoriented, it is said that the Great General has not entered the innermost layer, I hope that the general should also be careful in the secret realm.”

“I understand!”

The moment he stepped into the secret realm, Shiqi narrowed his eyes.

The entire sky of the secret realm was a blinding blood red, and the earth was a shining dark russet, like dried blood.

The secret realm was filled with the crazy, chaotic, bursting dry fury that he was familiar with, and the entire air had a sweet fishy smell.

Staying in this secret realm, he felt a pressure squeezing over, like diving into deep water.

“No wonder it’s easier to comprehend the killing intent within the Killing Secret Realm, and no wonder so many martial artists go crazy in the Killing Secret Realm!” He said in a low voice, “But this place should be the most suitable for me!”

The scene within the Killing Secret Realm was extremely similar to the Devil Fury Aura within the Crimson Blood Sword!

Just the very edge of the secret realm was so powerful. He couldn’t imagine what kind of scene the innermost part of the secret realm was.

Inside the Crimson Blood Sword, Chen Hao looked at the entire scene of the secret realm, and even the sword trembled slightly.

He felt that there should be something that attracted him to the deep out of this Killing Secret Realm.

“Shiqi, go in and take a look!”

“Good!” Along a stone-paved path, he slowly walked inward. The secret realm was barren, without even a single weed.

Along the way, he saw martial artists sitting on their knees with their eyes closed on both sides, and he didn’t startle them.

He knew that they were trying to perceive the killing intent.

When he was about to reach the end of the stone path, a blood-colored river about ten meters wide appeared in front of his eyes.

The river of blood flowed very slowly, with a few bubbles rising from time to time, and the water was sticky, just like real blood.

At the end of the stone path, a natural stone bridge formed by black-brown rocks appeared in front of him.

Shiqi could faintly see that on the opposite side of the riverbank, there were many blood-red creatures.

“Kid, I advise you to get accustomed to the fierce Qi in the secret area here before crossing the stone bridge!”

An old voice rang out beside him.

He turned around and looked at an old man sitting on the ground, the old man’s face was covered in blood, and he was wearing a tattered Purple Thorn Army armor.

He guessed that the old man also recognized the military uniform on him.

“Thanks, but I’ve adapted!”

“Well, and don’t touch the blood river water, the blood river water is very corrosive, even the spiritual weapons will be corroded!”

After saying that, the old man slowly closed his eyes again.

He only slightly reminded Shiqi’s life and death did not concern him.

“Thanks for the reminder!”

Shiqi stepped onto the stone bridge and arrived at the opposite bank of the Blood River and did not go far inside before a group of blood demons immediately rushed over.

This group of seven blood demons all over the body was crimson, and even their eyes were crimson. Four looked similar to a human, but only one meter four tall, thin arms and legs, some comical.

The remaining three, with four feet on the ground and short tails, run quickly.

These three were originally the furthest away from him, but they didn’t run far before they reached the front of the group.

Shiqi drew his Crimson Blood Sword. When the three blood demons pounced on him, he swept with his heavy sword, and three blood demons were cut by the waist on the spot. He quickly eliminated the remaining four blood demons.

After he killed the blood demons, Chen Hao was able to estimate that the strength of the seven blood demons was at the early stage of the True Origin realm.

Just the outer blood demons had the strength of the early True Origin realm, and it was indeed quite a dangerous secret realm!

“Shiqi, you dig out the blood core and take a look!”

Shiqi was just about to do it when the blood demon turned into blood-red pus, exposing the crimson blood core …… very strange creature, but it was quite a relief.

“Explode one for me to see!”

Shiqi picked up the blood core and squeezed it, “bang,” the blood core exploded into blood-red smoke.

Chen Hao could clearly feel the intense, fierce fury within the smoke.

“Open the Devil’s Fury aura, I’ll see if I can absorb this fury!”

Shiqi hesitantly said, “One hundred percent?”



The Devil Sword’s Devil Fury Aura had been enhanced to a terrifying level After Shiqi had conquered five cities.  Even after he had sensed that something was wrong and desperately cultivated the Condensing Spirit Technique to perfection, it was still difficult for him to last for long in a full Devil Fury Aura!

If the Devil Fury Aura opened, if it were in the outside world, there would be a vision after all.

But in the Killing Secret Realm, the vision after the opening of the Demon Devil Fury Aura was almost covered up by the entire Secret Realm!

Just after Shiqi opened the Devil Fury Aura, Chen Hao turned his gaze to the depths of the secret realm, and in the dark, he felt more and more clearly that there seemed to be something important to him within the secret realm.

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