It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 161: Returning With A Full Load

No ……”

The golden dragon roared in anger and struggled madly. On his face, there was resignation.

After all the hardships he had gone through, he finally broke through the great tribulation and became an immortal dragon.

Unexpectedly, before he could fool around for a few days, he was captured by old man Jiuyou.

If he were to fall into his hands, how could it be good!

No! Don’t!

The Golden Dragon roared loudly. However, it was to no avail.

His voice was so loud that only he could hear himself.

Soon, he felt himself entering the water and appeared inside a pool of water.


He looked at the person above the pool of water and was filled with confusion.

“A mortal?”

The golden dragon was full of doubts. Just now, it wasn’t the Old Man Jiuyou who dealt with him?

Instead, it was this mortal in front of him? Is this a dream, right? The golden dragon stared blankly with a face full of disbelief.

Great! So it was a mortal who was fishing for himself. This would be much easier. To deal with him, a casual spit of dragon’s breath would shatter his body.

Heaven help me! The heavens have eyes, and I am fine now!

On the face of the golden dragon, an incomparable look of triumph appeared.

“Huh, no, there’s an immortal cultivator!”

The Golden Dragon squinted his eyes and then was beaming with joy.

“So it’s just a ten-step ascendant realm little doll, that’s too easy to deal with!”

“One bite of dragon breath will take care of you!”

“How dare you use such a supreme immortal weapon against this throne, how can I let you go!”

“When I destroy the two of them, then the two supreme immortal weapons in their hands, they are gonna be my own?”

 “At that time, do I still need to fear the Dragon Lord?”

“It’s simply too wonderful!”

“Haha ……”

At this moment, within his heart, the Golden Dragon was already soothed beyond description.

It was as if the super fortune was in front of him and within his reach.

It’s close. It’s almost there.

“Wow ……”

A splash of water rang out. The golden dragon opened its big mouth, aimed at Sun Hao, and spat out dragon breath.


It was just a few drops of water spat in front of Sun Hao’s body, and it was all still far from his body.

“This big golden eel has some power to spit water at me!” At this time, a voice came into the golden eagle’s ears.

A big golden eel? When did he become an eel? I am a golden dragon! Damn mortal, how dare you insult me. I can’t bear it!

Then, the golden dragon made the golden dragon swing its tail, aimed at Sun Hao and swiped it.

“Slap ……”

A very light sound rang out. That mortal’s hand did not leave half a bit of damage. This …… how was this possible?  A mortal, how could it withstand this deadly move of this seat? How come my dragon’s breath is also gone? This can’t be!

“Come again!”

“I just don’t believe that you can withstand the Dragon Pearl of this seat!” After saying that, the golden dragon spat with force.

The next second.

He discovered to his horror that the Dragon Pearl had been sealed, and all its power could not be invoked.

“Don’t struggle, let me take out the fish hook first!”

A palm which was obviously not big pressed on his body, but he could not produce any power. All his means, all his secret techniques, all his power were sealed.

How could a mortal be so terrifying? Is it possible that he is not mortal at all?

Thinking like this, the golden dragon’s scalp tingled, and a cold sweat broke out.

“This eel is the biggest one, it’s enough for us to eat for half a month!”

What? Eat half a month? Is this guy going to eat him? He’s going to eat the dragon? Is he the one who ate the second brother’s son? My God, I can’t believe I’ve fallen into his hands too? Dragon Lord, help!

The golden dragon roared in anger and struggled frantically. However, in Sun Hao’s hands, he couldn’t make any waves. Soon, it was thrown into a fishing net.

In the fishing net, Chi Rong and other giant dragons were trapped inside.

“General Jin? How did you …… you get caught here too?”

“You are all here?”

“Yes, General Jin, this mortal is too scary, my son was eaten by him!”

“Now, he wants to eat us again, what should we do?”

“General Jin, send a message to the Dragon Lord as soon as possible, beg him to come and save us!”

Hearing these words,  the golden dragon was filled with bitterness. Now, his whole body’s power was sealed, so it was not possible to send a message at all.

“All my means are sealed now.” The golden dragon said.

When these words came out, the four gigantic dragons’ bodies trembled. Even the immortal dragon was sealed. Then this mortal in front of them, what kind of realm had he reached?

It was not an ordinary immortal!

“Genral Jin, the human race has produced this kind of immortal, what should we do?”

“Yes, Genrall Jin, I’m afraid it will be a huge blow to our dragon race!”

“Our death is a small matter, the survival of the dragon race is a big matter!”

Hearing these words, the golden dragon face, all bitter color.

“It’s all my fault, I didn’t have a clear picture of the situation and then I wanted to massacre the city. Brothers, in the next life, I’ll be a cow and a horse to accompany you!” General Jin said.

“Genrall Jin, stop it! It’s all my fault, if I didn’t want to avenge my son, we wouldn’t have ended up in this situation!” Chi Rong said.

Just like that, several giant dragons kept telling each other their bitterness.  The color of regret was written all over their faces.

“Rumeng, five big eels, this is enough for us to eat for a long time!” Sun Hao said.

“Young Master, you are really great!” Huang Rumeng said.

“Rumeng, you’re really good at talking!” Sun Hao nodded slightly with a happy face. This time, it was really a big profit.

Five big eels, even bigger than the two before. Fortunately, the prepared fishnet was thick enough, and his own iron refining strength was strong enough. Ordinary people could not move at all in it.

This world was extraordinary, and even the eels were different. They grow so big. However, the taste was good. Eating it up would add more strength and full of delicious fragrance. I think when Miss Liuyan and the girls come, and after eating, they will linger for a while!

“Rumeng, please help carry it back!” Sun Hao said.

“Okay, Young Master!”

Huang Rumeng walked to the fishing net and lifted it up with one hand. After that, she brought Sun Hao up into the sky and returned to the flying boat.

She looked at Sun Hao’s back, and her eyes revealed endless worship essence. In front of the Young Master, the titled Immortal Dragon did not even have a chance to struggle.

Then on this planet, who else can pose a threat to Young Master? It seems that on earth, the Young Master absolutely invincible!

“Rumeng, today is really fullfilling, come, let’s have some wine to celebrate!” Sun Hao said.

“Young Master, I am not capable of drinking, better not to drink?”

Huang Rumeng’s face changed slightly, and she waved her hand repeatedly. She remembered the last time she drank, one glass down. She was so drunk that she couldn’t remember anything.

She only remembered that the Young Master carried her to the bed and passed out.

This time, she was afraid it would be the same. However, that wine was perfect for drinking, for her own growth was also very useful.

“It’s okay, it’s not a big deal to get drunk and sleep!” Sun Hao said.

“Okay, Young Master!”

Huang Rumeng followed Sun Hao and walked inside the Purple Lightning Flying Boat.

Watching the two left, the golden dragon and the four gigantic dragons’ eyes were glowing.

“General Jin, good opportunity, we just need to escape from this flying boat and fall down, then we will have the possibility of regaining our freedom!”

“Yes,General Jin, such a good opportunity should not be missed!”

“In that case, let’s work towards a place!”


Under the command of the golden dragon, the five gigantic dragons, struggling at the same time, jumped up frantically.

However, they were like mud loaches in a deep bucket, and their strength was exhausted. Still, they were unable to escape.

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  1. while they did horrible things still feel slightly bad for them since mc caused this situation to begin with and these dudes are literally stuck knowing they’re prob gonna be cooked alive soon tho mc’d prob start with smallest one of them tbh

    1. This was all caused because dragons enjoy eating a large amount of humans. Every dragon he killed before this had devoured entire cities and sects, these ones wanted to destroy a major city and kill everyone in it. There’s literally no reason to feel bad. This was caused entirely by the gluttony of dragons.

      1. Thats a big assumption that every dragon has killed entire cities and sects, no where in the story has it been stated that they already did that until our MC started to eat the two dragons that were lovers. The dragons then decided to go get revenge afterwards, not sure what you mean by the gluttony of dragons causing this whole situation

        1. You apparently didn’t read the part where THE ENTIRE DRAGON RACE KEPT HUMANS AS LIVESTOCK in the past and ignored the fact that they see humans as insects they can crush or eat as they please…

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