It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 159: This Is The Man Who Eats Dragons

Next to the Ghost Dragon Lake.

“Gu Gu ……”

A ripple shook up on the surface of the water, and the entire fish line dived in rapidly.

“The fish is coming!” Sun Hao’s eyes were shining.

With a strong pull, “Hoo ……”

The fish line flew out from the surface of the water and flew heavily to the shore. Huang Rumeng’s expression was stagnant seeing the scene in front of him.

Dragon! And, not an ordinary dragon. By looking at its appearance, it was a half-immortal dragon!

“The Young Master can actually fish for what he needs according to his heart’s desire?”

“Such a strong fishing dao is simply unmatched!”

Huang Rumeng looked at Sun Hao with a face full of adoration and admiration in her expression.

“Rumeng, look, I catch a big eel, amazing, right?” Sun Hao said.

“Young Master, you are very amazing!” Huang Rumeng complimented.

Chi Rong, who was transformed into an eel, struggled madly and kept jumping.

When he heard the two voices, his expression was stagnant, and he looked at Sun Hao, full of doubts, “Mortal?”

“How dare you call this seat an eel, see if I don’t slap you into pulp with one tail!”

Chi Rong’s face showed a fierce light, gathered his strength, and aimed at Sun Hao, and he slapped his tail.

However, he was shocked to find that the slap hit the mortal’s arm but did not have a half-reaction.

That big hand, seemingly ordinary, but had astonishingly great power. Pressed on his own body, thus he could not produce a half resistance.

The next second, Chi Rong changed his expression significantly. Coldness enveloped his whole body. He found that his immortal power was imprisoned. He could not call out his strength and power at all.

“This eel is really big, bigger than the two eels fished before.”

“This can be eaten for several meals now!”

This voice reached Chi Rong’s ears, and he couldn’t help but have his scalp tingling.

What? He wants to eat me? Against heaven? Don’t you know that the dragon race is a supreme existence? Don’t you know that the strongest person of the human race has to bow down to any dragon race when he sees them? How dare you say that you want to eat this seat? Is this a rebellion? 

No, he said the first two? Has he already eaten dragons before? His own son was eaten by him? Chi Rong looked at Sun Hao and carefully sensed.  In the next second, he couldn’t help but have his scalp explode. That mortal had his son’s aura!  Damn it! Damn it! His son was eaten by him!

“Die for me!”

Chi Rong opened his big mouth, then bit towards Sun Hao.

“Boom ……” A sound rang out, and the teeth crumbled at the root. No scar was left on Sun Hao’s body.

“What kind of monster is this ……, it’s even harder than my teeth!”

“It’s over, it’s over!”

“In that case, let’s die together!”

After saying that, Chi Rong mobilized the dragon pearl and began to detonate. In the next second, he couldn’t help but fall into endless despair. The dragon pearl had exploded!

It’s over! This is the guy who eats dragons and is not afraid of heaven and earth.

If a dragon falls into his hands, it will be eaten by him.

Endless fear spread throughout his body.

“General help, come and save me!” Chi Rong kept shouting and roaring madly.

However, in Sun Hao’s opinion, it was just an eel screaming and struggling before death.

“Don’t scream, don’t struggle, as an eel, you are born to be eaten!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll feed you for a few more days! You should cherish the next days!”

Sun Hao caught Chi Rong with one hand and threw him into a large net that had been prepared long ago. No matter how much he struggled in it, it was useless in the slightest.

“Rumeng, no fish on your side yet?” Sun Hao said.

“No, Young Master!” Huang Rumeng shook her head slightly with a bitter look.

“Then keep trying! We’re lucky today, we caught a big guy as soon as we arrived, I think we’ll be able to catch a bigger one! Next, continue!” Sun Hao said.

“Okay, Young Master!” Huang Rumeng nodded her head.



Above the West Prefecture Immortal City. A vain figure dressed in golden robes swept his gaze ahead.

“Hoo ……”

Infinite ice-cold, with the shadow as the center, emanating out in all directions.

At this moment, Luo Liuyan and other’s spines felt chills and cold, their bodies uncontrollable trembling.

That feeling of no resistance, surging through the whole body.

“This is the immortal …… immortal dragon!”

“What? Immortal dragon! No wonder this divine sense is so terrifying, this is trouble!”

“How should this be?”

The four ancestors of the Mu family looked at the void in the sky, and their faces were full of scorn.

“General Jin, the second brother has been trolled away, you should save him!”

“Moreover, we were injured by that fish hook, the dragon pearl exploded, no more possibility of becoming immortal!”

“General Jin, it’s all my fault, I shouldn’t have been so reckless, please punish me!”

The three huge dragons transformed into three men in silver armor, kneeling in front of the shadow, kowtowing incessantly.

“Get up, it’s none of your responsibility!” The shadow waved its hand, signaling them to get up.

“This has nothing to do with you, if you want to blame it on the human race, this matter, I will handle it!”

“Since you dare to strike at my brother, then don’t blame this seat to be merciless!” After saying that, the shadow gazed directly at Luo Liuyan and others.

This stare, interspersed with constant pressure, enveloped the crowd.

“Ah ……”

The four ancestors of the Mu family gritted their teeth and roared angrily, mobilizing their immortal energy within their bodies to fight against it.

“Stomp ……”

The shadow took one step towards the Mu family’s four ancestors. With each step, the pressure on the four people increased exponentially.

After a few steps.

“Boom ……”

The shield on the four people directly exploded. Their bodies were like bearing ten thousand huge mountains, without any room for struggle.

“Flutter!”  A sound rang out. The four people fell to their knees, shivering.

“Ah ……”

The four ancestors of the Mu family gritted their teeth and roared without making any effect. The shadow stood in front of them and looked at them coldly.

“Oh, how dare you to confront my race, a bit of guts!”

“However, confrontation is not enough with guts, you also need strength!”

“You ants, die for  this seat!”

After saying that, the shadow stretched out its palm, aimed at the four ancestors of the Mu family, and pressed down.

“Rumble ……”

Like a thunderstorm descending from the sky, the irresistible power spread downward from the palm of the hand.

Everyone’s body trembled violently, struggling madly at the edge of bursting.

“Old ancestor!” Mu Bing let out a heart-breaking roar.

“Run! Run, leave us alone!”

It took all of Mu Ao’s strength to shout out these words.

“Surprisingly, he can still talk, looks like he has some skills!”

“But, so what? Die!”

After saying that, the shadow increased its power and penetrated into the palm.

“Buzz ……”

Terrifying power, spreading downward to. In front of their eyes, it was about to blast onto the Mu family’s four ancestors.

At this time.

“Buzz ……”

In the sky, layers of transparent ripples shook up—a fish hook descending from the sky. The power made by the shadow disappeared altogether.

“Damn!” The shadow looked at a fish hook in the sky and was filled with anger.

“I would like to see, who are you?”

After saying that, the Void Shadow utilized a secret technique and looked at the sky fish hook.

“Buzz ……”

His sea of souls was like hit by a heavy blow, and a roar came from it. His divine soul almost all collapsed.

Above the fish hook, it seemed to carry some kind of terrifying power.


With an angry face, the shadow rose up to the sky. Immediately afterward, he stretched out his palm, aimed it at the fish hook, and pressed it down.

“Hoo ……”

The Great Dao condensed in the palm of his hand, emitting a monstrous power, and aimed at the fish hook and grabbed it.

“I would like to see, who are you?”

The next second, the shadow was scared. He was stunned silly in place, and terrified.

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  1. Wonder if this dude gonna survive and kill his subordinates for offending such a powerful being if he himself gonna become an eel cause would prob be able to work in even more meals then the 1/2 immortal dragon i mean eel

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