It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 158: Fishing Dao, Terror Without Boundaries

“Haha, ants, die!”

Chi Rong spat out human words, controlling the three dragon pearls, and pounced straight at the two women.

Everything around was like being imprisoned.

Mu Bing and Luo Liuyan simply could not move.


The four ancestors of the Mu family saw this scene and let out a cry of reluctance. The four people’s power had been consumed clean, and they simply could not struggle.

The Mu family finally had a genius, but that genius had to be lost here.

Not resigned.

If I could, I would rather die myself!

Seeing, the dragon pearl will blast Mu Bing and Luo Liuyan into pieces.

At this moment.

“Buzz ……”

In the sky, layers of ripples swirled.

A fish hook descended from the sky and landed on the Immortal Trap Array.

“Ka-ching ……” The Immortal Trap Array instantly crumbled apart.

“What is this?”

Chi Rong looked at the sky with a puzzled face. He stared at the fish hook with a deadly gaze and used thousands of secret techniques. Naive methods were exhausted, but he could not see any clues.

“This is?”

The three gigantic dragons looked at the scene with a puzzled face and froze.

“The Young Master came to save us?”

The two women, Mu Bing and Luo Liuyan looked at the fish hook, and their eyes shone with reverence.

Now, the bindings had been released. The two looked at the four giant dragons on the ground, their faces all smile full of contempt.

“Hoo ……”

The speed of the fish hook did not decrease and quickly downward. In one fell swoop, it landed on the three dragon pearls.

“Buzz ……”

The dragon pearls vibrated for a while.


“Ka-chow!” Like an eggshell cracking sound rang out. The power of the dragon pearls aggregated together and instantly crumbled. The light on the three dragon pearls was all scattered.

Such a scene directly scared the four giant dragons silly in place. Their eyes widened, and the corners of their mouths kept twitching as if they had seen the most horrible thing in the world.

“How can this …… be possible?”

The four gigantic dragons’ bodies shivered, and cold sweat flowed.

“Who is it? Who the hell is it? Come out and show yourself out!”

“What kind of heroes are you pretending to be? You have the guts to come out and fight head-on!”

Chi Rong issued a roar, his sound was like thunder that rolling out. That kind of resentment and anger, all contained in it. However, what he got in response was silence.

In addition, it was the fish hook that kept moving down.

“Second …… brother, we are on the verge of the Dragon Pearl disintegrating!”

At this point, a sound pulled Chi Rong back to reality.


His chest was like with a heavy blow, Chi Rong spat out a mouthful of blood. Dragon Pearl was the source of the power of the dragon, without the dragon pearl, a dragon could never become an immortal dragon.

Moreover, the strength would also plummet by 90%.

Seeing that his dragon pearl was trembling crazily, Chi Rong’s face changed dramatically.

“No ……”

A cry of reluctance rang out immediately after that.

“Boom! Boom! BOOM!”

Three explosive sounds rang out. The three dragon pearls, in response to the sound, cracked and exploded into pieces.

“No!” Three roars shook the sky and earth, full of reluctance.

The Three giant dragons fought back with all their might, but the fish hook did not stop but continued down.

The four giant dragons gradually regained their composure, “Second brother, could there be immortals here?”

Hearing this sound, Chi Rong’s scalp exploded, the whole body scales stand up at the roots.

“Could it be the existence that made Qin Yu become a supreme alchemist? He is still here?”

Chi Rong retracted his anger and looked terrified.


“Second brother, what should we do?”

“Hurry up and contact the Grand General, only he can save us now!”


However, a figure instantly appeared behind Chi Rong. Raising his fist, he aimed it at Chi Rong and came with a fist blast.


There was a loud sound. Chi Rong’s head hit the ground heavily, and he turned dizzy. The one who struck was none other than Mu Ao.

Chi Rong stared at Mu Ao in the sky, and his eyes showed a man-eating gaze.

“Damned mole cricket, how despicable, to strike when we are injured, too shameless!”

Chi Rong’s face was filled with resentment. Hearing these words, Mu Ao took a few steps forward.

“Hmph, you and others slaughtered my city, and you still have the face to talk to me about despicable?”

“Do you really think that there is no one in my human race?”

Mu Ao’s breath was released, and the nine-step half-immortal pressure, continuous, pressed the three gigantic dragons could hardly move.

“Today, I will kill you all!”

Mu Ao’s right hand waved, leading the Mu family ancestors. Each took out a magic treasure and injected immortal power into it.

“Buzz ……”

Above the magic treasure, a blinding light lit up. The aura of the Great Dao spread out from the magic treasure.

“Damned gnats, you must die!”

Chi Rong opened his big mouth, a sound of dragon language and spitting out from his mouth.

It formed a ripple that spread outward rapidly.

“You and other mole crickets!”

“Die!” Chi Rong’s face smile cruelly.

“Hehe ……”

Mu Ao coldly laughed, his right hand pointed, and four magic treasures, rapidly blasted over.

In the eyes, it was about to blast onto the four giant dragons.

At this time.

“Hoo ……” A virtual shadow, descending from the sky.

“Unbridled!” A soft cry that contained the might of the Great Dao.

The four magic treasures directly crumbled apart and exploded into pieces. Immediately afterward, the four ancestors of the Mu family’s bodies flew out backward, hitting the ground heavily.

“Puff ……”

A mouthful of fresh blood spurted out from their mouths. With just one sentence, the four Mu Family Ancestors were seriously injured. This might, and the terror was boundless.

“Greetings to General Jin!”

Seeing the shadow, the four gigantic dragons knelt down and worshiped. The shadow looked at the four dragons and frowned.

“Where are your dragon pearls?” The void shadow slowly spoke, with monstrous anger contained in it.

Infinite coldness, centered on the shadow, radiated out in all directions.

At this moment, the crowd’s spine chills, their bodies felt chills, the whole person could not help but tremble.

“General Jin, there!”

Chi Rong pointed to the fish hook, his face was full of scorn. The shadow looked up and revealed a look of uncertainty.

“Fish hook? What is this thing?”

The shadow stretched out his right hand and blasted towards the sky.

“Boom ……”

There was a loud sound and the whole heaven and earth trembled.

“Stomp ……”

The shadow’s body stomped straight back, using a lot of strength to stabilize his body. He looked at the fish hook, his face was full of disbelief. Only to see that the fish hook was unmoved and continued to fall.

Suddenly, the fish hook accelerated and fall in front of Chi Rong in a flash.

Seeing this scene, Chi Rong didn’t hesitate to bite the fish hook.

“Hoo ……”

After the giant dragon bites the hook, Chi Rong’s body shrinks rapidly and struggles frantically.

“General Jin save me!”

“Save me ah ……” The voice faded away. The fish hook with Chi Rong disappeared into the void, out of sight.

Such a scene strongly stimulated the eyes of the crowd. Surprisingly, a dragon was caught like a fish.

Such a terrifying means, who could do it except for controlling the fishing dao?

“I’ve never heard that the Young Master know how to fish? Could it be that he didn’t do all this?”

“No matter if it is the Young Master or not, at least all this is the game of the Young Master!”

Luo Liuyan looked at the sky, and her face was full of admiration.

“This ……” The shadow looked at the sky, the whole silly standing in place, full of disbelief.

“Fishing Dao? Who the hell is it?!”

“Could it be the old man Jiuyou?”

“How is this possible, isn’t he long dead?”

“Second brother!” The shadow let out a roar. Then, he fixed his gaze on Luo Liuyan and the others.

The killing intent on his body was not concealed in any way.

“All of you, you deserve to die!”

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