The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 78: Give Me Lu Yiping’s Life

Lu Yiping stood at the top of the Heavenly God Mountain, looking at the Heavenly God River rolling and rushing below.

The Heavenly God River has existed since a long, long time ago. At least as long as Lu Yiping could remember, it had existed.

The Heavenly God River started from the Heavenly God Mountain and flowed to the sky’s end, spanning several continents. Its water was so clear that you can see through the bottom of the river with a single glance.

The Ancient Evil God Qiang Liang looked at the blue waves rolling down the Heavenly God River and said, “This Heavenly God River obviously doesn’t have anything, but when it flows against the current, how did those things appear?”

For countless years, countless strong experts studied the Heavenly God River, but none could explore the mystery.

Lu Yiping’s eyes were profound as he looked at the bottom of the Heavenly God River and said, “IN the Heavenly God River, there are countless heavy spacetimes, and these spacetimes only appear when the counter-current is flowing.”

“Affected by the force of the counter-current, the things in the countless space-time will then flow out.”

When Zhou Cheng heard this, he was surprised and said, “The Heavenly God River has countless layers of space-time? But why does it appear only when there is a counter-current?”

Lu Yiping said indifferently, “There is nothing strange in the world, there are some things that you can’t think about, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible.”

But the Dragon Horned Golden Bull grinned, “Another million years, this time the Heavenly God River, there should be something good!”

A million years ago, he still remembered the scene of the Heavenly God River flowing backward.

Lu Yiping laughed: “Nine-Colored Divine Ganoderma, there should be a second one.”

Back then, the Nine-Colored Divine Ganoderma was vaulted by this guy.

And at this time, all the strong experts from all sides also arrived one after another. They also gathered around Heavenly God Mountain.

Everyone looked at Lu Yiping on the top of the mountain, with mixed feelings and whispering.

At this moment, there was a commotion in the crowd.

“It’s Lord Chen Qingyang, Lord Chen Qingyang is here!” Someone said.

The crowd looked and saw a group of experts was breaking through the air from afar.

The person at the head of the group was a middle-aged man with a magnificent figure. The middle-aged man’s hair had turned white at the temples, and he was wearing a gray robe that gave off a twilight air.

It was Chen Qingyang, the number one array master of the Divine Martial Continent!

Chen Qingyang was the Divine Martial Continent’s number one array master and the Divine Martial Continent’s number one expert.

The four great families of the divine Martial Continent, the Chen family, was also created by him.

When Chen Qingyang came, all the experts present at the scene did not respectfully address. Even many of the emperors who had arrived also came forward to pay their respects.

Chen Qingyang smiled and nodded to the crowd, and then his gaze fell on the blue-shirted figure at the top of Heavenly God Mountain.

“He is Lu Yiping?” He had astonishment in his eyes.

A Chen Family Supreme Elder nodded and said, “It should be this person.” Then said, “It is said that this person has entered immortality with his zither technique and has excellent sword technique, but I just don’t know how the array technique is.”

At this time, Chen Qingyang’s son, Chen Yuan, laughed and said, “I guess his array technique is just average, otherwise, I’m afraid it would have spread long ago.”

Another Chen Family Elder said, “I heard that the young patriarch of the Yin Ghost Sect, Hao Shan, has already reached the realm of condensing symbols into arrays, and can uninterruptedly condense more than 4,000 formation symbols! The array mastery is even higher than Young Master Zhao Zihao.”

While the Chen family was talking, suddenly, they saw another commotion from the crowd. They saw that Zhao Xiong, the branch hall master of the Martial God Hall, led a group of experts from the branch hall to break through the air.

The main expert of the Yun family, Yun Wei, the young master of the Yun family, Yun Haitian, and other experts of the Yun family were also with him.

Seeing this, Chen Qingyang led the experts of the Chen family to go forward and greet Zhao Xiong, Yun Wei, and others.

At this point, the four great families of the Divine Martial Continent, still missing the Wan family.

Martial God Hall Zhao Xiong arrived, looking at the figure of Lu Yiping at the top of the mountain from afar. His eyes were full of coldness; at the Evil God Plain, his son, Zhao Zihao’s dantian, was broken by the hands of Lu Yiping! Now, he was already a ruined man.

“Hall Master don’t worry, Lord Wu Jiujie who led our Martial God Hall army will arrive soon, when Lord Martial God, Wu Jiujie arrives, it will be the death of Lu Yiping!” An expert of the Martial God Hall said.

Zhao Xiong nodded his head and suppressed his killing intent. At this moment, someone in the crowd excitedly shouted, “It’s Lord Jiang Yu! Lord Jiang Yu is here!”

The crowd looked over.

Sure enough, they saw that the Supreme Unity Sect experts were breaking through the sky, so vast that the entire sky was completely obscured.

At the head of the group was Jiang Yu, the first person of the Eternal Source realm!

After Jiang Yu, there was a group of Supreme Unity Sect’s ancestors, elders, disciples, many imperial armies under the Supreme Unity Sect, and many strong family members.

Even from a great distance, the crowd could still feel Jiang Yu’s heavenly killing intent! Just see the high-altitude heavy sword Qi condensed with Jiang Yu and move.

The aura of countless powerhouses of the Supreme Unity Sect was like a huge flood, rolling in and covering the sky as if to drown the heaven and earth.

The crowd at the scene looked at the overwhelming army of the Supreme Unity Sect, all of them were afraid.

Some of the strong people who were originally around Heavenly God Mountain also have to hide away, afraid to suffer from the pool of fish.

When Zhao Xiong saw that Jiang Yu of the Supreme Unity Sect had led the experts of the Supreme Unity Sect to arrive, his face was happy, he smiled at Chen Qingyang and Yun Wei and said, “Lord Jiang Yu has arrived, let’s go up and pay our respects.”

Chen Qingyang and Yun Wei nodded their heads.

However, just as the three were about to go up, suddenly, they saw that ten thousand ghosts were crying on the other side of the sky, and the Yin Cold Qi was rolling and swirling, the heaven and earth actually had a feeling of freezing for it.

“Yin Ghost Sect!”

All the people on the scene changed their faces significantly.

The Yin Ghost Sect’s army was so strong that it overshadowed the Supreme Unity Sect’s army.

“It’s Huang Ancestor!” Zhao Xiong, Yun Wei, and the others couldn’t help but tremble when they saw the Huang Ancestor at the front of the Yin Ghost Sect’s army from afar.

Although they were considered a dominant power in the Divine Martial Continent, they were also terrified in their hearts when faced with such a terrifying old demon as the Huang Ancestor.

Although the Huang Ancestor had been in seclusion for many years, his devilish name was too great.

But then, after the army of the Yin Ghost Sect, the crowd saw on the other two sides of the sky, also appeared to cover the sky with darkness and monstrous demonic Qi, it was the army of the Dark Demon Hall, and the army of the Yellow Springs Demon Sect arrived!

Supreme Unity Sect, Yin Ghost Sect, Dark Demon Hall, Yellow Spring Demon Sect, four armies, respectively from the east, west, north, and south rolled in, four sides of the sky were completely obscured.

In the scene of all parties strong people panic to hide retreat, the four sides of the army finally came to the scene.

The Heavenly God Mountain was surrounded to the point of being overwhelmed.

Looking over from the Heavenly God Mountain, the outside sky could no longer be seen because, beyond the Heavenly God Mountain, all the heaven and earth had been completely flooded by the four great armies.

Jiang Yu of the Supreme Unity Sect looked at Huang Ancestor, Lone Old Ghost, and White Impermanence and said in a deep voice, “Please also ask the three seniors to give me Lu Yiping’s life!”

“I can do without the Eye of Eternal Night, the Heavenly Elephant Divine Prison Fist, and the true copy of the Time Divine Fist secret book in his body!”

Huang Ancestor smiled when he heard that, his face full of strange runes revealed a smile, “It’s a good deal, his life, I don’t want it, I just want the Eyel of Eternal Night!”

Dark Demon Hall Lonely Old Ghosts heatedly smiled, “I also only want the Eye of Eternal Night.”

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