The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 77: Huang Ancestor

Just as the Supreme Unity Sect’s army and the Martial God Hall’s experts were rushing to the Divine Martial Continent in great numbers, deep within the Ghost Demon Continent, one army after another as well all flew up!

These armies were the long-brewing Yin Ghost Sect’s army! The army was as vast as constant sand. At a glance, one could not see the boundaries filling the sky and ground.

Ass the strongest power in Ghost Demon Continent, Yin Ghost Sect controls almost half of the power in Ghost Demon Continent!

Ghost Demon continent was one of the strongest and largest continents in the Eternal Source plane, half of the power, how many empires? How many imperial dynasties were there? How many families were there?

One after another empire army converging together and covering the sky, the wind and clouds change their color. Each imperial army was wearing different battle armor.

Each imperial army had 100 million soldiers! And these 100 million soldiers were the most elite troops of each empire! More than a hundred empires in all! The imperial army alone had more than ten billion!

This was not counting the disciples of the Yin Ghost Sect and the troops of other dynasties and other families in the Ghost Demon Continent.

All the empires, all the cities, and all the families in the Ghost Demon Continent were trembling in fear when the Yin Ghost Sect’s army passed through the sky.

Some of the old ancestors of the empire trembled when they saw the two old men with strange runes on their faces at the front of the Yin Ghost Sect.

“It’s the Yin Ghost Sect’s Huang Ancestor! The Yin Ghost Sect’s Huang Ancestor has actually come out of the world!” An old ancestor looked at one of them and said with a trembling voice.

The Yin Ghost Sect’s Huang Ancestor! An extremely ancient existence! He had been hidden from the world two eras ago.

“Huang Ancestor? Who is the Huang Ancestor?” Some family patriarchs were puzzled when they saw their own ancestors looking so shocked.

Their old ancestor’s voice still could not suppress the trembling, “Ancestor Huang, he is the senior uncle of Lord Zeng Yu of the Yin Ghost Sect!”

“What! Lord Zeng Yu’s senior uncle ancestor!” The crowd of powerful people was shocked.

Zeng Yu was the master of the current patriarch of the Yin Ghost Sect! He was ranked third among the top ten experts in the Eternal Sorce plane now. And this Huang Ancestor was his senior uncle ancestor! What astonishing cultivation would that be!

“Who is that old man next to the Huang Ancestor?” The crowd was shocked and asked in confusion.

But no one could recognize who the old man next to Ancestor Huang was.

However, since he could travel side by side with the Huang Ancestor, he thought that the old man was also an existence that was not weaker than the Huang Ancestor.

The old man, Tang Ji, who next to Huang Ancestor, had a sharp voice: “Old Huang, in fact, to kill a junior, there is no need to make such a big fuss? In fact, I alone can go over there, just twist off the head of that Lu Yi Ping directly!”

Huang Ancestor shook his head, and his voice was a bit low. His cloudy eyes looked at the sky, “I want to personally bring back the Eye of Eternal Night!”

“And the Heavenly God River this time against the flow, is the period of a million years, out of the thing, must be extraordinary!”

“Even the Lord of the Wu Jiujie has come out! This time, he came out of the world may not be not towards the Heavenly God River.”

“And the Lonely Old Ghost, Bai Wuchang, they have also come out of the world!”

When Tang Ji heard this, he was surprised, “Wu Jiujie has come out of the world?!”

Huang Ancestor nodded, “Not bad, this time the Heavenly God River is flowing backwards, maybe something to increase longevity can appear!”

Even for a Celestial God powerhouse, or even an existence beyond the Celestial God, there was a limit to longevity, and no one could live forever.

Therefore, for old monsters who have lived long enough, it doesn’t matter what technique, what divine weapon, what matters was the thing that increases longevity.

Every 10,000 years, the Celestial God River would reverse its flow, and countless treasures would come out, but something rare would appear every million years.

Huang Ancestor added: “A million years ago, I heard that a million year old grade-Nine Colored Divine Ganoderma had appeared!”

“A million year old grade-Nine Colored Divine Ganoderma!” Tang Ji was surprised.

Nine Colored Divine Ganoderma was originally an herb that increased longevity and a million-year level; that was definitely a rare world.

Huang Ancestor nodded, “However, the time is too long ago, there is no way to examine, and the divine canon also did not record this matter, and I do not know if it is true or not, this is the record I saw on a broken tablet in a cave somewhere.”


Dark Silent Continent.

The extreme north was a dark, endless mountain range. Here was precisely where the Dark Demon Hall headquarters was located.

At this time, the Dark Demon Hall’s army also all rose up in great numbers and headed for the Divine Martial Continent.

Although the Dark Demon Hall army was not as vast as the army of the Yin Ghost Sect, it was also extremely large, and under the command of the empire army, the strength of its aura was not weaker than the Yin Ghost Sect empire army.

The one who led the dark Demon Hall army was an old man with green eyes and skinny as a wood. This old man was the one that the Yin Ghost Sect Huang Ancestor said about, the Lone Old Ghost.

Lone Old Ghost, surnamed Lone, no one knew his real name.

“Old Ancestor, just we got word that the Martial God Hall’s Lord Nine Absolute Martial Gods has come out of the world, and the Martial God Hall experts are rushing to the Divine Martial Continent!” Dark Demon Hall Master Yin Qing said to Lone Old Ghost in a respectful voice, “There is also Ancestor Huang, Bai Wuchang, and Jiang Yu who are also rushing to the Divine Martial Continent!”

Lone Old Ghost gave a hint and recalled, “I wonder if these old guys have improved their strength now.”

The Dark Demon Hall master Yin Qing said, “I heard that the reason Huang Ancestor come out this time was also for that Lu Yiping’s Eye of Eternal Night!”

This time the Dark Demon Hall’s sole purpose was also the Eye of Eternal Night.

Lone Old Ghost said in a cold voice, “This time, I will take the Eye of Eternal Night!”

No one from the Dark Demon Hall crowd dared to squeal.

And so, the Supreme Unity Sect army, the Martial God Hall army, the Yin Ghost Sect army, the Dark Demon Hall army, and the Yellow Spring Demon Sect army moved out, and the news spread, and all the forces in the Eternal Source realm changed color.

“Lord Jiang Yu of the Supreme Unity Sect personally led the Supreme Unity Sect army to come, vowing to kill Lu Yiing!”

“Lord Wu Jiujie of the Martial God Hall has finally come out!”

“Yin Ghost Sect Huang Ancestor, Dark Demon Hall Lone Old Ghost, Yellow Spring Demon Sect Bai Wuchang, actually came out at the same time! This battle is bound to shatter the heavens and the earth!” Divine Martial Continent, within the Yun family’s main residence Yun Wei, the Yun family’s patriarch, heard the news and said with emotion.

Yun Haitian, the young master of the Yun family, also lamented, “This Lu Yiping, it’s a pity, if we give him enough time, he will be able to crush an era!”

Yun Wei shook his head, “How can it be that easy to suppress an era! Although he is amazing, but he is still far from it!”

Yun Haitian, the young master of the Yun Family, said, “I heard that back then, Lord Saint Demon crushed three eras and was invincible for three eras.”

Yun Wei showed a face of worship, “Lord Saint Demon is indeed the most stunning person in recent ancient times, no one can outperform him.” Then he said, “The Heavenly God River is about to reverse its flow, get ready, let’s also head to the Heavenly God Mountain, and by the way, let’s see how Lu Yiping died!”

“Yes, Lord Father.”

As the Heavenly God River was about to reverse its flow, the strongest cultivators from all sides of the Divine Martial Continent also began to rush to the Heavenly God Mountain.

The Heavenly God River spanned several continents, but the source was Heavenly God Mountain! The closer to the source, the more treasures there were, and the rarer the treasures were.

Lu Yiping and the Ancient Evil God Qiang Liang also arrived early at the Heavenly God Mountain and stood at the top of the Heavenly God Mountain.

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