It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 154: The Scroll Painting Spreads Out Annihilating Hundred Dragons

The East Gate of West Prefecture Immortal City. In front of Su Yiling, there stood hundreds of silver-armored guards. These silver-armored guards were all the dragon race who had transformed.

“Fine skin, tender flesh, thick breath, this is really the ultimate human flesh, she must be taste good!”

“She’s only this big, how could we share her flesh!”

“Don’t even think about it, she is the Lord Commander’s!”

A group of silver-armored guards looked at Su Yiling, their eyes shining with a strange glow as if they saw a piece of excellent delicacy.

“You …… what do you want?”

Su Yiling had a fearful face and kept retreating backward.

“Commander, let me capture this piece of delicacy and offer it to you!” A silver-armored guard stood out and said.

“Good! Do it quickly, we still have to chase after those mole crickets!”

“Yes, Commander!”

After speaking, the silver armor guard licked his lips and rushed towards Su Yiling.

 “Ah ……”

Su Yiling let out a scream of fear, squatting on the ground and shivering.

“Hehe ……” The silver-armored guard’s face was revealing a cruel smile. He stretched out his hand’s claws and aimed at Su Yiling’s head, then grabbed down.

How could an ascendant realm little girl be able to withstand this claw of his own? In the next second, Su Yiling’s brain could be seen bursting, and she would be dead on the spot.


“Clang ……”

A metal clash sounded.

The silver-armored guard looked down at his hand claw with a face of disbelief. The bones of his hand and claw were broken, and a burst of pain came from the heart. He was about to let out a miserable scream.

“Puff stab!” A sound of a sword piercing into flesh and blood sounded.

The silver-armored guard’s neck was directly twisted and deformed as he burst out blood because of Su Yiling’s grip in one fell swoop, with blood spurting wildly.

“Puff ……”

His body fell straight down, turning into a hundred-meter silver dragon, twitching a few times after that, then no movement.

One move, tragic death! Such a scene strongly stimulated the other silver-armored guards’ eyeballs.

As a dragon race, they know how strong their physical bodies were. A mere human killed a silver dragon with his bare hands?

If they did not see this with their own eyes, who would dare to believe it? This human cultivator, how strong her flesh body must be?

Thinking about it. Many silver dragons had a look of scorn in their eyes.

The commander’s face also changed slightly, pointing his finger at Su Yiling, “Go!”

With a command, nearly a hundred silver-armored guards like a fierce tiger down the mountain pounced straightly on Su Yiling.

“Hum ……”

Su Yiling coldly snorted and did not dodge. She fought with nearly a hundred silver-armored guards.

“Clang ……”

Metal clashing sounded continuously. The silver-armored guards hit her as if they were hitting a metal, not causing her any damage.

On the contrary, those silver-armored guards were injured by the recoil force.

A moment later.

“All of you turn back to your original bodies and strike with all your might!”

The Commander bellowed, and the silver-armored guards moved in unison.

“Ka-chow ……”

The sound of bones rubbing together rang out continuously. The silver-armored guards’ bodies changed at a speed visible to the naked eye, and in the blink of an eye, they turned into silver dragons.

 “Boom ……”

Their tails twisted in the sky, shaking layers of airwaves. Explosive sound constantly sounded, forming shock waves splashed in all directions.

The houses below simply can not withstand such airwaves, quickly burst open.

“Swoosh ……”

All the silver dragons aimed at Su Yiling then spit out nearly a hundred dragon breaths in unison.

The corner of Su Yi Ling’s mouth raised, and she took out the painting scroll then spread it out to block the top of her head.

“Buzz ……” Ice cold dao rhyme gushed out quickly. The surrounding temperature had become lower rapidly.

Extreme coldness wrapped up all the dragon’s breath and frozen them into a silk of ice, splashed to all directions.

“Dao rhyme? Such a terrifying dao rhyme?”

“Who painted this, this terrifying?”

“When did the human race have such immortals?” The commander’s face changed dramatically, and his face was filled with disbelief.

Cold sweat ran down his head as he let out a loud roar with force, “Strike with all your might!”

All the silver dragons were moving rapidly and kept spitting out dragon breath to fight against the freezing power.

The cold ice dao rhyme came out in succession, then quickly freezing the dragon’s breath.

The cold ice dao rhyme, and the dragon breath formed a stalemate. For a while, no one could do anything to anyone.

Seeing this scene, the corners of his mouth rose.

He walked towards Su Yiing step by step. His face was full of cold killing intent, “Little doll, dare to kill my race, courting death!”

After saying that, the commander transformed into a silver dragon, his body was 200 meters long, and it emitted the aura of a five-step half-immortal.

The five claws, emitting a metallic luster, were very attractive. Pressure from the body of the commander surged out so that Su Yiling could not breathe well.

Seeing this scene, Su Yiling’s face changed slightly. Without even thinking about it, she took out another painting scroll from her arms.

Once this thing out. The commander’s scalp exploded, and he took two steps back.

“Could it be possible that she still has that kind of painting?”

“This is absolutely impossible, this kind of strong supreme treasure, even for an immortals, it takes painstaking effort to draw with countless heavenly materials and treasures to paint one, how can there still be another pair?”

“It looks like this little girl is trying to trick me and scare me back!”

“I was actually scared by a little doll? If this were to be told, wouldn’t I be laughed to death?”

The commander secretly shook his head, reached up to his sharp claws, and pressed down from the sky. With the huge claw covering the sky, the terror was boundless.

The air burst continuously.

“How terrifying!”

Su Yiling hurriedly spread out the scroll in her hand.

“Buzz ……”

A gust of wind sounded.

In the painting scroll, the sad, sorrowful, and deathly aura came overwhelmingly. All kinds of dao rhymes, like a tsunami, came straight at the commander.

“This …… this can’t be!”

“No ……”

The commander let out an unwilling roar. Just as his voice rang out, it came to an abrupt halt.

A gust of wind passed by. The flesh and blood on the commander’s body flew away at speed visible to the naked eye.

In the blink of an eye, there was only a skeleton left.

“Boom ……”

The skeleton, without the support of immortal power, directly fell to the ground and cracked apart. Finally, it exploded into pieces and after the wind blew it there was nothing left. Till his death, he did not even have the chance to let out a scream.

Such a scene strongly stimulated the nerves of other silver dragons. Endless fear spread throughout their bodies. They could not help but tremble.

At this moment, they sprouted retreat and no longer had any semblance of battle intent.

“Om ……”

Immediately afterward, a silver dragon moved, turning into a silver light and rising to the sky. If there was a dragon leading, there were other dragons following.

Nearly a hundred silver dragons all fled in fear.

On the face of each silver dragon, there was fear written on it, and they flew towards the sky.



A breeze brushed by.

Hundreds of silver dragons’ bodies were as if they were imprisoned and could not move. Immediately after, the flesh and blood on their bodies, at speed visible to the naked eye, flew away.

Finally, they turned into nearly a hundred white bones falling from the sky.

“Boom ……”

The explosive sound continued. The skeletons all crumbled into pieces and disappeared on the spot.

Seeing this scene, Su Yiling’s eyes were wide with shock. She looked at the scroll in front of her with a face full of disbelief.

This power is too strong. Young Master’s methods, it’s unimaginable!

“I haven’t even gotten over it yet, and it’s all dead?”

“I feel like I’m getting better at acting!”

Su Yiling revealed a smug smile and took the two pairs of scrolls into her arms as if they were the greatest treasure and kept them close to her.

“Buzz ……”

Suddenly, a vibration sounded. Su Yiling took out the transmission jade and saw the message above, Su Yiling’s eyes shine, “Dragon General? I’ll go check it out!”

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