The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 76: Supreme Unity Army

“It was all rumored before that he was the descendant of an ancient evil god! Now that he could even activate the Evil God’s Blade, it seems to be true!” The Evil King Mansion Master’s eyes were astonished, “Only a descendant of an evil god, with the bloodline of an evil god could be able to urge the Evil God Blade!”

Moon Worship Emperor Lin Jun said with a complicated mood, “I didn’t expect that this Lu Yiping had such an expert beside him! What is the strength of this Evil God’s descendant? I’m afraid it’s only the middle stage of Heavenly God, or even higher!”

Mid-stage Heavenly God! Even higher! Everyone’s heart sank.

Once you reach the Heavenly God realm, it’s extremely difficult to ascend a small step, and some Heavenly Gods could hardly break through to the mid-stage Heavenly God even in ten thousand years. Once you break through to the mid-stage Heavenly  God, your strength was far stronger than the early Heavenly God.

It is no exaggeration to say that once you break through to the middle Heavenly God, you can easily defeat two early Heavenly Gods or even three early Heavenly Gods!

“However, Jiang Suxiu is dead, and Lord Jiang Yu only has one sister! He absolutely can’t let go of Lu Yiping! Many years ago, Lord Jiang Yu was at the peak of the middle Heavenly God, right, and now he might have broken through to the late Heavenly God!” The Misty God Sect Ancestor said.

The Evil King Mansion Master said, “This Lu Yiping, all the way down, has offended the Dark Devil Hall, Yin Ghost Sect, Yellow Spring Devil Sect, Martial God Hall, and now the Luo Family, Supreme Unity Sect and Tai Qing Sword Sect!”

“Dark Demon Hall, Yin Ghost Sect, Yellow Spring Demon Sect army will arrive soon!”

“The Martial God Hall, Supreme Unity Sect and even the Tai Qing Sword Sectl will arrive soon!”

“At that time, I’, afraid that the Divine Martial Continent will collapse if they fight!”

Speaking of this, the Evil King Mansion Master laughed bitterly and said, “I hope the place where they are fighting is not near my Evil King Mansion, otherwise, everything that my Evil King Mansion has painstakingly operated will be destroyed clean!”

The Misty God Sect Ancestor said, “I think, I will simply lead my disciples to leave the Divine Martial Continent to hide for a while before coming back.”

Several Supreme Unity Sect experts who came with Jiang Suxiu came to Jiang Sxiu’s corpse, looked at her already shapeless corpse. All of them had a face of grief and anger and bowed respectfully before they carefully brought up Jiang Suxiu’s corpse and then broke into the air to leave.

Obviously, they went back to Supreme Unity Sect.

All the experts who came to congratulate the birthday also have to say goodbye to leave.

In the end, only the Luo family disciples were left. The half a day ago festive Luo Family now only a wretched and sad remains.

Luo Zhen, the Luo family Patriarch who was seriously injured by the Heart Sword, swallowed the elixir and had recovered a lot. Looking at everything on the scene, anger and hatred crossed his heart, and blood spurted out again with a hot throat.

“Chang’er!” His voice was hoarse, “You and Luo Tong bring the bodies of two lords, Lin Yi and Yuan Yihua, to the Nine Heavens Tai Qing Sword Sect and ask the Tai Qing Ancestor to do justice for the two lords and my Luo family.”

The two young masters of the Luo Family, Luo Chang, and Luo Tong, nodded their heads.

“Father, don’t worry.” The young master of the Luo family, Luo Chang, said in a hateful voice, “I will bring the corpses of the two lords to the Nine Heavens Taiqing Sword School!”

“When the army of the Tai Qing Sword Sect descends on Eternal Source plane, Lu Yiping will die!”

Luo Zhen, the patriarch of the Luo family, nodded his head. As for the strength of the Tai Qing Sword Sect, he more or less knew something.

And the matter of the Luo family spread out soon. The divine martial arts shook.

Sword God Luo Ning died without a body! Supreme Unity Jiang Suxiu was slapped into a pulp!

Lin Yi and Yuan Yihua, the Heavenly God realm ancestors of the Tai Qing Sword Sect, had their heads cut off!

No matter which one, it was enough to cause the Divine Martial and even Eternal Source realm to shake.


The Heavenly Dragon Continent is the largest continent in the Eternal Source Plane, the most powerful continent, and the oldest continent on the Eternal Source Plane.

Not only the Long Family, Tan Family, Lu Family, even the Supreme Unity Sect headquarters were also established in the Heavenly Dragon Continent.

Supreme Unity Mountain was the highest and largest mountain in the Heavenly Dragon Continent.

Supreme Unity Mountain, standing on the Heavenly Dragon Continent, was is like a small land. Between the peaks, you could see the disciples of the Supreme Unity Sect flying with swords everywhere.

Not to mention the outer disciples and the empires, dynasties, and major clan forces under its command.

At this moment, within the pinnacle hall of Supreme Unity Mountain, the ancestor of Supreme Unity Mountain, Jiang Yu, looked at the shapeless corpse of Jiang Suxiu who was sent back, his hands trembled, and his voice choked, “Suxiu!”

His tears dripped down from his eyes. For the first time in many years, he dripped tears.

On the main hall, the Supreme Unity Sect Master and many old ancestors were all silent. For a long time, the Supreme Unity Sect Ancestor Jiang Yu stood up, his body killing intent emitted a strong sword intent.

Above the Supreme Unity Mountain, tens of millions of sword qi condensed into a cloud of sword clouds, sword clouds rolled and covered a mountain peak of Supreme Unity Mountain.

At this moment, all the disciples of the Supreme Unity Sect trembled.

“Lu Yiping!” Supreme Unity Sect Ancestor Jiang Yu slowly said, his voice resounded through Supreme Unity Mountain, and everyone felt the monstrous killing intent of Supreme Unity Sect Ancestor Jiang Yu.

“Gather all Supreme Unity Sect Ancestors, all Supreme Unity Elders, all Imperial Armies, and all family members above the Great Emperor Realm powerhouse!”

“Go to the Divine Martial Continent!”

Supreme Unity Sect Ancestor Jiang Yu’s voice spread across Supreme Unity Mountain.

“We obey the order!” Supreme Unity Sect Master Wang Wei and many old ancestors all answered with respectful voices.

In the Supreme Unity Sect, Jiang Yu’s orders were divine decrees. Of course, in the Supreme Unity Sect, Jiang Yu was the only god!

Just as the ancestor of the Supreme Unity Sect, Jiang Yu, ordered to summon all the ancestors of the Supreme Unity Sect, all the supreme elders, all the imperial armies, and all the great emperors of the clans under his command, the chief hall master of the Martial God Hall, Di Lin, and the others bowed before the Martial God Mountain, describing the incident of Lu Yiping killing Yu Zhifang of the Martial God Hall.

“Please also ask the Nine Absolute Old Ancestors to come out of the world!” Di Lin, the chief hall master of the Martial God Hall, shouted respectfully.

After a moment of silence, suddenly, a tall figure broke out of the mountain from the inner belly of the Martial God Mountain.

When all the people saw the tall figure, they all looked excited and bowed down, saying excitedly, “Greetings to the Nine Absolute Old Ancestors!”

The person who came out was the oldest and most legendary and strongest ancestor of the Martial God Hall, the Nine Absolute Martial God, Wu Jiujue!

Looking at the kneeling crowd, Wu Jiujie opened his mouth and said, “Get up, are you saying that Lu Yiping, he is the heir of the Eternal Night Monarch?”

Di Lin, the Chief Hall Master of the Martial God Hall, hurriedly replied, “Yes, it was with the Eye of Eternal Night that he killed Yu Zhi Fang.”

“The Eyel of Eternal Night.” Wu Jiujue had a contemplative face.

Although he had gained entry into the Sacred Forest back then and became the last-named disciple of Lu Yiping, he did not know Lu Yiping’s real name.

“Is he still in the Divine Martial Continent now?” Wu Jiujie opened his mouth and asked.

“Yes old ancestor.” Di Lin said in a respectful voice, “We got the news that he is now in the Heavenly God Mountain, the Heavenly God River is about to reverse its flow, he should be waiting for the day when the Heavenly God River will reverse its flow.”

“Get ready, you guys follow me to the Divine Martial Continent!” A moment later, Wu Jiujie said.

Upon hearing this, Di Lin and a group of experts from the Martial God Hall were overjoyed and answered in a respectful voice.

*Celestial=Heavenly, hope I have the time to edit prev chapter.

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